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  1. Martin

    SOUTH AFRICA: KMG Hunting Safaris

    Well, one of my long-time Clients just came back from a successful hunt with Marius, KMG Hunting Safaris. On his list was mainly Spotted hyena, others to be followed after that. The baits were prepared Long before, so it was just a matter of time, to be there at the right time. See the result...
  2. Martin

    Damara Dik-Dik Pictures

    Damara Dikdik I got a while back, that time SCI no 3, measured 9 14/16
  3. Martin

    Sable Pictures

    and that says a guy who Looks like Frodo Baggins at the moment... Ts ts ts Marius...
  4. Martin

    Sable Pictures

    the bull I took two years ago in Zimbabwe...
  5. Martin

    Suggestions for Roe Deer Hunt in Europe...

    Thanks, btw, here is something special you ONLY find in Germany, northern part: BLACK roes, freeranging of course. Got him during rut 2013.
  6. Martin

    Buffalo in SA?

    Just an example of whats possible: My buff hunted in SA with KMG a few weeks ago. Thanks again Marius!
  7. Martin

    Blue Duiker hunt with TAM SAFARIS

    :elch: will wake YOU up!!
  8. Martin

    Blue Duiker hunt with TAM SAFARIS

    Mr. Goosen, don't try to hide yourself, I will find you! So, when??
  9. Martin

    ZAWA really confused, still!

  10. Martin

    Blue Duiker hunt with TAM SAFARIS

    Marius, know what I am thinking?? :cool:
  11. Martin

    Lion - stalk vs. bait

    Good plan, you will see, the whole story, the whole hunt IS exciting!
  12. Martin

    Lion - stalk vs. bait

    Thanks Shakari. You see? A foreign hunter comes to RSA, prepared himself for that what comes and - again - has to trust. OR: has to accept the practise.
  13. Martin

    Lion - stalk vs. bait

    Thatï½´s what I meant with trusting. As far as I know the law says that the Lion to be hunted must be there for at least 6 months.
  14. Martin

    Lion - stalk vs. bait

    Donï½´t want to say pro or contra to any of the types, to me itï½´s a personal decision. Just two things to think about: - Spot and stalk in a - lets say 20000 acres area, fenced. Is that a "real" hunt? Many hunters say that they never want to hunt in any fenced areas, no matter how big...
  15. Martin

    SOUTH AFRICA: KMG Did It Again

    Marius found out about it a little while before I arrived. Thanks guys.
  16. Martin

    Buffalo Pictures

    First two pictures of a nice bull I took (pics!!!) in Zimbabwe near VicFalls, 2006 And third pic of my bull I just took with KMG :)
  17. Martin

    SOUTH AFRICA: KMG Did It Again

    As promised here is my short report of my latest trip with KMG. We, my friend Ingo and I had 8 wonderful and special hunting days. I took all of them to be out in the bush, knowing that I will miss it from the very first day after returning home... Ingo was satisfied after 6 days and relaxed...
  18. Martin

    Less than 1 week and counting, again KMG

    no chance my friend!! :cool:
  19. Martin

    Less than 1 week and counting, again KMG

    Well, as the first trip with KMG last year (but not the first trip to SA!) was so much great I decided to go back again. And it is now right in front of the door!!! Leaving next thursday and arriving than on friday, cannot wait. Hm, what is on the list? As I changed my mind last year not to...
  20. Martin

    Although this was not a 60 Kudu bull it is still a once in a lifetime trophy

    Superb bull! Congrats on this unique trophy! Anytime I would prefer shooting a bull like this instead of a "normal" bull.
  21. Martin

    Hello from Utah USA

    Hi, I am sure there are many great outfitters available, but here is my personal experience : It was so much great that I will go back again end of oct, and for sure I will write a Report...
  22. Martin

    DNA test on hunting trophy

    Great, Bart! You have found a way :-) Congrats on another fine Safari!
  23. Martin

    Anyone used Maple Freight in Zimbabwe or Spherical Freight in South Africa to ship trophies home?

    I used them a few times in the past, for my own and also clients trophies. I had never any problems. Always got informed what where and when, recieved trophies in good condition (letï½´s say 99%) and it took not too long, around 6 months after hunt was finished. We here in Germany have a few...
  24. Martin

    DNA test on hunting trophy

    So, Bart has just left my shop. From my point of view I can say the following: 1) It is definitly not an old mount, this one I saw is maximum a few years old. The artificial jawset what was used is a modern - in South Africa produced - one, the base is made from fresh PU-foam, still in...
  25. Martin

    DNA test on hunting trophy

    That could be the reason... Itï½´s all about understanding taxidermy, tanning, dealing with skins...
  26. Martin

    DNA test on hunting trophy

    The first step of tanning a skin is to put it into acid solution, that stopps all bacteria growing! So hair slippage starts before that. The problem is often you canï½´t see it before tanning. Unfortunately I had this before on african skins. They came in in optical good condition, but while...
  27. Martin

    DNA test on hunting trophy

    Hi folks, before I say a word about the caracal, I have to see it directly, that will happen within the next days. Itï½´s still open! But about the Gemsbuck I have to tell my experience, in 95 % of headshots the skull is destroyed - and gemsbuck skull bone structure is not that hard as eland...
  28. Martin

    JAGD & HUND 2013

    Yes, I will be there, my booth no is 7 B42 in exhibition hall no 7. Ladies and Gents, it is a pleasure to welcome Marius Goosen (KMG-hunting-safaris) at my booth too!
  29. Martin

    SOUTH AFRICA: KMG Safaris Info Request

    Good decision :)
  30. Martin

    SOUTH AFRICA: KMG Safaris Info Request

    Do it! It will be a blast!! It was one of my finest hunting trips (and I travelled to and hunted more than 20 times in africa).
  31. Martin

    Suggestions for Roe Deer Hunt in Europe...

    LATVIA is my most favorite country to hunt roe and most other european game. Good population of roes. PM sent. Two of my latvian roes: first one with 470 gramms, second one is my latest one I shot there, around 350 gramms.
  32. Martin

    Back from SA, hunted with KMG-Hunting-Safaris

    Ok, Ladies and Gents, I want to share the story of my and my friendï½´s latest hunt with KMG-Hunting-Safaris, owned by forum member Marius Goosen. The plan was to go for Lioness first in Kalahari region, than go way south to Eastern Cape, KMGï½´s main region to hunt plainsgame. So we arrived on...
  33. Martin

    Judging Giraffe

    Just want to share pics of a bull I saw in Zim twice, last year and 2 weeks ago. Very interesting bull, look at his head... Also hunted one few years ago in RSA, mature bull, not as dark as others, but nice anyway...
  34. Martin

    SOUTH AFRICA: Fantastic Hunt Lion

    Very well done, congrats!
  35. Martin

    SOUTH AFRICA: KMG Safaris Vaal Rhebuck & Oribi Hunt

    THAT sounds very good, congrats. Can't wait to hunt with KMG!
  36. Martin

    UNITED KINGDOM: An Unusual Roe Buck Hunt

    Congrats, nice trophy! Where did you get him?
  37. Martin

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunting Report KMG Safaris In The Eastern Cape

    x2 Marius!!! See you in october!
  38. Martin

    Buffalo Outfitter in Zimbabwe

    Personally I can recommend Terry Fenn, Chinanga Safaris. Hunted with him twice for elefant and it was so much great. He hunts different areas depending on what you want.
  39. Martin

    Trophaendienste Taxidermy Namibia

    That's no speciality of african taxidermists, look at some crap coming from there, and they all "know" their game... A good taxidermist can deal with game from all over the world. He knows anatomy, movements, and all that need to be known. Go to the taxidermist, look how they work and if YOU...
  40. Martin

    36 inch Sable

    take the old one.
  41. Martin

    36 inch Sable

    Nice pics to compare. I am for "trophies on my wall", but if I would have the chance to shoot a bull old like this in the first pic I would take him, old old, character, selfhiding for years... a unique trophy. For sure, all depending on situation...
  42. Martin

    Not happy with my trophies

    Cannot see any pics.. try again.
  43. Martin

    Not happy with my trophies

    Sorry, but a good taxidermist will NOT drill holes in horns to add a tag! I saw it a few times, canï½´t believe how they go with clients trophies... a shame! Look at other RSA-taxidermist, there are some who do their homework very well, so no need for the others do like this. I would...
  44. Martin

    bushpig, hard to hunt :-)

    I think I AM a lucky guy ;-) Will go to same place next year, wondering if we will see pigs again during daylight...
  45. Bushpig


  46. Martin

    bushpig, hard to hunt :-)

    Just want to share a short story of my last africa trip in august, in Zim. I was after an elefant bull and finally got him on second last day. Not a big tusker, but was a personal fight to get him :cool: About the bushpig: I knew that they are tough, scary and like ghosts, hard to hunt. One...
  47. Martin

    Liones AND Nyala hunting??

    Anybody knows a place where to hunt both species, Lioness and Nyala? Any help/offer would be appreciated, PM if you want.
  48. Marco Polo Argali

    Marco Polo Argali

    shot in Kyrgystan november 2010 (Tien Shan Argali)
  49. Elephant


    shot in Zimbabwe, august 2011
  50. Bushpig


    shot in Zimbabwe, august 2011