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  1. luger6

    Freak Bushbuck

    Looked perfectly normal and there was nothing wrong with the meat either. I had two PH's with me on my second day in Botswana and we were not looking for Bushbuck when we saw this one at the river bank. He stood with the rear end to us and we did not see the right side of the head. I was not...
  2. luger6

    Freak Bushbuck

    Some more info.;art71,340109...
  3. luger6

    Freak Bushbuck

    Nothing wrong with his legs except that a cal 416 passed through his shoulders.
  4. luger6

    Freak Bushbuck

    I shot him last week on an island in the Limpopo River from the Botswana side. His horns was just under 17 inches and he was in good condition. I did not take home the trophy to sweden as it is quite unique, it is still on the farm were it belongs.
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    I booked a hippo culling hunt in february and everything looked peachy. On week before i was leaving (31/5) i got the word, hunt i cancelled. Anybody knows anything more? Is the cullingprojekt on hold again?
  6. luger6

    9.3x64mm Brenneke

    I had the good fortune to by a rebuild Husquarna 146 from 1940 ( original cal 9,3-57) some ten years ago. At the time Husquarna used FN 98 actions. It has served me well on too trips to Namibia and one tripp to south Afrika. I use Barnes TSX 250gr.
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