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    Free Hunt for Two Hunters from Koedoeberg for 2011

    Kudu-53 Eland-36 Wildebeest-27 Warthog-12
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    Planning first trip to Africa

    Do yourself a favour and book with Eulalie. Isan is an excelent ph and the trophy quality is exceptional. For there are other activities for the ladies such as elephant safaris and the such. Isan is a family friend and i can assure you that a hunt with him will create memories that will last...
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    3 wishes

    1.Leopard 2.Dagga boy 3.Sable
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    Copper Springbuck available for 2011

    How much will a ram cost?? Whats the soonest hunt available?? What other species are on offer?? Thanx
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    Free Hunt from Spiral Horn Safaris for 2011

    Beauti after a day in the veld
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    7.62x39 vs .243Win.?

    What will you be using the rifle for? If its for hunting the 7.62x39 would probably be the better option.
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    Comment by 'Bindon' in media 'Very good Impala'

    Very very nice ram. Well done
  8. Blue Wildebeest

    Blue Wildebeest

  9. Kudu


  10. Sunset


  11. Hunting plains game

    Hunting plains game

  12. Impala


  13. Camp fire

    Camp fire

  14. Springbok


  15. Gemsbok


  16. Gemsbok


  17. Eland


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    Comment by 'Bindon' in media 'My monster South African Red Hartebeest'

    Very well done! where about were you hunting??