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  1. James Adamson

    What is the worst rifle you have ever owned?

    I had 2 rem 700 BDL's in 30-06. First one couldn't hit an A4 piece of paper and was replaced by Remington and the second one wasn't much better. I spent a lot of money trying to get it to shoot but it was chopped up and scrapped. Beautiful rifles just unbelievably inaccurate. I also bought a...
  2. Shetland Hunt Woodcock

    Shetland Hunt Woodcock

  3. Hunting Ducks in Shetland

    Hunting Ducks in Shetland

  4. Geese, Duck & Woodcock Hunt Shetland

    Geese, Duck & Woodcock Hunt Shetland

  5. James Adamson

    Great couple of days sport

    Had a great couple of days sport after being on shift for 3 weeks. The dog was delighted to be out getting some action too.
  6. James Adamson

    Goose with an 8 bore

    Sadly Alan passed away earlier this year.
  7. Goose Hunt Shetland

    Goose Hunt Shetland

  8. Hunt Goose in Shetland

    Hunt Goose in Shetland

  9. James Adamson

    Leupold VX3 Riflescope, real world opinions

    I have a leupold VX3 4.5-14x50 with the Boone and Crockett reticle. I like the scope and the reticle but my only gripe is that it looses its sharpness when the power is set above x12. I bought it unseen second hand for a good price, I dont think I would have bought it new full price.
  10. James Adamson

    Goose with an 8 bore

    I had the privilege of shooting a goose with a Tolley double 8 the other morning. A good friend of mine has a fantastic collection of big bore shotguns, mostly Tolleys. I only bagged a single goose but it's always great getting out with an old fowling piece.
  11. 500 yard range

    500 yard range

    I have a 500 yard range starting at the end of our house. I have my steel gongs hanging in front of 2 tractor tyres filled with earth and it works a treat.
  12. 500 yard range

    500 yard range

    I have a 500 yard range starting at the end of our house. I have my steel gongs hanging in front of 2 tractor tyres filled with earth and it works a treat.
  13. James Adamson

    Home Range

    Thanks, I am pretty lucky with the view.
  14. James Adamson

    Home Range

    I have a 500 yard range starting at the end of our house. I have my steel gongs hanging in front of 2 tractor tyres filled with earth and it works a treat.
  15. James Adamson

    Boys new gun

    I bought a s/h bettinsoli over and under for my eldest to use now that he is big enough. We went out for a nightflight the other night and we didn't have to wait long before a small bunch of geese came in. He didn't need telling twice, up the gun went and his first shot brought down a pinkfoot...
  16. James Adamson

    Zeiss Conquest V4 or Recommendations

    I have a V4 4-16x50 on my .223 and love it. I know it's not a heavy recoiling rifle but I have never had to rezero. Very crisp clear optic and great value for money in my opinion.
  17. James Adamson

    Opening day

    The ducks and geese head to water at night so it's just a case of getting there before them and using the wind to your advantage to get under them. It's easy to over shoot a place and ruin it, I always like to leave with birds still coming in. We have no laws regarding times so we can shoot...
  18. Shetland Hunt Geese

    Shetland Hunt Geese

  19. Geese Hunting Shetland

    Geese Hunting Shetland

  20. Hunt Geese in Shetland

    Hunt Geese in Shetland

  21. Shetland Hunting Geese

    Shetland Hunting Geese

  22. James Adamson

    Opening day

    Had a fantastic morning flight and night flight on opening day of the fowling season. Bagged 3 geese this morning and the dog did great but the night flight was made even better as I was joined by my eldest and his cousin and they both managed to bag their first geese. Very proud of them both...
  23. James Adamson

    Best Deer Hunting Round, LOL!

    My favourite deer caliber for here in the UK is the 6.5x55, very little recoil, inherently accurate, very little meat damage on the smaller species but fantastic performance on the bigger species.
  24. James Adamson

    Any real benefits to Stainless steel Barrels?

    That's funny, my stainless tikka 223 is the opposite, when cleaned spotless with copper remover I couldn't get any ammo (factory or hand loads) to shoot under MOA but left dirty, nothing more than a boresnake pulled through, it shoots half MOA.
  25. James Adamson

    Which is the best game meat?

    Out of all the shooting I do, very little beats a walk with the gun and hound after snipe. IMO snipe has it all, beautiful bird to look at at, VERY sporting target to shoot and delicious to eat.
  26. James Adamson

    Which is the best game meat?

    Here in Shetland my my favourite meat out of what I shoot is teal and snipe, not very big but very tasty. Out of the meat I had when I was in Africa zebra and oryx was my favourite. Snipe poppers, delicious.
  27. Hunting Duck in Shetland

    Hunting Duck in Shetland

  28. Shetland Hunting Woodcock

    Shetland Hunting Woodcock

  29. James Adamson

    A man and his dog, lets see yours

    Here is a few photos of Tilda my labrador. She did so well her first season last winter, looking forward to the next one, 1st of September cant come soon enough.
  30. James Adamson

    Cleaning for Copper

    My last .223, a browning A-bolt, needed to be clean, the cleaner the better but not so with the one I have now. I kept the same cleaning regime for my new tikka and I couldn't get the accuracy I wanted until I stopped cleaning it. It hasn't had any sort of copper cleaner through it for well over...
  31. James Adamson

    Some things can never be bettered?

    My regular shooting is very different to the hunting in Africa but there is still those items, sights and smells that will always stir the senses. The smell of a barbour wax jacket, the first cup of coffee from the thermos once everything is set up and waiting on first light, the whistling wings...
  32. James Adamson

    Seal Hunting Information?

    Here in Shetland the sea trout are coming back, more trout and bigger trout being caught every year but the seal population has also increased. I think the biggest impact on sea trout numbers years ago was the illegal net fishing. The seals obviously have an impact but not as much as the...
  33. James Adamson

    Seal Hunting Information?

    No seal hunting in Scotland. The salmon farms occasionally have to deal with a rogue seal but the antis are trying their best to put a stop to that. A local fisherman was caught shooting seals that were plaguing the wild seatrouts that were trying to get into the river to spawn, he went to jail.
  34. James Adamson

    A reliable way to determine COAL

    I have always used a neck sizing die to gently resize the neck until it grips the bullet enough that I can push a bullet into the brass by hand then do the same as the hacksaw method and close the bolt to find COAL.
  35. James Adamson

    Practical Reloading

    I'm sorry I probably shouldn't be encouraging others to mix brass but I can assure you the load I settled on was checked and double checked for each make of brass to see that it was safe and the powder load is not near max. The only issue I have had was with PMP 223 brass, the case capacity was...
  36. James Adamson

    Practical Reloading

    My "practice" ammo is made up of mixed brass, cheapest primers I can find (murom just now) and cheap PPU bullets. They are thrown together compared to my "good" ammo but are still plenty accurate for hunting out to 300 yards.
  37. James Adamson

    308 ammo for Africa

    I shot a 308 using 165gr winchester ballistic tips last year in Namibia, very happy with the performance on the handful of animals I shot, biggest was a zebra. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.
  38. James Adamson

    The Remington Model 700 Rumour

    I have had 2 700 BDL's in 30-06, no issues with the triggers but both of them ended up being chopped up. First one honestly couldn't keep all the shots on an A4 sheet of paper at 100 yards. This one was replaced by Remington, they said the barrel was a Friday afternoon job. The replacement rifle...
  39. James Adamson

    Puzzle: Deduce The Cartridge Length

    Both the same. The case mouth is turned in further on the ball.
  40. James Adamson

    Survey: Your Favorite. 30 Caliber

    Its 30-06 for me. My first center fire was an 06 and I shot my first deer with it.
  41. James Adamson

    Rifle for Plains game

    Surprised no one has mentioned the Swede. I absolutely love my 6.5x55, very little recoil with amazing performance on game.
  42. James Adamson

    9.3x62 Sizer Die Setup / New CZ American

    I have used this method before, makes for accurate ammo.
  43. James Adamson

    Sighting in your rifles for hunting

    On my 223 I have the scope zeroed at 100 and use the target turrets because usually that gun is used for laying still shooting rabbits or targets/gongs at long range where there is time to use a range finder and do the adjustments. On my 6.5x55 that I use for roe deer where the range is usually...
  44. James Adamson

    Name the cartridges game: Rimmed Edition

    I was sure it was 7x57R
  45. James Adamson

    Name the cartridges game: Rimmed Edition

    30-30 22 savage HP 32 win spl 32-40 7x57
  46. James Adamson

    Who's perfectly content with their firearm collection?

    At the moment my mind is set on another 2 rifles, a 338 win mag and a 404 Jeffery. My dream, if I am spared, would be to hunt a nice old dagga boy with a 404 Jeffery but that is way off in the future. I have been invited back to one of the farms I shot on last time to try for an Eland, I am sure...
  47. James Adamson

    Who's perfectly content with their firearm collection?

    I was all set with my little collection....until I visited Africa last year, now I need BIGGER haha. I would have more in my collection if it wasn't for the restrictions here in the UK. I have a .22 and a .17HMR for small pest control. I also have a .223, a 6.5x55 and a 30-06, this has me well...
  48. James Adamson

    What cartridge have you thought about the most, but never owned a rifle in it?

    Here in the UK we have to apply for each calibre and have a very good reason to have said caliber which makes it hard to have a gun just because you fancy having it. The 2 guns/cartridges I am looking at to go with what I have is the 338 win mag and a 404 Jeffery. I think I can justify having...
  49. James Adamson

    Beautiful wood/works of art -- Do you hunt with them?

    I really try to look after my guns and gear but not to the point where I wouldn't use it as intended. I have a beautiful old fowling shotgun, it's an old hammer gun made just after the first war. It was built for wildfowling and that's what I use it for. If it gets wet and muddy so be it, that's...