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  1. Jeffrey Masters

    Finally got to see my mounts

    That would look sweet dipped in bronze and aged a little. Damn nice hog.
  2. Jeffrey Masters

    cancer diagnosis for christmas

    My brother and I have hunted all over he world together. Turkey, bear, and African game. Kevin is my brother, and business partner, and my hunting buddy. I do not intend to lose him to this insidious disease. Thank you all for your words of encouragement! I want you to know they mean a lot to...
  3. Jeffrey Masters

    cancer diagnosis for christmas

    I just got home from dinner at Kevin's house. It was perfect. Thanks Gizmo for your thoughts.
  4. Jeffrey Masters

    cancer diagnosis for christmas

    Surgeon1, I don't know you, but as with all those who have responded, I love you all! The overwhelmingly positive responses have done so much to buoy our thoughts. Thank you, and please keep in touch. We will be needing your positive thoughts as we face this crisis in the near future!!!
  5. Jeffrey Masters

    Finally got to see my mounts

    I really like that. Did the same thing to my black bear skull.
  6. Jeffrey Masters

    Finally got to see my mounts

  7. Jeffrey Masters

    Finally got to see my mounts

    One thing I noticed in the Taxidermy shop we visited, was the complete lack of ability to paint, and the fact that they black the horns. I only saw one shop mind you, but that shop did reasonable work except for that. I am not sure why they always black the horns. It does not look normal to me...
  8. Jeffrey Masters

    Finally got to see my mounts

  9. Jeffrey Masters

    Finally got to see my mounts

    Well, you could be like me, and not have your animals after waiting for 2 years. If you can, look at your trophies and remember the incredible experience you had. That is the point anyway. I think those mounts look fine, and I think you are right to wait until you get them to really judge them...
  10. Jeffrey Masters

    My Life-size Nyala

  11. Jeffrey Masters

    Care for Warthog Tusks?

    I used silicone caulk on my wild boar tusks from 28 years ago, Haven't cracked to date.
  12. Jeffrey Masters

    SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With Kuche Safaris?

    Andrew, as my brother mentioned above, he and I hunted with Kuche a couple of years ago. We decided o Koos after meeting him in Harrisburg. No nonsense, no pressure, just fair pricing, honest expectations, and the promise that we would have a great time. Camp was clean and well kept. All the...
  13. Jeffrey Masters

    Bushbuck Shoulder Taxidermy Mount

    WOW, very nice!!!
  14. Jeffrey Masters

    Well wishes for our friend Dennis from The Artistry of Wildlife

    Glad you are on the mend!! Sounds like you have had a hell of a few months. Take care, and continue to heal!!
  15. Jeffrey Masters

    Euro mounts from 2019 safari are in

    Nice mounts! Congratulations!
  16. Jeffrey Masters

    My Leopard taxidermy home!

    Good stuff! I am happy for you. Now just sit back and remember.......
  17. Jeffrey Masters

    Now this is unique and different!

    IS this yours? Please say it is...!!!!
  18. Jeffrey Masters

    Ready for the pedestal taxidermy mounts

    Absolutely AWESOME!! I am glad for you.
  19. Jeffrey Masters

    Ready for the pedestal taxidermy mounts

    Sweet! Perfect pedestal.
  20. Jeffrey Masters

    Ready for the pedestal taxidermy mounts

    Very nice!! What type of pedestal are you going to put them on?
  21. Jeffrey Masters

    Who is your preferred taxidermist?

    Yes sir, really glad for you! Still hoping for the best on our mounts.
  22. Jeffrey Masters

    Who is your preferred taxidermist?

    Thank you Bivy for your perspective. After reading this forum for a couple of years, I believe that no one here is more concerned about their mounts than about a mans health. Even so, no one can be blamed for their concern, especially after being told that our mounts were almost finished , and...
  23. Jeffrey Masters

    Hunting boots for Northern Limpopo province South Africa

    Comfort and quiet trump name brand and style every day. Find a boot with as non-aggressive sole as possible, and find one that makes you smile when you put it on. Sore feet on a dream hunt could ruin the trip of a lifetime. I tried on over 50 pair of boots until I found the Keen Targhee mid...
  24. Jeffrey Masters

    Mexico Desert Sheep Taxidermy Mount

    Damn fine work Dennis. Truly some of the best I have ever seen.
  25. Jeffrey Masters

    What do you do when your taxidermist wont respond

    I am glad that you at least have a way to resolve the problem. I am still hopeful that I will get my animals without additional delay. Good luck!!
  26. Jeffrey Masters

    What do you do when your taxidermist wont respond

    I guess I am trying to justify not making a change. I just hate to go down that road.
  27. Jeffrey Masters

    What do you do when your taxidermist wont respond

    Damn, I am sorry. What a crappy end to an incredible hunting experience. I have been in business for myself for going on 30 years now. Saying that someone is an artist, therefore cannot run a business is total BS. All it takes is a little attention to detail. Funny that Dennis is the best of the...
  28. Jeffrey Masters

    What do you do when your taxidermist wont respond

    Do I understand correctly that this thread is two years plus old? tedthorn, you must be a very patient person. I am almost exactly one year in with the same person and have the same issues. Now I am wondering what to do. I don't mind waiting, but another year is excessive.
  29. Jeffrey Masters

    Traveling to Limpopo

    Make sure you don't arrive on a national holiday. We did, and then drove through bumper to bumper traffic for the next 7 hours. It was kind of comical though, to see 3 lanes of cars and trucks expand to 6 lanes, with most driving in the grass median, then the real bottleneck came when they all...
  30. Jeffrey Masters

    Comment by 'Jeffrey Masters' in media 'Hunting Gemsbok in South Africa'

    I'll bet the real Sable was relieved.
  31. Jeffrey Masters

    This is worth watching

    Very nice.
  32. Jeffrey Masters

    Black Bear outfits here in the States...

    I second this. We did a boat based stalking hunt a few years ago,and it was truly a great experience. The stalks were difficult, and bears can scent you it seemed like miles away.
  33. Jeffrey Masters

    SOUTH AFRICA: NB Safaris In SA - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (Hunt Report)

    Really glad this worked out for the client, and for the outfitter. I followed this report with interest because I am a businessman and have dealt with this kind of thing a few times. I learned quickly that the best way out of a bad situation is to end it quickly if possible. Neil, I am glad you...
  34. Jeffrey Masters

    SOUTH AFRICA: Kuche Safaris Via Bayete Group

    I enjoyed a great 10 days at Kuche, with my brother. My PH, Pieter was incredible. Khomu our tracker taught me what a tracker really was. Looks like you all had a great hunt! Certainly have some incredible trophies to share with your family. The memories will hold you for a while, but as with...
  35. Jeffrey Masters

    The Difference Between An Agreeable & A Difficult Client From A Professional Hunter Perspective...

    Well recounted story. Sounds like most of us have encountered that type of person. The world is full of them. I learned from very hard experience that the best way to deal with them is be quiet and give them a wide berth. Thank you for the story. I too would enjoy reading more of your exploits!!
  36. Jeffrey Masters

    NAMIBIA: Elandpro Safaris

    Wow, really nice Eland! Sounds like an incredible hunt.
  37. Jeffrey Masters

    Comment by 'Jeffrey Masters' in media '40" Eland. RSA Eastern Cape 2019'

    I will never forget my Eland hunt. They are magnificent!! Really nice trophy you have there!!
  38. Jeffrey Masters

    NAMIBIA: African Fever

    It would be funny if it wasn't so addictive!! Glad to have you, and would love to read your report! :D Beers:
  39. Jeffrey Masters

    SOUTH AFRICA: My Trip To Huntershill Safaris

    Great report, and as has been said before, nice to hear the positive side of HH. I am still amazed at how almost everyone that goes to Africa to hunt, comes back crazy for more. Good for you, and some amazing trophies, which they all were. Cheers:D Beer Draft:
  40. Jeffrey Masters

    SOUTH AFRICA: Limcroma Safaris Without A Doubt!

    Would love to see a detailed report!:D Beers: