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  1. MJ75

    SOUTH AFRICA: Tsolwana Game Reserve

    A long shot I know, but has anyone on here ever hunted in Tsolwana in the Eastern Cape?
  2. MJ75

    UK hunters considering North America

    I appreciate that there is a very similar thread running at the moment, but I'm also considering hunting the US or Canada and wanted to personalise the thread a little more and not take the other thread off track as it would not be fair to the OP. But I'm also from the UK and would like to hunt...
  3. MJ75

    South African temporary export permit

    All I'm being told that RSA now requires a temporary export permit when you take your own firearms into the country. Has anyone experienced this recently? Thanks MJ
  4. MJ75

    Easiest and hardest species to hunt?

    So, three weeks today I'll have arrived in the Eastern Cape with friends and we;ll be hunting. Needless to say I'm sat here in the UK with just one thing on my mind. I've been reading this site and others, watching Youtube videos, reading hunting related books and generally wishing my life away...
  5. MJ75

    Cape Grysbok hunt

    Has anyone ever hunted a Cape Grysbok? I see them listed on the websites of many outfitters, but never see pictures of them. I assume the higher costs deter people? Or are they just hard species to hunt?
  6. MJ75

    NAMIBIA: Kalahari Hunting Safaris Has anyone used Kalahari Hunting Safaris? My friends and I are wanting to hunt Namibia next year and I quite like the look of this outfitter. If anyone who has actually hunted with them themselves could provide feedback either on the public forum or via PM I would...
  7. MJ75

    What calibre for Cape Eland

    As the title says, what calibre and ammo combination would you recommend for Cape Eland bulls? Would a .30-06 with 220 grain ammo be enough when shooting at distance? Thanks in advance.
  8. MJ75

    NAMIBIA: Did Someone Go Hunting With Kalahari Hunting Safaris?

    Have any AH members used this outfit :- If so, how did your rate the company. Thanks in advance.
  9. MJ75

    Hunting Scandanavian Moose

    Do any forum members know of any reputable outfits offering moose hunting in either Finland or Sweden? I had been considering one company, but after reading about the quite unbelievablely poor quality of their hunts on another forum ahve chosen to look for someone else. Thanks in advance MJ
  10. MJ75

    Going stir crazy....

    OK, so my next hunt is booked with friends in june next year. I have eight months to wait, that feels far too long away. I'm reading several internet hunting forums, I'm watching videos on youtube. I've even thought about ordering the Capstick books I've not yet read, and I'm constantly thinking...
  11. MJ75

    Fair Chase hunts in South Africa

    Does anyone know of any outfitters who offer fair chase hunts in South Africa in unfenced areas? I've seen these mentioned on other forums, but trying to find any information about them is proving to be very hard. Has anyone any experience of such areas? Thanks in advance MJ
  12. MJ75

    SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With Settlers Safaris?

    Posting on behalf of a friend. Does anyone have any experience of this South African outfit, Settlers Safaris? He's considering a hunt with them Feedback either on here or by PM would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance MJ
  13. MJ75

    Hyena hunting

    I'm just starting to plan my next hunt in RSA ans I'm thinking of hunting a hyena. Have any of you guys hunted hyena before? If so, how did your hunt go? It's the spotted hyena I'm wanting to hunt. Pictures would be appreciated.
  14. MJ75

    The easiest and most difficult species of plains game

    Out of all of the species of plains game you have hunted, what would you say was the easiest? What was the most difficult. I'd be very interested to see if people could put them in some kind of order such as :- 1) Kudu (most difficult) 2) Black wildebeest 3) Springbok 4) Blesbok etc...