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  1. providerrick

    Howard Hill Worlds Greatest Archer?

    I just saw this on a local hunting site I belong to. I'd give him my vote! Pulling 100+ lb. longbows, WOW! Check this out............................... The Legend's Story of Howard Hill HOWARD HILL ACHIEVEMENTS Howard Hill devoted a lifetime to the promotion of archery, and is still...
  2. providerrick

    USA: BOWHUNT: Jordanne's First Deer

    This season has been a lot of work for my daughter Jordanne and myself.She has hunted and fished with me since she was 4 yrs. old.Last year was her first as a licensed hunter and she tried some pushes with me but we saw and didn't get a deer.This year she took the bow course and bought a bow...
  3. providerrick

    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: My First Safari Warthog Safaris

    Well,I have to say I am now under the spell of hunting in Africa.It all started in February of this year.I turned 50,and my family gave me a hunt of my choice for a gift(of course there was a $ limit).I wanted to go for Moose in the Yukon,and I really wanted to use my bow.I did research and...
  4. providerrick

    New member, bowhunter, Africa hunter soon.

    Hello,My name is Rick.I'm from Connecticut,U.S.A and I found this site while researching a Bowhunt to Africa.There are so many choices,but I'm pretty sure I'll do a Plains game,10 day,5 or 7 animal hunt to S.A. I really wanted to go for Buffalo but that seems like one of the pinnacles,not a...