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    BRNO 602 Replacement Front Sight

    Does anyone know of a source for a white bead front sight for a BRNO 602 rifle in .375 H&H? The original sight appears to be easily removable and I would like to replace the somewhat dinged up one with a bead for quick sighting. Thanks in advance!
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    BRNO 602 Action Screw Torque?

    I have recently purchased a 1983 vintage BRNO 602 in .375 H&H. I disassembled it to inspect the barrel and that part of the action that is hidden for any signs of rust (none were there, thankfully). I now need some help here with the torque settings for the three screws - the two action screws...
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    New Member

    Hello all! I am yet another hunter who waited until retirement to answer the call of Africa. I'll be heading out for my first safari in South Africa in just over three months; Impala and Kudu during a 10 day hunt. Wish me luck!