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  1. rederiversam

    Would you like a Cigar?

    I like the Illusione gordo maduros. Great from start to finish.
  2. Sharpers Grysbuck

    Sharpers Grysbuck

    Taken in Zim with Wayne Van Den Berg of Nyamazana Safaris. Not very common animal and a good trophy.
  3. Civet


    Civet mounted by Chris Krueger of Krueger's Creations. Wonderful job!
  4. rederiversam

    Anyone hunted with Peter Chamberlain

    Did take a decent chamois with Peter. Never measured but estimated at SCI high silver or low gold medal. Saw several animals while glassing but this is the first one we attempted a stalk on. Started the stalk at nine in the morning and got back to the vehicle at 10:30 that night. Took the...
  5. rederiversam

    Anyone hunted with Peter Chamberlain

    Hunted chamois with Peter in early May of this year. Fabulous experience with a tough hunter. Probably the most physically exhausting hunt of my career but at 69 years of age, the body does not function as it once used to 30 years ago. Peter will get the most out of his hunter and is driven...
  6. rederiversam

    Sable Taxidermy Pictures

    It was a floor pedestal for me also. Noble animal deserves a fitting mount.
  7. New Zealand South Island chamois

    New Zealand South Island chamois

    Chamois taken with Peter Chamberlain of Kiwi Wilderness, May 2015
  8. rederiversam

    Best QD scope rings for CZ 550?

    Count me as another vote for Alaska Arms. Simple design and works well.
  9. rederiversam

    ZIMBABWE: Safari Gal In Search Of A Tusker In Zimbabwe

    Thanks for a great reading report. Brought back memories of our time in camp before you. Super trophy and as Wayne always says, timing is everything. Best Regards. Dwight
  10. Cape bushbuck with Crusader Safaris

    Cape bushbuck with Crusader Safaris

    Decent bushbuck with horns about 16-1/2" each.
  11. rederiversam

    Comment by 'rederiversam' in media '17inch Bushbuck Lifesize mount'

    Great looking bushbuck trophy and mount.
  12. rederiversam

    SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With Crusader Safaris?

    Hunted with Crusader in 2012. Had a wonderful time and took great trophies. I believe Andrew has bought out Chris but still uses his home as a lodge in the Stormberg Mountains. You will definitely enjoy the hunt. Andrew has superb areas and is more than fair with his clients.
  13. Lion bait

    Lion bait

    Bull hippo taken for lion bait in Dande South, Zambezi Valley, Zimbabwe.
  14. First elephant

    First elephant

    Taken in 2011 in Lupane region of Zimbabwe.
  15. Yellow fin tuna

    Yellow fin tuna

    Enjoyable day on the water in Kona, Hawaii.
  16. Fabulous dove shooting in Argentina

    Fabulous dove shooting in Argentina

    The results of one afternoon of shooting in the hot dove fields of Argentina.
  17. Zimbabwe guinea fowl

    Zimbabwe guinea fowl

    These usually prefer to run rather than fly. Can get really tiring chasing after them trying to make them flush.
  18. Colorado mountain goat

    Colorado mountain goat

    In the days when I could still climb at a brisk pace. Today climbing limited to a much slower pace.
  19. Mouflon sheep

    Mouflon sheep

    Decent mouflon from Hawaii
  20. colorado mountain lion

    colorado mountain lion

    Three days to track down this domestic sheep killer.
  21. Greywing Partridge

    Greywing Partridge

    Shotgunning opportunities in Africa are stupendous!
  22. zimbabwe buffalo

    zimbabwe buffalo

    Nice 42" buffalo taken just on the Zimbabwe side of the Limpopo River.
  23. Shoreline fishing in Hawaii

    Shoreline fishing in Hawaii

    Tough fighters on light tackle
  24. Zambezi Valley Bushbuck

    Zambezi Valley Bushbuck

    Good bushbuck taken with HHK Safaris in Dande South
  25. Vaal Rhebuck, Stormberg, RSA

    Vaal Rhebuck, Stormberg, RSA

    Taken with Crusader Safaris and PH Chris Broster in 2012. Great outfit, great people and a fabulous hunt.
  26. rederiversam

    AH Get Together In Reno During Safari Club International (SCI) Convention 2011

    What a deal. I will be there to get a green cap and see people in person.