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  1. Adam S

    New Marlin quality?

    Does anyone have any experience good or bad with new Marlin lever action rifles? I know quality took a big downturn after they were acquired and moved by Remington, though that was a few years ago. All the searches I've done have turned up that quality was very hit or miss (mostly miss), but...
  2. Adam S

    Primer flattening question

    Hi all. I have a question that I hope isn't ridiculous. I've handloaded for several years, but have done low pressure rounds like .38 Special and downloaded rifle cartridges to use in older military rifles for target use only. I'm working up a load for my .300 Winchester Magnum and wanted to...
  3. Adam S

    Anyone ever hunt elk near Craig, CO (GMU 13)?

    I’m very excited to be planning my first elk hunt; actually my first major hunting trip. I have a very good friend that has friends living in Craig, Colorado that will let us hunt on their land and farms. We’ve applied for the first rifle season either sex license that runs October 13-17...
  4. Adam S

    Converting .416 Remington to .404 Jeffery?

    I apologize if this is a ridiculous question, but I was unable to find an answer after a fair amount of searching and don't know much of anything about rifle modification/customization. Would it be possible (or feasible) to have a barrel of, say a Winchester 70, rebored and rechambered from...
  5. Adam S

    Any experience with new M70's made in Portugal?

    I have started the process of looking for a new rifle. This is usually a fairly lengthy process for me since reading about different models and searching are a large part of the fun for me. I've seen that the new Winchester 70 Safari Express is now made in Portugal. Has anyone had any...
  6. Adam S

    Hello from Ohio

    Greetings all! I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Adam and I enjoy hunting around my home in northeast Ohio. I haven't travelled far to hunt to date, but would love to make it to Africa one day (at least twice. It's impossible to only go once, right?). It will probably be quite awhile...