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    Hyena hunting

    Where is "this' Hyena on bait? KZN??? I might have a hunter for you
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    Hunt Trade Swop

    If somebody in NZ would be interested in trading a hunt with me, I am looking for Tahr and Chamios.Looking at 2013.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: Stick & String Safaris - Mtubatuba

    Good job, and the Ph is "Jabu?" typo mabe? just want to make sure if I call:think:
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    Need dip-n-pack recommendations in KwaZulu Natal area

    I am from the area,(Zululand) in fact I have 2 Taxidermist within 10km of my lodge and I choose to send my stuff 7hr drive away for that very same reason, taking way too long to ship.My suggestion would be to stop looking for somebody around KZN, but it could just be me........
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    Looking for Sharpes Grysbuck

    I am looking for anybody that could help with locating a outfit|property that offer Sharpes Grysbuck, thanks
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    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: Back From My First Trip

    Thank you Kip for your kind words, you were a 'model' client and we all enjoyed your company.Until next time..........
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    Red Duiker with Longbow- 1st for us.......

    Here is the other animals Kip got on his 5 day hunt.He had good shot oppertunities every day and in general the waterholes were very active for this time of the year.
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    Red Duiker with Longbow- 1st for us.......

    Kipp Newton came out last week to try for Impala,Nyala ect with his Longbow. Little did we know that we would take this 'little' guy on the last day.If opportunity knocks...........truly great hunt with a big reward. My hat's off to Kipp, you made the shot count!
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    First Archery African Hunt

    You can't beat Slick Trick and that includes the price.They are sharp,simple and holds well.I don't like the 'Magnum", it does tend to be 'hard' to tune with faster bows, but if you stay under 300fps you should be ok.Enjoy the hunt.
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    Bowhunt in SA in August. . . A Few Questions/Concerns

    Maybe it would have been easier just to book with a Bowhunting ONLY Outfit, seeing that that you are a 'die hard' bow hunter.I, personaly, will never book\buy a bowhunt from a majority rifle hunting camp\farm\outfitter.
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    Comment by 'lammie' in media 'Number One SCI Nyala'

    no information on the animal
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    Affordable hunts with Daretobowhunt- 2012 Package

    As been for the past seasons, we again offer 'affordable' Bow Hunts.We are a Bow ONLY Outfit: Hunt & Taxidermist Package: $2490 1 Impala + shoulder mount 1 Impala + flat skin tanned 1 Warthog + shouldermount 1 Warthog + skull mount 4 day hunt (5 nights) Terms and Conditions: The...
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    WANTED: 2012 Bowhunting package

    Bow hunt Packages I think we have what you are looking for, one price that cover you from the moment you step off the plane till you get back on.I have sent you a PM.Best
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    Affordable hunts with Daretobowhunt- 2012 Packages

    AH-WARNING Our all round "affordable" hunts are back for the 2012 season:Please visit our website for great deals.
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    Bowhunt offer from Daretobowhunt.......

    Nico, I have tied your pig to a tree,with a strong chain, like the one I use for the monkeys:;) Jack, its good seeing you on the site, I had a blast hunting with you!
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    Bowhunt offer from Daretobowhunt.......

    This is a combined offer from Daretobowhunt and Marakalalo Taxidermy, the hunt: 5 Day Bowhunt for $3100 including: 1 Impala 1 Blesbuck 1 Warthog AND Shoulder mounts of all three trophies!! including crating,permits and documentation! All lodging,food,drinks, full service, trasportation to...
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    Fences and Lions

    It's simple... Finally somebody that talk sense,well done Sir, hats off to you.
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    Bow hunt Giveaway - Dare to Bowhunt

    This hunt was donated early in 2009 and the current hunter is unable to come due to medical reasons. He bought this hunt on auction for $600 and wishes to recover that amount from the new hunter. This hunt only applies for first time hunters to South Africa and we are just trying to help so that...
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    Bowhunting Farms in the Kalahari

    The farms I use charge in US $,it is a bit on the high side for local hunters,not that I say you cant afford it,I am sure you will find what you are looking for in one of our local magazines.
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    Bowhunting Farms in the Kalahari

    Dox, the Kalahari have some very good hunting areas if not the best. Hot and dry conditions is what we are looking for, that is ideal for a bowhunt. We offer great hunts in that area with very good success!
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    Best Broadhead???

    Best broadhead? I don't feel there is a "best" head,but sure like something that leaves a good blood trail ,and I will shoot anything that fly straight.I use to be a die hard Rocky Mt Ti 100 shooter. I have over 200 used blades that I wanted to send back to Rocky Mt factory for re-sharpening at...
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    Any traditional archers out there?

    I'm here... Tom, I took up Trad Arch last September and love it. I shoot Renegade Spirit in 28" 65lbs 64" longbow. Not up to scrach yet, but getting there
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    Bow Hunt Cancellation

    Thanks for the interest, we have filled the spot.
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    Judging Gemsbok/Oryx

    Bull horn lenght can sometimes be deceiving because of the 'mass', they might look short but will tape out good.I always trie to judge them when the head is down to drink,a good animal should have the horns about 4-6 inches over the gack in that position.I think the 'best, area is ultimately...
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    Judging Cape Buffalo

    Buff, I would personaly prefer a hard boss 35' buff over a 40' with soft boss, but yes, level with the ears is in the 35\36' range. 'Hard boss' buffs are not so plentiful in SA as it they use to be, but getting 35' will be average,39' very good and over 40' excellent. When is your hunt?
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    Bow Hunt Cancellation

    I have a bowhunt cancellation for August 9 - 20 which is the best time for bowhunting in South Africa. The area is Kalahari with animals like Gemsbuck, Kudu, Eland, Springbuck, Black Wildebeest, and many more. Client has got a $1000 deposit down, so this hunt will come with a $1000 credit to who...
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    Bad Experiences with your PH / Outfitter

    Some Outfits do 'use' animals like Gemsbok to get more money from the client if he shoots a female that is pregnant OR that have a depended young. Here is the catch: Gemsbok that are pregnant will also have a depended young(suckling), so point being, they are NEVER without one or the other!
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    What is With Trigger Happy PHs

    Trigger happy... A"trigger happy" Ph is a real 'slap in the face' to the client.I have had a Ph shoot my gold medal Red Hartebeest where it was laying dying under a tree, my arrow struck to far back, and following up the Ph was way out in front of the trackers walking in the general direction...
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    Definition of Big Game

    For the most part I believe it is the size of the animal and I will count Elephant, Hippo, Rhino, Buffalo and maybe Giraffe under big game, all have very thick skin and will take a shot very well!