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    Free Hunt from Spiral Horn Safaris for 2011

    Africa with slugs I went to Africa last May on my first safari with Rem 870 and Accutip slugs. It was wonderful and successful. I think the gray ghost was the most special. I can't wait to do ot again, and with a slug gun.
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    Free Hunt from Spiral Horn Safaris for 2011

    First Africa animal and with shotgun and slugs, that's how we midwestern boys do it in the USA.
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    Slugs for Bear

    You slug gun combo is enough to whack any bear. As with any other gun/ ammo combo, a different variety of loads need to be tried to see your gun likes. As a midwest boy raised with a 12 ga. it was the only choice we had to hunt deer. But guns and slugs have improved so much over the years,that I...
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    Recovering slugs what can we learn.

    re-marc I used the 2 3/4 they seemed to be accurate in my setup and were easy to find. I was sigthed dead on at 125, which made me about 3" low at 175, about my max range. The only problem I had on my trip was a side mount scope bracket that I had never taken off for years. But I had to for the...
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    Recovering slugs what can we learn.

    Everthing, they are the CSI of your harvest. While testing the Remington Accutip in Africa recently, I was lucky enough to recover 4 out 6 slugs. The weight retention was as advertised and slugs held up flawless. With 2 slug expanding to over an inch. The springbok and duiker were pass thrus...
  6. Shotgun Springbok

    Shotgun Springbok

    Remington 870 and Accutip Slugs @ 142yards
  7. Mountain Bush Pig

    Mountain Bush Pig

    Kouga Wilderness South Africa/Eastern Cape
  8. Shotgun Blesbok

    Shotgun Blesbok

  9. Shotgun Impala

    Shotgun Impala

    Remington 870 and Accutip Slugs
  10. Eastarn Cape Kudu

    Eastarn Cape Kudu

    Remington 870 and Acuutip Slugs
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    Accutip sabots in Africa

    I rate AccuTip Slug the best I too am from the Midwest and used to using a slug gun, that is why I took it to Africa. I had been Remington's core-lokt slug with good success. But the look of the Accutip made me give it a try. Right off the bat I was shooting 1" groups at 50yds and 2 1/2' groups...
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    Hunting Bushpig

    Kouga Wilderness I just did a bush pig hunt in the Kouga wilderness area in SA. Although it should have been call mountian bush pig. For they ran thru the mountions like a goat and ravaged the orange and apricot grove. As a hunter I was glad to help, but had no idea what I was getting into. It...
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    Accutip sabots in Africa

    I have just returned from my first African trip for plains game. Nothing new, except I took my trusty Remington 870 with Remington's new Accutip sabot slug. My PH had no experience with slug or slug hunters, but was willing to try. And try we did. Now 200yds is about to outside range of this...
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    Hello from Indiana/USA

    I just found this site and love it. I will be leaving on May 1 for my first African trip. I will hunting with Thorndale Safaris out Port Elizibeth. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I'm sure it will be a lifetime experience.