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  1. Chago

    CANADA: Northern British Columbia Goat & Moose Hunt

    -Hey guys, I have been home for a few weeks now. But just didn't get a chance to do this write up. So here we go. As you all know, the stuffy nose heard around the world has really messed with any travel plans. I was scheduled to meet up with Bossie from Limpopo Big Game Safaris back in May...
  2. Chago

    Luggage insurance

    So I wanted to see what all you guys do. I know some of you carry some pretty expensive rifles to Africa. Below is a pic of my normal travel kit. I honestly thought air lines cover whatever they lose. Sounds like they don't. I'm a very frequent flyer even with my status in that airline they only...
  3. Chago

    Is anyone booking Flights for Next year yet?

    I had to move my hunt from this May to next May. I noticed SA is now saying they will open to international travelers in February of 21. That seems pretty tight since many borders have had delays in opening. Who has their flights booked and whose waiting to see what happens? I was planning on...
  4. Chago

    What Watch do you wear when you hunt?

    You know, there are so many threads about tipping vs not tipping, brake vs no brake, Hornady vs Nosler, Blaser vs everything else LOL. Here is one I have not seen. Watches.... I am a huge watch lover. I was curious what do all of the crowd wear when on a hunt? I wore a Suunto Traverse...
  5. Chago

    Mountain Goat full body wall mount questions

    I know I know. This is But from spending time on this site I've found more world hunters then any other site. So I know I'll have someone with the answer. Since Covid ruined my Limpopo hunt that was scheduled to leave next week. I decided to move it to next year and instead...
  6. Chago

    How to Cancel Flights with South African Airways????

    I am getting very frustrated with them. The entire call center is closed in US and South Africa, I tried both. So I went online to "Manage my booking". But when you enter your flight info it doesn't do anything but show you your flight info. The website claims to allow you edit and cancel...
  7. Chago

    Trophy Shipping Costs

    So I have finally completed one full safari. And when I say "full", I mean I have completed the hunt. I had the trophies mounted. And I imported them home. So I finally have my total cost...... not impressed with all of the costs I incurred back in Canada. I shot a kudu, gemsbok, sable...
  8. Chago

    My Trophy Room

    So I was waiting for some wood to come in to create the back walls and the pedestals. Once it arrived I had to clear my schedule. When I start a project it has to be completed. So my African animals are now in there permanent spot. My two white tail bucks are still sitting on a temporary dvd...
  9. Chago

    Judge my trophy scores

    As some of you already know. My trophies from my first trip to Africa have arrived. I'm waiting for some wood that I ordered to build the pedestals and the back wall I'm creating. Once I have that I'll be hanging these trophies. It's got to be perfect. But my trophy room floor has trophy's all...
  10. Chago

    Question for the pros about removable kudu antlers

    Hello everyone, I finally received all my mounts from my first trip to Africa. My initial comments will be they are "Not Bad". I mean I am thrilled to have them, they are so different then all the north american species I have now. So they look great from that perspective. But I do have a...
  11. Chago

    CANADA: Red Stag Hunt With Roxton Falls Wilderness Estate

    I know right, Red Stag in Canada!!! Well in a small town in Eastern Quebec, Canada(about a hour from Maine border) just 1.5 hour drive from Quebec City Airport. There is a outfitter who has figured it out! And is doing a great job at it. The property is absolutely stunning, with a small...
  12. Chago

    CANADA: BOWHUNT: My backyard

    Hey guys, Been reading through all the Africa reviews and noticed some guys post there own DIY hunts as well in the north america section. So I live in central/southern Ontario Canada which is known for some big bucks. I'm far away from the city where we have nice bush and good agriculture...
  13. Chago

    Red stag SCI vs CIC

    I figured this would be the best forum to ask this. I am beginning to research a red stag hunt for 2020. I'm trying to compare value as I understand the European model is a trophy Fee based on size. Now I understand the CIC system has different bronze, silver and gold levels based on the country...
  14. Chago

    SOUTH AFRICA: My Trip To Huntershill Safaris

    I probably should have done this a long time ago. But I guess better late then never. I was there last year in August. It my first trip to Africa. To be honest I never even had Africa on my radar. I'm a avid deer, elk, moose and black bear hunter. Being in Canada these are our game animals and I...
  15. Chago

    Malaria in Limpopo

    Hello everyone. Long time no talk. I've been really busy with family and work. Trying to pay off my first African hunt hahaha. Last year I popped my cherry and had my first African hunt on the eastern cape. Took a kudu, sable, nyala, gemsbok, impala, zebra, blue wildebeest and a blesbuck on a 7...
  16. Chago

    Packing clothes in rifle Case

    Is this allowed? Obviously as long as you stay under the weight requirement? I leave on Tuesday for my first Africa hunt. Can't Wait!!!!
  17. Chago


    So my first trip is in 77 days. I'll be at hunterhill safari in the Eastern cape. I was wondering about vaccines. I imagine your typical booster is needed and twinrix will be a must. From what I understand malaria is not a concern in my region so I don't need anything for that. Is there anything...
  18. Chago

    Rookie Needs Some Help

    Hello all, new member here. I am a pretty active member on other hunting and shooting forums. But I am heading on my first Africa hunt this year and figured I needed to join a forum with some experts in this realm. I am a super detailed person who extra plans everything. So I wanted to...
  19. Chago

    Noobie From Canada

    Hello everyone. Been hunting all my life. Have taken many Canadian animals like whitetail, moose, black bear and waterfowl. Doing my first Africa hunt this summer. Here to start learning.