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  1. markferrigno

    Rimmed Ammo For Sale GECO 7x65R & 7x57R

    Hi All. I have GECO 7x65R Plus (170gr) and 7x57R (SP 165gr) I have 3 cases of the 7x65R available at $300/case plus $12 shipping. I have 2 cases of the 7x57R available $230/case plus $12 shipping. These are the prices I paid from the Geco distributor here in the US. It is the ammo my double...
  2. markferrigno

    Heym 26B Luxus Double Rifle 7x65R With Leupold VX-R 3-9x50 For Sale

    I am selling my Heym Luxus 26B. It is chambered in 7x65R and regulated with Geco ammo Shoots great with S&B as well (POI is off by less than 1/2") . It is the Luxus model with upgraded wood and engraving on the receiver (Wild Boar and Red Deer) Well "double" upgraded wood. I bought it in Germany...
  3. markferrigno

    For Sale Vortex Razor HD 27-60 x 85 Angled Spotting Scope With Tripod $1,100 Obo

    HD 27-60X85 Spotting Scope with Vortex Tripod. Original box, lens caps and scope cover. Scope is 1 year old and looks brand new with the exception of a scuff on the body (you can see in pics) Glass is perfect, crystal clear, no scratches. I never used it hunting, just at the range. I received...
  4. markferrigno

    Geco 7x57R Teilamtel 165gr Soft Point Ammo $240 Case Shipped

    I have several cases (6 available) of Geco 7x57R Teilmantel (Soft Point) 165gr ammo. Gecoo stopped importing this in the US about 3 years ago and i bought up what was left. moving overseas so I can't take it so I decided to sell. The ammo is very accurate and effective.I have taken several Roe...
  5. markferrigno

    For Sale Heym 22F O/U 20/70 x .222 US$900 OBO

    Pairing down my collection as I will be moving overseas this summer. For sale is a Heym 22F BockBuchsFlinte or in English Over/Under rifle 20/70 over .222. The rifle is in great shape, it has been used (not a safe queen) but works perfectly. It has a claw mounted 4x Geco scope. Wood is in...
  6. markferrigno

    For Sale Simson Suhl Drilling 7x65R x 16/70 $1,900 OBO

    Pairing down my collection. For sale Simson Suhl 7x65R x 16/70. Topped with a Ziess Diatel 6x42 claw mounted scope.I acquired this gun from a hunter in Germany and it has taken many, many Wild Boar and Roe Deer. The rifle is absolute tack driver. When I bought it I test fired it at 50 meters...
  7. markferrigno

    For Sale Tikka M77K Combo 7x65Rx12/70 $900 OBO

    Tikka M77K Combo with ejectors for sale. 7x65R x 12/70 topped with a Kahles Helia S 6x42 QR scope, German #4 reticle. Rifle is in excellent shape, normal handling marks but no big scrapes, gouges and no cracks. No rust, excellent bores. I zeroed the rifle barrel with S&B ammo and it shoots very...
  8. markferrigno

    Heym 33 Drilling 7x65R 16/70 With .22 Hornet Insert For Sale

    Heym Model 33 Drilling for sale. 7x65R 16/70 with .22 Hornet insert. Drilling has a 1.5-6x42 Zeiss Diavari on a swing mount. I bought this rifle from the sales manager at the Heym factory (he is the Nephew of the last living Heym founder's Grandsons). The Drilling was completely gone over at the...
  9. markferrigno

    JP Sauer & Sohn Drilling For Sale 7x57R/16 Gauge

    Hi All, JP Sauer and Sohn Drilling for sale. Chambered in 7x57R over 16 gauge. 6x power Geco scope in a claw mount. Shoots well and has been used for hunting over its life. Rifle is clean but as you can see there are scratches/wear marks on the wood and metal. Action/lockup is tight. Has a...
  10. markferrigno

    Heym 26B Luxus Double Rifle 7x65R For Sale

    Hi All, I am selling my Heym Luxus 26B. It is chambered in 7x65R and regulated with Geco ammo (which I have plenty of and will also offer for sale) Shoots great with S&B as well (POI is off by less than 1/2") . It is the Luxus model with upgraded wood and engraving on the receiver (Wild Boar...
  11. markferrigno

    CANADA: Newfoundland Moose Hunt

    Hunting Report Outfitter: IronBound Outfitters, Newfoundland, Canada Species: Moose and Black Bear Rifle: Heym SR-21 9.3x62 I booked my hunt with Ironbound in 2015 while still living overseas with thought of large Moose and Black Bear soon adorning my house. I was booked for 2017 but last...
  12. markferrigno

    Pronghorn Buck Rifle opening day Colorado

    Today was opening day for Buck Pronghorn in Colorado. I went out to what I thought was "private" land. The hunting club I joined leases it. They apparently have no limits on how many hunters they let out because there must have been 40-50 hunters on a 4 mile x 4 mile ranch. Sounds like a lot of...
  13. markferrigno

    Can't get my rifle to shoot straight

    After many hours and many rounds I am at a loss of what could be causing my rifle to basically "fling" rounds downrange. I have a Heym SR-21 in 6.5x55 I bought while in Germany (Synthetic stock) I didn't shoot it much in Germany but when I got back to the US I shot it more and I could never get...
  14. markferrigno

    Cause it worked so well in Zimbabwe

    Local newspaper City Press reports two game farms in the northern province of Limpopo are the first to be targeted for unilateral seizure after negotiations with the owners to purchase the properties stalled. While the government says it intends to pay, owners Akkerland Boerdery wanted 200...
  15. markferrigno

    USA: Dry Ground Mountain Lion Hunt With Seven Anchor Outfitters

    Hunt: Dry Ground Mountain Lion Outfitter: Seven Anchors Outfitters Location: Near Prescott, Arizona Rifle: Heym 26B O/U in 7x57R Scope: Docter Sight I Red Dot Ammo: Geco 165gr Scheduled Dates: 15-19 Jan 2018 I became interested in a Mountain Lion hunt with Seven Anchor Outfitters based...
  16. markferrigno

    USA: Guided Elk Hunt With Superior Guide Service

    I'll write up a full report tonigh but a few pics from my guided Elk hunt just South/East of Craig, CO. I took this 4x4 at 335 yds with a Heym SR30 in .308 (suppressed) with Geco Plus 170gr ammo using a Leupold VX-R 3-9x50
  17. markferrigno

    Looking for 2018 Elk Archer Hunt in Colorado, guided or Semi-Guided

    Hello All, I am in Colorado (experienced rifle hunter, new to Archery)and have a friend traveling from the East coast and we are looking for a guided or semi-guided Elk Archery hunt for 2018. 2x1 for a guided hunt would be fine, drop camp or private land. If any AH members are guides, know of...
  18. markferrigno

    WANTED: Looking For A Nice Texas Whitetail / Axis Hunt

    Can anyone recommend a good outfitter for a guided Whitetail or Axis hunt in Texas? I would like to go down there this or next season for a management or Trophy hunt. Thanks.
  19. markferrigno

    POLAND: Red Stag Rut Hunting In Poland With Huntmaster

    Outfitter: Huntmaster Area: Złotowa, Poland Rifle: Heym SR30 in .308 Scope: Leupold VXR 3-9x50 lighted reticle Ammo: Gecco Express 165gr After 5 years of living in Germany and hunting all over Europe I recently moved back to the US earlier in the year. I immediately missed hunting in Europe and...
  20. markferrigno

    Red Stag Hunting In Poland During The Rut

    Red Stag in Poland during the Rut, what a phenomenal experience. Here are a few pics, one is a "murder" Hirsch, about 8 years old with no forks or crowns, just 2 giants daggers. The other Stag is a nice 11 y/o. Both came out roaring. Hunting the Rut is a truly an amazing experience and not...
  21. markferrigno

    Roe Deer Taxidermy Pictures

    I shot this Roe in Poland in September. 573 Grams, pretty damn big for a Roe (medal class size) I had my taxidermist do a shoulder mount and it turned out awesome. I was so happy I had to show someone. if anyone is interested in hunting in Poland PM and I will send you my guide info.
  22. markferrigno

    NAMIBIA: 2nd Trip To Namibia With Wes Hixon Outfitters

    I wrote about my first Plains Game Safari with Wes Hixon Outfitters (PH is George Deloch of the ranch Farm Berlin) That first Safari was 2013. As soon as I got back to Germany (living here for work) I started planning a return trip for 2014. I had such a good time an enjoyed the hunting and...
  23. markferrigno

    NAMIBIA: Hunting in Namibia with Wes Hixon Outfitters

    Hello All. I am new to this site, can't believe I have not stumbled on it earlier. Great site. I hunted in Namibia in 2013 and 2014 on safaris booked through Wes Hixon. Wes is not the PH, he lives in Georgia (I think) and runs Wes Hixon's Outdoor Adventures. Let me preface my story by noting I...