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    Kalahari and Limpopo Hunt for Plains Game

    In this episode Todd and Bryce are joined by Veteran Hunter and former Rawhide TV co-host Brad Kile. Brad shares his stories of growing up on Canadian Forces Army Base Wainwright as the son of the Base Fire Chief. He also recounts his recent trip to South Africa where he hunted in the Kalahari...
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    South Africa Lion Hunt

    In this episode Todd and Bryce are joined by Veteran Hunter and former Rawhide TV host Jordan Walsh. Jordan shares his stories of his recent hunt to South Africa for Plains Game and Lion.
  3. ArmyVet

    Namibia Hunt

    I sit down with Mark, a Veteran of the Canadian Army and discuss his recent hunting trip to Namibia for plains game.
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    Trophy - The Film

    Awesome and well done!
  5. ArmyVet

    Delay in shipping trophies from SA

    I received my animals this week. It took 14 months but they arrived in great shape.
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    Is South Africa Going The Way Of Zimbabwe?

    I was hunting in SA last year when the DA took much of the municipality's in those elections. At that time voters realized they were better off without the ANC. Let's hope for the federal elections they decide the same and oust the ANC.
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    17 Airplane Etiquette Rules You Should not Forget

    You should have to agree to all these rules before purchasing a ticket.
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    Delay in shipping trophies from SA

    Well my animals have been with Splitting Image for a year now.
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    Just Back from South Africa and want to invest

    Hmm. Read the latest on murder rates in Mexico? Over 2200 for the Month of June. Don't see any resorts closing there.
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    Any Surprises While On Safari In Africa?

    I was surprised at the longer distances to shoot from. I had been told 100m, in reality my closest rifle shot was 235m. All shots were from sticks, which I had not practiced shooting from prior to going. Also unless bow hunting from a blind you need to be prepared to shoot at 70m.
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    July Safari is almost here! Last min tips please!

    I would spend time with the skinners as the worked on my animals after the hunt. They got to know my affinity for tracking the path of the bullet through the animal that after supper when I came to see them they would tell me all about how the bullet travelled through the animal and give me the...
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    July Safari is almost here! Last min tips please!

    Shoot from sticks at ranges of 250-300meters. Pack warm clothes, jacket, toque and gloves. Even long underwear for early mornings. We had frost and -4celsius a few mornings last summer near Kimberley. Wore shorts on one hunt near PE.
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    Why the 30 Caliber Magnums?

    I love my .300Win Mag Sendero. I can put two rounds at 100ms side by side so they fit inside a quarter. Now I won't shoot more than 20 rounds at a time as it will bruise my shoulder. Just love the round. Used a loaner 300 and a 30-06 in SA last summer. Both stopped animals in their tracks.
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    I finally did it

    Congrats. I retired in 2013. It's definitely different being out. But it's good as I have time for my kids and hunting.
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    Cape Bushbuck Hunting with Family Hunting Safaris

    Nice! Definitely on my list for next years hunt.
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    USA: Hunting Javelina in Arizona

    My folks live in Oro Valley and have to carry a bat when walking the dog to keep the javelina at bay. I have yet to see one when visiting. Would love to take one with a bow some year.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Summer Hunt With Hunt The Sun

    Hunt the Sun has a large variety of animals and blind arrangements that I am sure you would nail some nice animals.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Summer Hunt With Hunt The Sun

    It was a .222 provided by our PH. I did not bring any of my own firearms. The 30-06, .300 winmag and .222 they provided were excellent to shoot with. I took the two Wildebeest with the .300; the Gemsbok and Kudu with .30-06 and the Nyala with a combination of my bow and the .300 (that animal...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Summer Hunt With Hunt The Sun

    This past summer my family and I hunted with Mike and Rob Birch of Hunt the Sun. We had an awesome time with them and our PH Warren was just fantastic! We hunted in two regions: the first was near Kimberly and the second was in the East Cape called the Royal Karoo. The accommodations and...
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    My family of 5 will be travelling to South Africa for the first time this July. We will be hunting with Hunt the Sun in two locations. I am bringing my bow and I will hire a rifle from them, as we will be spending a week of just travelling around South Africa. I plan to hunt: Warthog; Kudu...