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  1. yhc

    Taxidermy references in South Africa

    As it stands now, I am planning to go to South Africa this May for my first safari. I will be traveling with a couple of my hunting buddies. We are currently debating whether to dip and pack then do taxidermy at home or get the taxidermy work done in African then ship them back. A couple of...
  2. yhc

    Sitka Gear For Sale (Size L/LT In OC & Subalpine)

    I have the following SITKA Gear for sale. Prices as listed are TYD in the US via USPS. Prefer PayPal F&F or add 3% for the fee. In Open Country, size L except for Cloudburst Pants are in LT Cloudburst Jacket, $240 Cloudburst Pants (size LT), $220 Both pieces were purchased new last year. Used...
  3. yhc

    For Sale Delta Airlines Gift Cards

    I have two Delta Airlines gift cards for sale. Face value of each card is $250 and I will sell it for $225 for one or $450 for both. Once you purchase one or both, I will send you the card serial number and PIN via email or PM for you to activate. Let me know if you have any questions...
  4. yhc

    Looking For Hornady 450 NE 3 1/4" Brass

    I am looking for Hornady 450 NE 3 1/4" brass. If you know of any retailers who has it in stock, would you kindly PM me with the info? Thanks. Regards,
  5. yhc

    Dacron filler (for reloading 450/400 NE 3”)

    I just purchased a DR in 450/400 NE 3”. My rifle should be delivered to me anytime now. While waiting for it, I am loading up a few rounds to check the rifle out when I have it in my possession. After reading through some discussions on the web and Hornady reference I have decided to use the...
  6. yhc

    Refinished Double Rifles

    Good evening. When I browse some of the DRs listed on GI, etc. I see some rifles that have been refinished. Some of the names mentioned are Turnbull, Chris Soyza, or just generic verbiage of "100% reconditioned in the UK", etc. How does refinishing effect the value of a DR? I understand...
  7. yhc

    Krieghoff Big Five vs. Heym 88 or 89 vs. Blaser S2

    I have been reading about more "affordable" DR lately. What piques my interests are mostly German DRs as I am not too familiar with French or Italian made DRs and I don't want to mortgage my house for a British DRs. So between Krieghoff Big Five vs. Heym 88 or 89B vs. Blaser S2 which one would...
  8. yhc

    Checking in from the Last Frontier

    I have been thinking about doing an African safari for many years. While living in Germany, many years ago, I almost pulled the trigger but the stars did not line up. For the past 15 years I have mostly been hunting in the Great State of Alaska. Now I figured it's time to scratch the African...