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  1. Cape Buffalo Hunt

    Cape Buffalo Hunt

  2. BCHunter

    WIN a FREE Hunt, Taxidermy & Sightseeing Week in Romania with a Guest for 2019

    Nobody could stop laughing during the loading of this buffalo (not even the dog...).
  3. BCHunter

    Free Hunt for One Hunter & One Observer from Lianga Safaris for 2016

    HERE'S MY ENTRY... LOADING A CAPE BUFFALO INTO A TRUCK. IT WAS QUITE FUNNY! Now if I could only get the picture to show up...
  4. BCHunter

    Trophy Import issues into Canada

    Getting "disinfected"... When my shipment of sable antelopes (capes, skulls, horns) arrived in Vancouver they were deemed "contaminated" and sent off to Edmonton for disinfection. They were properly treated by a taxidermist in Africa and had all the necessary certificates and were shipped in...
  5. BCHunter

    ZAMBIA: Nchila Wildlife Reserve Zambia

    I just read your aricle and viewed your pictures with great interest. My son and I will be hunting at Nchila Reserve at the beginning of June 2013. The main goal will be to get a couple of good sables. After that, who knows...
  6. BCHunter

    Black horns on mounted trophies... Is this a normal?

    I had my 10 species of game mounted in South Africa. When they arrived back here in Canada, I was surprised that all the horns had turned completely BLACK. Is this a normal thing to happen? Or is the taxidermist at fault? I realize that it is too late to do anything about it now, but am going to...