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  1. Nicholas Barcomb

    Central Barren Ground Caribou Hunt

    Does anyone have a favorite outfitter for hunting central barren ground caribou?
  2. Nicholas Barcomb

    FINALLY, It's Here!!!!!!!!!

    Finally got the CZ550 American Safari Magnum in .416 Rigby!!!!!!!! Just picked it up from the FFL about 30 minutes ago. I will be replacing the stock with a Bell and Carlson stock in a little bit and will take pictures again after this and the scope gets mounted. BTW, I purchased some Alaskan QD...
  3. Nicholas Barcomb

    Name for a new wildcat cartridge

    Not that the world needs another one, but they sure are fun. For some reason, I like the 9.3mm or .366 caliber cartridges. They offer a better SD and BC than a comparable weight .375 caliber and just don't get the big news like the .375s do because it is just short of being considered enough...
  4. Nicholas Barcomb

    Ruger H Tropical .405 Winchester

    I have put my Ruger #1H Tropical, .405 Winchester, walnut/ blue up for sale on, #501545958. Will post pictures, but all deals have to go through Gunbroker. Sorry, but no international sales.
  5. Nicholas Barcomb

    CANADA: Caribou Hunt 2015

    Just like the thread title states, I will be headed to Ungava Bay the last week of September for a couple of caribou and hopefully some ptarmigan. I have been talking about going for sometime and finally pulled the trigger when a few openings came up this past June and I had the money right...
  6. Nicholas Barcomb

    Powders and primers for the .416 Rigby

    Just curious as to what everyone is using to load their Rigby's with? I have VV N560 and have enough to do what I need to with them, but don't know if I may be able to get anymore for future loads. I was also looking at H4831SC for the part of it being an extreme powder and won't be affected...
  7. Nicholas Barcomb

    .416 Bullets: Woodleigh, Swift or North Fork?

    Been doing quite a bit of reading and have heard many stories about each one of the above mentioned bullets in various calibers. I, however, have narrowed it down to one caliber, .416 as I am planning on a modern CZ550 Kevlar in said caliber. I am looking for experience with the mentioned...
  8. Nicholas Barcomb

    NAMIBIA: Did Someone Go Hunting With Etosha Heights Game Safaris?

    Has anyone hunted with this outfitter? If so, what did you like or not like and would you recommend them? Thank you.
  9. Nicholas Barcomb

    416 Rigby Sell Me On It

    Looking at this particular rifle: Thoughts, comments, or ideas. Mostly, the reason for looking at this cartridge is because the 416 Ruger that I would like to get is lacking in a lot of reloading supply areas. I can get...
  10. Nicholas Barcomb

    Recoil Reducers- Non-mercury type

    I have a mercury type recoil reducer in my Ruger #1 chambered in 405 Winchester. Some countries do not allow mercury anything into or out of them. I am looking specifically at the Edward's line of spring style mercury reducers and was wondering if anyone has experience with these or a similar...
  11. Nicholas Barcomb

    Woodleigh 450/400 NE Bullets

    I have 2 boxes of Woodleigh bullets I would like to sell for $70 plus $5.80 for US domestic flat rate shipping. 1) W 41, .410", 400 gr FMJ - 35 bullets 2) W 40B, .410", 400 gr Weldcore RN SN - 35 bullets
  12. Nicholas Barcomb

    Hello from NH

    Been interested in hunting in Africa for many years. Would mostly like to try for buffalo, but would also like plains game as well. I'm not too choosy and pretty much like mature game over super trophies and racks. I also reload my own ammunition, so that shouldn't be much of a problem...