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    Hello from Tanzania

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    Greetings from Stockholm

    Välkommen ombord! I read about your plans on the on the other forum, and I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun in the planning and practice stages. And yes, do start reloading. :)
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    7mm 156 Grain Oryx Bullets

    Interesting table @fourfive8 : indeed I believe that Oryx can be a bit on the soft side. Would have been good to see the expanded diameters listed as well. My assumption - given the difference in penetration - is that the Oryx expanded quite well, perhaps even a bit too much. Also the velocity...
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    7mm 156 Grain Oryx Bullets

    If import/export regulations of these DangerousKillerMurderTerrorist components weren't so ridiculously strict, I'd be happy to share. :-) The 156gr Oryx is what I use in 6.5, and I probably have a few hundred lying around the loading bench. On the other hand, some US made components like...
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    What velocity for 30-06 and 240gr Woodlegh PP?

    I load the 200 grainers with about 53-54grs of Norma MRP (which is "the same" as RL22). I use Fed 215's or CCI 250's, though. Not a particularly hot load, but it works well in my rifle.
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    What velocity for 30-06 and 240gr Woodlegh PP?

    Agree. I don't have a 300 WM, but other rifles though, should the need arise. As I said initially, Woodleigh lists this bullet as for the 30-06, with a recommended impact velocity of 2400-2000 fps. I'm not sure I could even get it up to 2400 at the muzzle with reasonable pressures. And with...
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    What velocity for 30-06 and 240gr Woodlegh PP?

    You are probably right - I'm just experimenting here. I was curious, as I found it hard to get a viable load. Given the load tested, it would work great for short range work, say 0-50 meters. But that's a pretty narrow scenario. If something heavy - that 'needs' a big pill - is on the menu, it's...
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    Case lube

    RCBS Case Lube-2 has worked for me since I started reloading just 4 years ago. But like @Shootist43, I have also gotten the graphite powder for the inside of the neck, so that I don't have to wash the case inside. Haven't tried any other stuff. That little bottle really lasts a long time...
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    Eight Hot New Cartridges

    I guess that this is true in most countries, though I don't know the percentages. I'm just a bit saddened that we're walking the path of mass-producing cheap, low-quality stuff that is meant to break (or at least to be replaced). This is not just hunting/shooting related gear, but TV's, phones...
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    Eight Hot New Cartridges

    Of the rifles I own, the youngest cartridge turns 114 this year. The rifles are newer, but not new. --- Begin rant --- ;-) I would like to think that the second half of the 19th century up to WWI was when all the relevant development happened. Rifled barrels, jacketed bullets, ammunition in...
  11. Range Shots

    Range Shots

    Thank you for those figures. RL22 should be quite close to MRP, as they're made at the same plant, with the same specification or 'recipe'. Velocity aside, I was quite pleased with the results. I only made 5 cartridges with this one load. One shot is 'missing' due to chronograph testing. 100 m...
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    What velocity for 30-06 and 240gr Woodlegh PP?

    Yep - MRP is the next candidate on the list. That is what I use for the 200's. As for COL I seated the bullets 1 mm off the lands (1/25 in), for a total length of 85.5 mm. Thank you for those figures. RL22 should be quite close to MRP, as they're made at the same plant, with the same...
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    What velocity for 30-06 and 240gr Woodlegh PP?

    You are correct. It is a rather heavy bullet for the calibre, but I got myself a box of 50 just to see what it could do. I usually shoot Lapua Mega and Norma Oryx 200's - but I recently got myself the heavy Woodleighs, along with some 220's from Sako, Sierra and Hornady. The interesting thing...
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    What velocity for 30-06 and 240gr Woodlegh PP?

    Well that is another option :)
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    What velocity for 30-06 and 240gr Woodlegh PP?

    Just wondering if someone is shooting this combo, and what velocities you're getting. I did some simulations in GRT, and it seemed like I would reach something like 720 m/s at the muzzle. (approx. 2350fps). My chronograph told a different story. 670 m/s (2200fps) at the muzzle and 2000fps at...
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    My home smells of brown vinegar and coriander...

    It was good that I stumbled into this thread - was some time since I made any. Now there are 2kg's of beef being "biltonged" (only have a rather small biltong box). Should be ready by the weekend.
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    My home smells of brown vinegar and coriander...

    I cut the meat along the grain/muscle fibres in 2cm thick slices (approx 3/4 inch). Just a short time with a little vinegar and coarse salt, say 30 mins or so. Then rub in some nice spices. Coriander, black pepper and chili flakes always, but you could throw in some crushed szechuan pepper...
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    Bought an original FN in 404 Jeffery

    Congratulations on a great find! And welcome aboard AH.
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    Comment by 'cmk' in media 'Beaver Tail Knives'

    Knowing that @Peter Larsson is a knife maker, I would assume that he made them himself (maybe not the blade, but the handles and sheaths). Also, he is a fellow Swede, so... "Sweden" is my guess. :-)
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    Poor Man's Hydros

    Not tested yet - put on hold for the time being. I loaded up a round, but it felt a bit tight when chambering (scratches on the outside of the neck), and when I went to dissasemble it, the 'bullet' came apart. So... maybe the remaining ones will stay on the shelf.
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    Survey: Your Favorite. 30 Caliber

    30-06. Perfect for sending a 200 grain message to a moose, bear, red stag or a large boar. Also great for smaller stuff, without being too devastating at shorter distances.
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    Who would by .375 Ruger Ammunition by Barnes?

    I would probably not buy. You guys in North America are lucky in the respect that there is a huge 'domestic' market, which drives down the prices for even the 'odd' calibres. Now, I do reload for all my rifles, apart from the 22LR, but I would possibly consider buying ammo for the common ones...
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    Cartridge Name Game Round 3

    @Viral_SIGness : Thanks for the offer of a prize, but that is totally unnecessary. Participating is way more fun than any prize. And as I live in another continent it seems a bit 'too much' to send a pen. Thank you for making these quizzes. It takes a bit of the boredom out of a day at work. :-)
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    Cartridge Name Game Round 3

    Ok - one more stab at the last ones.. #3 is the 50-110 Win #4 is the 50 Alaskan?
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    Cartridge Name Game Round 3

    45-70 444 Marlin ?? ?? Last one 348 win.
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    Name the cartridges game: Rimmed Edition

    1 & 3 look almost identical(?) One of them should be the 30-30? #2 looks like 5.6x52R (which I believe is the same as the Savage HiPower) @flatwater bill : I don't think #5 is 7.62x53/54R. The ones I've seen do not have a 'flat' case head, and it seems shorter than #2, which shouldn't be if #2...
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    Just ordered my 9.3x62

    I believe that there can certainly be differences, could be jacket thickness in the nose, the lead alloy used etc. Most 9.3 calibre cartridges are not really that fast, hence the bullet manufacturers design the bullets for the best terminal performance at the probable impact velocity. Generally...
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    Just ordered my 9.3x62

    I think the 9.3x64 is a bit more powerful than the x74R. The x74R is obviously not for bolt actions, so the cartridge is larger to keep pressure down. A 505 Gibbs necked down to 9.3 would be very powerful :-) :-)
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    Just ordered my 9.3x62

    I think that unless you are particularly fond of the historical side of the 9.3x70 Magnum, it would probably be "better" to with a .404/.375. That would make it legal for everything in most countries. The 9.3 calibre is just below that line. Or if you do not care about that aspect, then why not...
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    Difference between the 450/400 and the .450 3¼

    There is also a shorter version, the 450/400 2 3/8", which may be more known (at least to some people in Switzerland) under the 'metric' name 10.3x60R. If I've understood things correctly, it is the minimum cartridge (or bore-size, really) allowed for big game such as red deer and wild boar in...
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    Hello and thank you for letting me share with you

    Welcome aboard Uwe!
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    35Whelen - to AI or not to AI?

    I agree that if you're getting a 35 Whelen, then go with standard. If you want a little more oomph - then perhaps get a 9.3x62 instead. A hell of a lot easier finding ammo in most parts of the world at least. For North America, I don't know. If you handload, and don't plan on travelling, then it...
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    Brenneke TOG / 9,3x62

    I bought a few hundred (9.3) for essentially half price when a local outdoors shop went bankrupt. Only shot paper so far. Shoots well in my rifle, but the cutting edge (scharfrand) seem to mess with the feeding sometimes. It could also be that my magazine spring is a bit weak, as I've also ha...
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    Generate Life-Size Posters From AH Shot Placement Images

    Bumping this thread with another seemingly similar tool which creates a multi-page PDF. It works in your browser, i.e. there is no local installation of software to mess with. In the preview mode it also shows you the 'grid' of pages to be created, so that you can make an eyeball measurement of...
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    Death of the 3-9 scope

    Schmidt&Bender still have 6x42, 7x50, 8x56 and 10x42 in the Klassik line, Meopta have several from 6x42 to 8x56, Karl Kaps also have a 4x36, 6x42 and 8x56 All reputable companies with good products. There are probably others as well. Apart from the smallest Karl Kaps, they are on the 'big'...
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    Thought Provoking Question : How Many Of You Would Use A Smaller Calibre If It Were Legal?

    I would guess that the class just below the .375H&H, e.g. 9.3x62/64/74R or 358 Norma Mag and even 338 Win Mag would be able to work in many situations. Maybe not from every angle on the biggest animals. They would probably work well on lion. On buffalo as well if the conditions are good. I guess...
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    What is your preferred 6.5/.264?

    Great to hear - so it seems Sweden and Finland had the same rules until recently. I know that it has been discussed here as well to allow lighter, lead-free bullets for big game. Let's hope it works out well in Finland, and then we can adopt your rules. :-)
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    Poor Man's Hydros

    Uh-oh... regardless of my words in the initial post, I can see that the public image of me is starting to look like this :-) While in reality, the picture below is a lot closer to the truth: :-)
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    Poor Man's Hydros

    Being cautious, careful and meticulous when reloading is always a good thing. Especially when doing something for the first time. However, in this case I expect the worst that can happen is horrible accuracy. :) But I thank you for your concern, and I will run some simultations to see what the...
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    Poor Man's Hydros

    No offense taken, and I'm sure none is intended. See this (Hydro-)experimenting purely as a sign of boredom and "what if...". Not at all interested in UltimateMegaPerformanceHyperVelocity loads, so I will stay well below any remotely high pressures. Also, I only have two eyes and 10 fingers -...
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    Poor Man's Hydros

    Yep, agree that it does not seem very common on our side of of the pond. At least when I look in the brass bins at the pistol ranges close to me. All 22LR and 9mm. Some 45 ACP. I believe that it is used to some extent in IPSC, but maybe that is only in my imagination - I don't know anybody who...
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    Poor Man's Hydros

    Thanks for the confidence, but no. Neither engineer nor retired. Just a bit curious. :-)
  43. 400gr A-Frame, and a 450gr Woodleigh

    400gr A-Frame, and a 450gr Woodleigh

    Using the GRT internal ballistics simulator (a bit like QuickLoad), I figured out two different loads. 74.5 gr Norma 202 and 78 gr Norma 203B (same as RL-15) were chosen. As the bullets are filled with pure, soft lead the seater die made its mark on them.
  44. N203B load

    N203B load

    Nevertheless, the results were quite satisfactory for a first test; the N203B load produced a group of about 37mm (~1.5"), and the N202 load about twice that. Chronographed velocity was 763 m/s and 756 m/s, respectively (2500 and 2480 fps). All shots from a bench, 100m (110 yd), and scope set at 6x.
  45. Range Shots

    Range Shots

    Now awaiting the next batch to be delivered. The first batch was only 10 or 11 bullets, this should be closer to 90. Should be able to actually test a few more different loads. But in all honesty, I am more than happy with 35-40 mm with homemade bullets.
  46. 40 S&W Case with a fully filled 38 Super case inserted

    40 S&W Case with a fully filled 38 Super case inserted

  47. 40 S&W case with a fully filled 38 Super case inserted

    40 S&W case with a fully filled 38 Super case inserted