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  1. echosue

    What not to see outside your blind while bowhunting in South Africa

    This video was taken in 2018 in the Limpopo District during a bowhunt. I had my bow with me but no other weapons were available. We tried to manage to get out of the blind to take a shot but it heard the door open and quickly (very quickly) went into and hole a few feet away. The PH with us...
  2. echosue

    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: Bowhunting Trophies 2018

    Here are some of the photos from our last trip to Africa in 2018. After an incredible trip to Kruger Park with Tsala Safari's and spending some lovely time with their family I got the chance to hunt a bit at Dries Visser because my husband got his black wildebeest on the first morning of his...
  3. echosue

    For Sale Hand Painted Coaster Sets Both African & North American Themes

    I have always painted oils on canvas and have spent the past 12 years doing photography, mostly wildlife and landscape photos. This year I decided to step outside my comfort zone and start producing items that might have a wide appeal both in Africa and North America. I hand paint these...