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    SOUTH AFRICA: First African Safari With Somerby Safaris

    Now that horns and hides have shipped from Africa here is a way overdue hunting report. It all began in January of 2017 when my BIL @LegalEagle and I met Drom and the Somerby Safari crew At the KC SCI show. @LegalEagle and I would both turn 40 in 2018 and what better way to celebrate than a...
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    What does "take what Africa gives you" mean to you?

    @LegalEagle and I are just a few days from wheels up for our first Safari. Ive been contemplating this statement..."take what Africa gives you." What does that mean for the decision making process when deciding to squeeze or not squeeze the trigger. Do you decide which ones are must haves...
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    How many critters will 2 guys typically take

    hunting 2x1 on a 10-day hunt if they select quality mature animals? Neither @LegalEagle or I are terribly blood thirsty hunters but we are definitely going to pull the trigger. We will be spot n stalk rifle hunting in the western part of Limpopo and northwestern portion of Free State. I know...
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    Gun cleaning while in Africa?

    What oils and/or cleaning solvent do you all prefer to pack along that are allowed in a checked bag?
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    REPORT: Has Anyone Any Experience With Universal Trophy Services?

    I'm looking for a Dip and Pack recommendation near Johanaseburg. Outfitter is recommending Universal Trophy Service Anyone have experience with this company or have another recommendation?
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    Ammo in checked bag

    quick question...I hope. We are flying delta to Johanaseburg. How do we need to secure our ammo in our checked bag? Clearly in a box similar to manufacturer where each cartridge is not touching. Should they go in a locked box or just in the bag? If in a locked box do we use TSA locks or...
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    Flights booked for our first trip to Africa

    One year ago @LegalEagle and I put down a deposit for our first trip to Africa in 2018. Dates have been finalized and flights booked today. We'll be hunting for 10 days in the Limpopo of South Africa (maybe a few days south of Johanaseburg) with Somerby Safaris. Leave in late June. The boys will...
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    Taking your own rifle: Is it worth the hassle?

    So with extra permits, import restrictions fewer options for connecting flights, added cost, etc. I'm beginnings to wonder if it's worth the extra cost and hassle to take your own rifle to south Africa. Thoughts?
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    Traveling through Europe to South Africa

    We will be flying to South Africa next summer for our first safari. My wife is interested in flying through Europe with a long lay over for a quick sight seeing tour instead of Atlanta to Johannesburg. Flights are cheaper and I like the idea of not spending as many consecutive hours on a plane...
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    About to lose my mind

    Howdy all at AH, My brother-in-law and I are scheduled for our first African hunt with Somerby Safaris in South Africa for 10-days in July of 2018. Our wives plan to tag along for at least part of the trip. We met Drom and Charles at SCI Kansas City early this year. They seem like great guys...