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    450 Dakota Load Development

    A little while back I purchased a 450 Dakota from a fellow AH member and am finally working up loads for my first cape buffalo hunting trip which will hopefully still occur due to corona. I worked up loads with IMR 4350 and 500 grain Swift A-Frame bullets and shot 3 rounds of each from 96-104...
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    Bringing wife on safari...On the fence

    I'm planning a buff hunt next year either in Zim or Tanzania. Question is should I bring my wife? Previously I've been on a plains game safari in Zim. I was there with my father in law as he was hunting leopard. As we were both hunting I really only saw him for a couple of hours at night...
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    Possible to reangle a mounts head

    I've got a bushbuck that looks great however it needs to have the he dangled down. It would look great at 8 foot but I have it at 13 foot and it is looking straight out. Could a taxidermist fix the angle? How about an ear. They have one ear angled back but I would like it to be forward. Thanks!
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    Shipping and Import from South Africa

    First timer and looking for some input. My trophies are done and crated and waiting to be shipped out from South Africa. The shipping folks gave me a quote of $1,100 by Ocean which would go to New York and $1,600 by air which would go to Houston where I live so no additional freight charge...
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    Cleaning oil off horns Aoudad

    I shot a beautiful aoudad with horns measuring 34.5 and 32.4 inches. The cape was in bad shape because the animal was very old so I decided on a European mount. My father in law took it to a local guy that has done tons of deer for us and I assumed he knew what he was doing. Best I can tell...
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    Vaccines: What do I need or should I get Zimbabwe through South Africa

    Live in the US/Texas and am going to Zim through South Africa (spending the night). I haven't gotten any vaccines except the flu shot in years. Talked to my primary care doctor and they can do Tetnus and Hep A for an office visit. For Yellow fever I need to go to a either a specialist...
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    Form 4457 no longer sufficent to export firemarms

    Hi all, I'm a brand new memember preparing for my safari in Zim in two months! I got an e-mail from SCI where they say the form 4457 is no longer sufficent and there is a new process just now being enforced even though it went into effect in 2012. New process is below. Should I still do...