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  1. Viral_SIGness

    .375 Ruger Velocity 20" vs 23"

    I loaded up six rounds, same as I used to test my Alaskan before. 300 grain TSX over 69gr of RL15. You gain 22.6 fps per inch. African - 2442 Alaskan - 2374 I'm pretty sick, that I traded for an African to gain 68 fps
  2. Viral_SIGness

    .375 Ruger, 300gr TSX and IMR4350

    Its the fastest listed powder for a Nosler 300gr, so I decided to try it with the Barnes TSX. Eve at 78 grains, I cant get the bullet seated to 3.30, it keeps pushing back out. 3.345 is the shortest I can get it to stay. Funny though, because you can still hear the powder shake inside. Yet...
  3. Viral_SIGness

    .375 Ruger Alaskan vs African

    I've never been able to find anyone who has compared the two side by side. Well, Saturday I'm trading my Long Range rifle for a Ruger African, thats been Cerakoted. So I now own the Alaskan and African, and I will be doing chrono testing the first day, and I will post all the data here. Wish I...
  4. Viral_SIGness

    Want To Buy .375 Ruger Brass

    My wife "helped" me put my brass away, back before I was setup to reload again. Now I have 60 pieces misplaced lol So I need a few to work with until I find the others.
  5. Viral_SIGness

    Want To Buy .375" TSX 300 Grain

    Need some to test in my .375 Ruger. Thanks!
  6. Viral_SIGness

    What do you make of this?

    I run a camera down my .375 Ruger barrel. I'm trying to figure out if this is a crack, hair, or a scratch.
  7. Viral_SIGness

    Best Reloading Kit For The Money

    I've got about $1700 stuck back. So which reloading kit, and I don't need no progressive crap, I'm not lazy. Lee Anniversary Kit HORNADY Lock n Load Classic RcBS Rock Chucker I really want a digital scale. So help me! I need dies for .300 Win Mag, .375 Ruger, 7mm-08. And 6.5 Crapmoor, as...
  8. Viral_SIGness

    Is Solid bullets the way to go in a .375 ?

    Seems like the payoff would be worth it. Take out both shoulders and the heart at the same time. You guys tell me why you do use solids or why you don't use solids. There are no multiple tiers of dead. :)
  9. Viral_SIGness

    How am I doing? (.375 Ruger practice)

    I decided to try this before the rain came. 30 yards, 3 shots off-hand. With the Express Sights. I mutha-effing love this rifle!
  10. Viral_SIGness

    Picked up my .375 Ruger today!

    I am one happy kid. I can't wait to start working with it. Balance feels great to me, its definitely made for quick pointing.
  11. Viral_SIGness

    Who would by .375 Ruger Ammunition by Barnes?

    I've been talking to Barnes, and I asked about loaded ammo for the .375 Ruger. They asked me if anyone else would want it. So I will make this a poll. Seeing that I haven't been able to get back to reloading yet, I would appreciate something other than Hornady ammo.
  12. Viral_SIGness

    Cartridge Name Game Round 3

    Last round for this week.. So, do you know these?
  13. Viral_SIGness

    Name the cartridges game: Rimmed Edition

    Just for fun this time, but hey, again it gives me a chance to play with my collection. Plus, people said this was a fun challenge. I believe no one will get all of these, I tried to make it hard. So, what are they?
  14. Viral_SIGness

    Name the cartridges game

    I rarely have a reason to get my cartridge collection out. Usually it's only when someone asks "what does a .990 T-Rex look like beside a 20mm" or something like that lol So I figured I'd have some fun. My friend Jeff, that owns Tango Down, had given me a dozen ink pens/stylus. So the first...
  15. Viral_SIGness

    Want To Buy .375 Ruger Ammunition

    Shipping is backed up at all the usual places. Midway said they couldn't get it to me before May the 14th. I'll even buy someone's handloads. Just need 20 rounds to get acquainted with my rifle. Thanks !
  16. Viral_SIGness

    Scope for a .375 Ruger

    I'm looking at the Vortex Viper 1-4x24, but also wondering if a quality red dot would be better. What are your thoughts fellas?
  17. Viral_SIGness

    Here is my .375

    This is the pics he sent me. I ran the serial number and it's a 2007 model. I really dig the DiamondBlack finish. Is there any problems with these early examples I need to ask about before it ships?
  18. Viral_SIGness

    Hornady 250 GMX in a .375 Ruger

    Has anyone used the Outfitter ammo from Hornady in their .375 Ruger or H&H ? I'm curious how the 250 grain GMX works on Whitetail up to Elk, Moose, and Brownies. Would it be suitable for Plains game on the Dark Continent, or would a 300gr Barnes TTSX be better? Thanks!
  19. Viral_SIGness

    Greetings from Virginia

    Found this site while reading up on the .375 Ruger. I've always wanted one, and I'm finally getting one. It's a 2007 Ruger Alaskan with the DiamondBlack finish. I've got a friend who is a PH in South Africa, and he wants me to come hunting with him, so I'm getting ready. The .375 will be my do...