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  1. JMJ888

    For Sale Left Hand Dakota 76 African 450 Dakota

    I bought this about 6 months ago and with the other projects I have going on it has unfortunately just sat in the safe. Going to reluctantly let it go to free up funds to finance other projects Dakota 76 Left Hand African Chambered in 450 Dakota Barrel measures 23.5" from the action face...
  2. JMJ888

    375 RUM 350gr. Bullets?

    Have just finished up my 375 RUM build the way the cartridge should have been originally introduced. As a lefty I am a bit limited but was able to find a LH M70 CRF in 300 Win and have my smith convert it. Ended up with a #6 Krieger barrel finished at 24” with Sunny Hill bottom metal and...