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  1. matt85

    Velocity testing of premium 270 win factory ammunition (mostly mono-metal)

    ive been bored lately with no vacation time to go hunting (nor the budget) so I decided to test a bunch of factory ammunition in my Merkel Helix rifle chambered in 270 Win. the barrel length is 22 inches and the average temperature during the testing was 75F. I greatly prefer mono-metal...
  2. matt85

    Heads Up On Merkel Helix Sale currently has some great prices on Helix rifles: handful of these puppies are $2000-$2200 which is crazy cheap for a strait pull rifle these days. -matt
  3. matt85

    Do you have a pet that is native to Africa? (show pictures)

    I was wondering if any one else here had a pet that was native to Africa? show us a picture and a little info. I have a South African fat tail scorpion (Parabuthus transvaalicus). While not something I can actually touch, its more like a fish that doesn't require as much maintenance. The little...
  4. matt85

    Messing with Baboons!

    not sure if this has been posted before but I thought it was funny. -matt
  5. matt85

    For Sale Fixer Searcy Double In 500/416 NE

    a few years back i purchased this rifle from its original owner for $11,000.00. unfortunately i found the rifle had trouble with damaging its spent brass. this hadnt been a problem or even worth noticing by the original owner since he didnt hand load but it was a problem for me. i sent the rifle...
  6. matt85

    Heads Up On A Good Price Hornady 500 NE DGS Ammunition

    just a heads up for any one interested: I already picked up a couple boxes. -matt
  7. matt85

    Magnum Research BFR or Smith & Wesson XVR?

    im kicking around the idea of picking up a hunting pistol in 460 S&W. I like the idea of a 200gr .451" Barnes TSX at 2400+fps. with either gun I would be going with the longest non-compensated barrel (10" BFR or 12" XVR). I plan on mounting a scope on the revolver and use the gun at short rifle...
  8. matt85

    What powder for brass solids in a 500 NE?

    I'm trying to get my Heym to regulate with Woodleigh hydro's and Barnes banded solids and ive pretty much hit a dead end with RL-15 powder. so the question is, what powder should I try next? ive got a pretty decent load using IMR 4350 with Swift A-frames but this powder really doesn't work with...
  9. matt85

    Cartridge for a short "UTV carbine"

    I'm looking to build a little carbine rifle to bring along when I'm out cruising on in my UTV. ive pretty much got my mind set on a Thompson Encore with a 20" barrel and a folding stock as this would fit perfectly against my door frame. the main question left is what cartridge to chamber the gun...
  10. matt85

    Heym Model 89 in 500 NE

    I was just informed that my new model 89 has cleared customs today and is at the importers store in Dallas! Ive been waiting a little over a year for this rifle to be completed so the news is very exciting. the next step is to have the rifle shipped to me in WA, which should hopefully be in the...
  11. matt85

    Tikka T3 Hunter 6.5x55 With Leupold VX-III 3.5-10x40 Scope

    this is a near mint condition Tikka T3 hunter in 6.5x55 with a Leupold VX-III 3.5-10x40 mounted using Talley rings. this rifle maybe has 40-60 rounds threw it but otherwise is brand new. I'm asking $800 for the complete package or $600 for the gun and $200 for the scope.
  12. matt85

    3 MOA Trijicon RMR With CZ 550 QD Mount

    I have a 3 MOA Trijicon RMR in very good condition that was mounted on my AHR 505 Gibbs. the RMR is currently mounted on an AHR QD mount which will fit the dove tail on the CZ 550 action. the AHR mount is actually brand new due from AHR as my first one was damaged overseas. I'm asking $400 for...
  13. matt85

    Best gun safe for $1000?

    im in a need of a bigger gun safe, my current safe is much too small and with my rifle being done soon i want to make sure ive got room. my budget is $1000, i want a safe that will hold at least 12 long rifles with lots of room around them so something like a 20-25 gun safe is ideal. thanks...
  14. matt85

    Heads Up On Merkel Double Rifle Sale

    got an email about this and the prices are good so I figured id pass it along to you guys. -Matt
  15. matt85

    2 hours of some of the finest blue grass music ever made

    found this little gem on youtube so i figured id share it here: -matt
  16. matt85

    I finally bought a shotgun... sorta...

    The area I hunt deer in has tons of grouse and turkey and every year ive thought to myself that it would be nice to try hunting these while I'm out hunting deer. My personal dilemma was that most of the times I see these birds is when I'm actually looking for deer so I would need to carry both a...
  17. matt85

    Heads Up: Cheap 450 NE 3.25" Ammunition At Cabelas In WA

    the Cabelas in Tulalip, WA has a sale going on large bore ammunition. its been mostly cleared out but they still have 3 boxes of Hornady 450 NE 3.25" going for $68.99 each! -matt
  18. matt85

    A more powerful 338?

    so I just got back from Namibia where I used my 338 WM to take a handful of PG at various ranges from 73-277 yards. in terms of killing performance the 210gr .338" TTSX bullet performed perfectly. however there were a few times I wished I could have reached out a bit further (like when baboons...
  19. matt85

    Picking your trophies up at the airport?

    my trophies should arrive on Monday and I cant afford a service to collect them up for me, so this means im on my own. the trophies are two euro mounts a warthog and a cape buffalo and the work was done in RSA. can you guys please explain what im going to need to do? also, how long should I...
  20. matt85

    Savage Model 24 Combination Rifle

    so I found a Savage model 24 chambered in 30-30 and 20 gauge and I was thinking it would make a handy deer and pheasant rifle (I see a lot of pheasant during deer season). the rifle is ugly to say the least but if its reliable and reasonably accurate then it would be a practical gun for hunting...
  21. matt85

    Recommend a Gunsmith For Basic Work On a Big Bore?

    I need a gunsmith to do some basic work a large bore (585 HE) rifle. at the moment I just need the barrel to be recrowned, the action to be bedded, and maybe some more weight added to the butt. a local smith can do the bedding easy enough and I could probably add the weight but recrowning a...
  22. matt85

    Animal Engraving On a Double Rifle

    im looking to have an animal engraved on a double rifle but im unsure in what style id like it done. would you guys help explain the different styles of animal engraving? thank you -Matt
  23. matt85

    Federal 500 NE 3"

    I'm wondering if any one has tried Federals ammunition in their 500 NE? they offer 3 different loads with three very different bullets. my big question is, do these three loads regulate together? it would seem like these three loads would have completely different points of impact given how...
  24. matt85

    Question about Norma 500 NE ammunition

    has any one here chronographed Norma 500 NE ammunition? I'm curious what velocities were produced and what barrel length was used. Norma claims 2100fps but when I emailed them and asked what barrel length that was achieved at, their customer service did not know. thanks! -Matt
  25. matt85

    Reproofing a BPE rifle to NE?

    in my random searching for double rifles i stumbled across a rifle that apperently started life as a 577 BPE 3" and was later reproved to 577 NE 3" (100gr cordite under 750gr bullet). i was unaware people actually did this. personally it sounds dangerous but the company that sold the rifle is a...
  26. matt85

    Your favorite new production double rifle manufacturer?

    as the title says, whats you favorite double rifle manufactuerer and why? im only interested in current companies that are still producing rifles. i figure this thread could help people who are looking to buy a new double rifle but cant decide on what to buy. dont forget to explain you...
  27. matt85

    help me choose some Plains Game

    so im planning a hunt for next year and while i know i want a baboon, hyena, and warthog id like to add a few more animals as i plan for 12-14 days. ive already taken an impala and a blue wildebeest so i doubt ill take another one of those unless a really nice example shows up. can you...
  28. matt85

    Solids for Dangerous Game: what do you use and why?

    ive heard a few different theories on solids used for dangerous game and the types of solids available has grown greatly. from the old steel wrapped bullets of our grandfathers to monometal flat nosed banded brass bullets all of which are currently used in Africa and other countries to stop...
  29. matt85

    Sauer Conversion Double Rifle In .450 3.25" NE

    This rifle started its life as a Saur 12g shotgun but has been converted by a gunsmith to 450 3.25" NE. I purchased this rifle at one of the shoots in AK from another forum member and shot a box of Hornady factory loads threw it then lost interest (I prefer larger guns). the action is strong and...
  30. matt85

    help needed for loading Barnes in the 505 Gibbs

    can any one please recommend a load for the 505 Gibbs to get the 525gr Barnes TSX to fly accurately at 2300fps? ive been trying with a couple different powders (RL-25 and IMR 7828) and only good accuracy i found was at 2100fps which doesnt work for me. thank you -Matt
  31. matt85

    hunting hyena?

    as the title states, im thinking about a hyena but i dont know much about them. i understand they are hunted at night via spotlight or night vision. but i dont know much else... -whats the best place to hunt hyena? -whats the average trophy fee? -how do you judge a good hyena? also any...
  32. matt85

    338 WM pet loads?

    so i finally bought a rifle smaller then 416... dont tell the guys on the big bore thread! i picked up a Winchester supergrade in 338 WM and im wondering what you guys/girls use in your rifle. what are your favorite loads for the 338 WM? -matt
  33. matt85

    is hippo ivory importable?

    i did a search and nothing came up on this forum or google, all i see is talk of elephant ivory. i plan to hunt hippo next year and it will likely be in Zimbabwe. so the question is the same as the title, is hippo ivory importable to the US? thank you -Matt
  34. matt85

    Tuskless Elephant Pictures

    seems like you can find plenty of pictures of proud hunters sitting next to a massive bull with a heavy set of ivory, but pictures of people with there tuskless animals are much less common. lets face it, most people cannot afford a $25,000+ elephant hunt and the USA isnt exactly allowing...
  35. matt85

    Best water backpack?

    after my last hunt in SA I realized I don't do well in temps over 90F without lots of water. thankfully one of my hunting partners allowed me to make use of his camelpak. so now ive decided I must have one of these water holding backpacks but I cant figure out what would be the best for me. I...
  36. matt85

    American Hunting Rifles: Safari 550 Dangerous Game Rifle in 505 Gibbs

    I had already posted some pictures in the big bore addiction thread but to be fair I believe this rifle deserves its own thread. Back in April I contacted Wayne of American Hunting Rifles and told him I was In need of a proper rifle for my upcoming cape buffalo hunt and that I wanted it to be...
  37. matt85

    someone to do final inletting?

    I have a complete barreled action with all metal parts and a stock with partial inletting. now I need someone to put them together. can any one suggest a gunsmith to perform the final work? someone that could also finish the metal would be nice as the action is in the white. -matt
  38. matt85

    information on African elephant population?

    we were having a bit of a debate today at work about Africa's population of elephants. it seems most people believe the species is down to just a few animals and will be gone any year now. I did a search but google fails big time with nothing but bunny hugger website that all preach "doom" and...
  39. matt85

    recommend a trigger for a sporterized P14 action

    as the title says, i am having a rifle built off a Enfield P14 action and need a better trigger for it. can any of you guys recommend a new trigger? i tried calling Timney but unfortunately they do not make one for the P14 action. thank you -matt
  40. matt85

    Navy Arms Mark IV Kodiak 45-70 24 SxS Double Rifle

    found one of these for sale and its got me curious, are these rifles any good or just unregulated junk? looks like its made by Pedersoli which usually makes "ok" firearms but im not sure about a double. any one have any experience with these guns? thanks -matt
  41. matt85

    505 Gibbs load help needed

    as my AHR 505 Gibbs gets closer to being completed im beginning to put together supplies to shoot the puppy. my goal is to fire a 570gr Swift A-frame at around 2200fps from a 24" barrel. can you guys suggest a powder load that would work for this? my thoughts are to use RL 25 or even IMR 7828...
  42. matt85

    Swift A-frames in low velocity cartridges?

    ive used Swift bullets with great success in cartridges such as the 7x57, 375 H&H, and 416 RM. but i havent tried them yet in low velocity cartridges such as nitro express cartridges. im considering them for the 450 NE 3.25" (assuming they will regulate) and the 505 Gibbs cartridge. but i wonder...
  43. matt85

    having fun with gullible people

    yesterday i was talking with a friends wife who happens to be against sport hunting. of course my friend had told her i was going to Africa so she had to ask the one question every one feels they need to ask: her: what do you do with the animal after you shoot it? me: (with a strait face) i...
  44. matt85

    trouble finding good hunting boots

    for the last couple months ive been searching for a good pair of hunting boots but have had no luck. its getting to the point where im running out of time before my hunt so im getting a bit desperate. ive tried ordering online but I have very strange feet (short/wide) so its extremely hard to...
  45. matt85

    fan of the electric guitar?

    ever heard of Buckethead? if you truly love the electric guitar I suggest you listen to these: some of its heavy, some of its soft, some of its weird, all of its amazing! live concert: my favorite: hope you enjoyed them! -matt
  46. matt85

    heads up on source of Woodleigh manuals

    its a little spendy for shipping but you can order Woodleigh's hand loading manual from: they are very friendly and happy to ship internationally. mines on its way! -matt
  47. matt85

    durable camera case

    so I bought a fancy new camera (Panasonic ZS40) and now I need a durable case that will attach to my belt and stay there while hunting. if the camera isn't easy to access then odds are I wont use it. I did some hunting around on amazon but the cases all either seem too flimsy or don't have a...
  48. matt85

    SportEAR GhostStryke electronic ear plugs?

    has any one tried these ear plugs? are they any good? I need some noise canceling ear plugs for my upcoming hunt but would like to keep the price at $500 or less. other suggestions would be welcome. thank you -matt
  49. matt85

    Help me with digital camera stuff

    ive never been one for understanding fancy tech stuff like digital cameras or smart phones but ive found myself wanting a decent camera for Africa. im currently looking at the Panasonic ZS40K, I can currently get one for $350 and the features seem good for a small pocket camera. my question...
  50. matt85

    Chinese water deer and Muntjac

    i saw these two deer at the SCI show and decided they would look perfect on my wall! im in the process of researching them but would welcome any information from you guys/girls. what can you tell me about Chinese water deer and Muntjac deer? pictures of your trophies would also be great...