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    Barrel-mounted swivel stud

    I’m thinking about redoing an old rifle — new or refurbished stock, reblueing the metal, etc. While I’m in there messing around I’d also like to add a barrel-mounted swivel. Is it possible to do so without removing the front sight? I’ve only seen Talley studs that are on a ring that has to be...
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    USA: 7x57 With Aperture Sights In South Texas

    I have been fixing up a 1901 Spanish Mauser, still in the original 7x57mm caliber, and have it shooting very well with factory ammo (Federal 175 gr soft points) after installing an old Williams aperture rear sight and a taller front sight. But I hadn’t shot anything other than paper targets with...
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    USA: Fair chase Javelina Hunt West Texas

    In Texas, the state Parks & Wildlife department offers chances to hunt various game on public wildlife reserves each year. This year I applied for and was drawn on a four-day javelina hunt at Big Bend Ranch State Park in far West Texas. It’s very remote, rugged country, where 4-wheel-drive...
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    Newbie from San Antonio

    Hi everyone, just posted my first reply in the Defense of Vintage Guns thread, so I thought I’d introduce myself here too. Haven’t been to Africa yet, but it’s the goal. A lot of hunters from South Texas have been to Namibia, so that’s probably where I’d start too. I’m an adult-onset hunter...