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  1. Randy F

    I'll probably have to give up on this idea

    More correctly, I should say that I'll likely have to give up on this idea unless one of you has a suggestion that could solve the problem. Before I moved again for work I had a little set up playing around with a little coal forge making a few blades. I wasn't really any good at it but it was...
  2. Randy F

    Venison Sausage

    I've put a whole bunch of meat through my smoker over the years. Lot's of beef, pork, turkey, even ground up a 400lb black bear into sausage and they usually turn out pretty decent. I've done venison sausage quite a few times too. I seem to do well with the process. After a whole lot of...
  3. Randy F

    Chalk up another weird one for 2020

    I don’t even have words for this one...
  4. Randy F

    Cranky today

    Today my boots were supposed to be on the ground in South Africa for round 2 of African addiction relief so I was kinda cranky today. It turned out to be kind of an interesting day that shot my faith in the next generation right in the head only to see it get up and charge again...
  5. Randy F


    Because of @Bob Nelson 35Whelen and @Skinnersblade (you started it ;)) Before my trip to Africa I thought it prudent to at least attempt to get into some semblance of better physical shape. According to my bride, "round" was not the correct shape. I needed to reduce what she referred to...
  6. Randy F

    Velvet adds a whole new dimension

    I was happy to get the chance to take this guy last rifle season. It’s tough to find them this size and bigger in the area where I hunt. You know how it is when you’re looking at pics of antlers...angle is everything. Then the landowner, who was thrilled as well, sent me game cam pics of this...
  7. Randy F

    Snakes on the plains

    Have you ever had a snake play an unexpected part in your hunt? While I was hunting in Africa, thankfully I did not. My PH however, chose a very inopportune time to describe the various evil attributes of the Black an area known to hold them. (Not cool bro!!) I don’t mind snakes. No...
  8. Randy F

    SOUTH AFRICA: My PH/Guide/Tracker Was Not Human

    Growing up in whitetail country without any serious hunters in my family, I'm a self-taught hunting addict. After 40+ years of gun and bow hunting, I had considered myself fairly adept at tracking. My style has always been stalk hunting. The first rush-find them, the second rush-get in range...
  9. Randy F

    A Two-Headed What?

    We‘ve all likely seen examples or at least pictures of two-headed animals in our own neck of the woods. (not sure if that’s a pun or not) I’ve seen examples of cattle, deer, snakes, and the like here, but seeing this older pic of a two-headed whitetail fawn makes me curious about game animals...
  10. Randy F

    Covid victim...kinda

    Ok so I’m whining a little even though I knew it was coming but my South Africa flight has officially been cancelled by the airline for late October. :confused: We had been planning for over a year for a ten day trip to visit friends, attend a wedding, and a three day hunt. I know I know...
  11. Randy F

    Caption for this?

    I snapped this pic of this little guy while I was in South Africa and it always makes me laugh. I‘m going to make it into a poster for my bar/critter crib with the caption ”Hellooo Ladies!”. BUT, I’m betting someone will come up with a better caption than I did. Anyone willing to give it a shot?
  12. Randy F

    Hello from Wisconsin

    Hi everyone, I'm Randy, and this is an awesome forum with classy people, insightful advice, and amazing animal photos!! Congrats to all the successes! I had an amazing opportunity to hunt in South Africa in 2016 for a couple of days when we went there to visit some friends. I only had 2...