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  1. Cody Malone

    Going to be a great whitetail season in Texas

    1000 acre HF ranch in central Texas. Type 3 MLD so we will get to start rifle hunting Sep 27th!
  2. Cody Malone

    BOTSWANA: South Africa Trip

    Day 1 Whew, what a day... Reminds me of planes trains and automobiles, as I took a ride in em all today. I started my day at Dallas Love Field at 10am, my first flight was to depart at 12:32. I had a camera backpack, carry-on and a huge pelican box full of clothes and miscellaneous. Like all...
  3. Cody Malone

    Hello from Texas

    New guy here, been reading here for a month or so. Headed to RSA Monday morning for Safari #Uno! Hunting with a friend of mine Kobus at Hunters Creek Safaris. Kobus hunted with me last winter here in Texas and harvested his first whitetail (165" brute) a few days before the DSC show...