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  1. Brent C

    Full Elephant Taxidermy Mount

    Stunning [emoji106]
  2. Brent C

    WIN a FREE Trophy Customs Clearance from TROPHY SHIPPERS for 2020 in a Random Drawing Giveaway

    Supposed to be May of 2020 depending on Covid situation! Hunt will take place in the Eastern Cape with De Beers Safaris! Hoping to harvest: Cape Buffalo, kudu, gemsbok, eland, red hartebeest, nyala, sable, fallow, impala, black springbok, Val rhebuck, klipspringer, bush pig, warthog, blue...
  3. South Africa Hunting Burchell's Plain Zebra

    South Africa Hunting Burchell's Plain Zebra

  4. Brent C

    Zebra Pictures

  5. Brent C

    Videographer / Film Maker Limpopo 2020

    Richard Leonard (in the zone media)
  6. Brent C

    Daughter's Art Project

    I love it, looks phenomenal, I want her to do one for me
  7. Brent C

    Coronavirus and travel to/from Namibia

    Just go for it, enjoy the time with your friend, don’t worry about the what if’s, we can’t fix those!
  8. Brent C

    Qatar Air

    I flew Qatar air 2 years ago and it was a very nice experience, we didn’t end up having a layover on that trip. We fly out again this May on Qatar air and have a 4 hour layover in Doha
  9. Brent C

    MEXICO: Desert Bighorn

    Outstanding hunt and a gorgeous ram, congratulations
  10. Brent C

    Trophy crates arrived!!!!

    Always a great day when the crates arrive !
  11. Brent C

    For Sale Leupold VX-5 & VX-6 Scopes

    Is this still available?
  12. Brent C

    In memoriam - Daniel Barnard of NB Safaris passed away

    I’m So sorry for the loss, I personally didn’t know Neil but I enjoy all the video hunts I have seen, true love, excitement, and passion for Africa’s wildlife and the people who benefit from the harvests. I believe the world has lost a wonderful man with his passing, but keep in mind you will...
  13. Brent C

    Affordable 375s

    I picked up a CZ550 375 yesterday for $750 very happy with my purchase
  14. Brent C

    Buffalo hunt recommendations

    Contact De Beer Safaris, Willem could find you what your looking for, Im going after buffalo this May with him
  15. Brent C

    SOUTH AFRICA: Incredible First Safari With Limcroma Safaris

    Outstanding hunt and videography, I really enjoyed it, congratulations to you both
  16. Brent C

    Son's first African hunt advice

    I ran into issues in 2018 taking my daughter that was 17 at the time, since both parents weren’t there with her they also needed a copy of her birth certificate and a signed approval from the other parent acknowledging that she was aware of the planned vacation, plus the passport
  17. Brent C

    Big Horn Sheep Taxidermy Mount

    Love it, looks phenomenal
  18. Brent C

    Need Bushbuck cape

    I would try to get ahold of Dennis Harris at The artistry of wildlife in Michigan, he could point you in the right direction if he doesn’t have one
  19. Brent C

    Your avatar and user name

    My avatar is my Utah mountain lion, user name is simply my first name and last initial
  20. Brent C

    Hello, World

    I was 42 for my first trip to Africa, and Im going back this May, at 44
  21. Brent C

    Howdy from Salt Lake Utah...

    Welcome, fellow Utahn
  22. Brent C

    Castle Lite

    I’ve read somewhere that you can purchase castle lite in Florida
  23. Brent C

    Lesser talked about trophies- recommendations?

    Maybe look into, Oribi, blue duiker, Vaal Rhebuck, Klipspringer, mountain Rheedbuck, aardwolf and African porcupine are very beautiful as well, I enjoy hunting the vervet monkey as well
  24. Brent C

    SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With De Beer Safaris?

    If you would like to see pictures and read about the hunt you can look at my past posts, and if you have any more questions about anything feel free to ask, you won’t regret it I guarantee Willem is top notch
  25. Brent C

    SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With De Beer Safaris?

    I hunted with Willem, June 2018, my first trip to Africa, and not my last,I already planned my 2020 hunt with him before I finished my 2018 hunt , amazing hunt couldn’t have asked for a better experience and PH , you will not go wrong booking with De Beers Safari
  26. Brent C

    First Timer African Safari Common Mistakes To Avoid

    Agreed, that was the problem I had, I needed to practice more shooting off of sticks, seems simple, but it was different than what I was used to, I wasn’t consistently accurate with sticks
  27. Brent C

    Good Morning from Wyoming

    Welcome, look into Willem de beers safari, in the eastern cape, I went with him on my first safari a year ago and it was an experience of a lifetime, he will help you with everything you want and need, I am going back June 2020
  28. Brent C

    Drillbit's Trophy Room Build

    Stunning, I’m in the process of building my room as well [emoji106]
  29. Brent C

    Free Book Giveaway The Hunting Game by Kevin Thomas

    “The Hunting Game”
  30. Brent C

    Free Book Giveaway There's Something About Buffalo by Kevin Thomas

    “There’s something about Buffalo ” thank you for the opportunity
  31. Brent C

    Trophy Room Construction Completed

    Never mind my question , I see the picture by the tusks, outstanding display
  32. Brent C

    Trophy Room Construction Completed

    The reason I ask if there replica tusks, is I’m looking to put some in my trophy room, thanks and the room looks spectacular
  33. Brent C

    Trophy Room Construction Completed

    Looks great! Congratulations, Are the elephant tusks replicas?
  34. South Africa Hunting Springbok

    South Africa Hunting Springbok

  35. Hunt Springbok in South Africa

    Hunt Springbok in South Africa

  36. Warthog Hunting South Africa

    Warthog Hunting South Africa

  37. South Africa Hunt Vervet Monkey

    South Africa Hunt Vervet Monkey

  38. Vervet Monkey Hunting in South Africa

    Vervet Monkey Hunting in South Africa

  39. South Africa Trophy Hunt

    South Africa Trophy Hunt

  40. Hunting Lodge South Africa

    Hunting Lodge South Africa

  41. Hunting Lodge in South Africa

    Hunting Lodge in South Africa