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    Hunt Trade Swop

    If somebody in NZ would be interested in trading a hunt with me, I am looking for Tahr and Chamios.Looking at 2013.
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    Looking for Sharpes Grysbuck

    I am looking for anybody that could help with locating a outfit|property that offer Sharpes Grysbuck, thanks
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    Red Duiker with Longbow- 1st for us.......

    Kipp Newton came out last week to try for Impala,Nyala ect with his Longbow. Little did we know that we would take this 'little' guy on the last day.If opportunity knocks...........truly great hunt with a big reward. My hat's off to Kipp, you made the shot count!
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    Affordable hunts with Daretobowhunt- 2012 Package

    As been for the past seasons, we again offer 'affordable' Bow Hunts.We are a Bow ONLY Outfit: Hunt & Taxidermist Package: $2490 1 Impala + shoulder mount 1 Impala + flat skin tanned 1 Warthog + shouldermount 1 Warthog + skull mount 4 day hunt (5 nights) Terms and Conditions: The...
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    Affordable hunts with Daretobowhunt- 2012 Packages

    AH-WARNING Our all round "affordable" hunts are back for the 2012 season:Please visit our website for great deals.
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    Bowhunt offer from Daretobowhunt.......

    This is a combined offer from Daretobowhunt and Marakalalo Taxidermy, the hunt: 5 Day Bowhunt for $3100 including: 1 Impala 1 Blesbuck 1 Warthog AND Shoulder mounts of all three trophies!! including crating,permits and documentation! All lodging,food,drinks, full service, trasportation to...
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    Bow hunt Giveaway - Dare to Bowhunt

    This hunt was donated early in 2009 and the current hunter is unable to come due to medical reasons. He bought this hunt on auction for $600 and wishes to recover that amount from the new hunter. This hunt only applies for first time hunters to South Africa and we are just trying to help so that...
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    Bow Hunt Cancellation

    I have a bowhunt cancellation for August 9 - 20 which is the best time for bowhunting in South Africa. The area is Kalahari with animals like Gemsbuck, Kudu, Eland, Springbuck, Black Wildebeest, and many more. Client has got a $1000 deposit down, so this hunt will come with a $1000 credit to who...