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    Game Bird Gutting Tool
  2. drenalinxt

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    Thanks Guy's Some of them are being tested right now there in Africa. So i hope that they will have good reviews to bring you what i believe to be good products. Thanks
  3. HOG WILD PT.2


    Wild Hog Hunting in U.S.


    Hunting Wlid Hogs in U.S.
  5. drenalinxt

    Bowhunting Giraffe

    Engee And Jerome It would be so awesome to hunt those big game animals you guy's get to hunt there. or should i call them exotics? Either way it is my second dream to come there and hunt one day in my life. And if that chance ever arrives, i would like to hook up with my new Engee to guide...
  6. drenalinxt

    340 Destroyer draws blood in Africa...

    Nice looking wildebeest Gerhard Very impressive animal. I see you like that new Destroyer. I here it is an awesome bow. have seen it in the my local shop but have not shot it yet, may turn out that i might get a free one after the video i just made for my local. There were 4 Destroyer's -...
  7. drenalinxt

    Carbon Matrix vs. Blue Wildebeest

    Engee My Friend What an awesome looking animal buddy. That has to be so cool. Of you guy's may think the same thing about our animals here thought too. But nice shot buddy ! Such an awesome looking animal. The matrix did it job well. And i comend the shoot too. :) That Wildebeest seems...
  8. drenalinxt

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    Thank You To all of you for your welcomes. Sorry i have been really busy the last 2 weeks, editing and producing a video for local archery shop of a wild pig hunt. I have sent over a game bird gutting tool, for your pheasant, and pheasant sizes game birds there, and the duck tool. for your...
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    Thank You Thank You very much for the welcome Jerome. I already think this is a great site and i know i will like it very much. Thank You so much for the welcome. My Dear Friend Engee had told me about this site. So i decided to go ahead and join in to be amongst fellow hunters. I have never...
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    Thank You Thank You Monish, I believe i will enjoy this site alot. Thanks for the welcome.
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    Hello African hunters, I am new to the site. And excited about joining in with other hunters from another country. We all have the great sport of hunting in common or i would not be here. It a sport that is very well cherished here in the U.S. And i am sure it is a sport that is very well...