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  1. Jeffrey Masters

    Namibia adventure!

    I am plannig an adventure in Namibia with my non hunting wife. I am talking to a sponsoring member of AH about this hunt, but I would like to solicit any and all Namibian outfitters to respond to my request. I am looking for a plains game safari, with empasis on Kudu. I would also consider a...
  2. Jeffrey Masters

    SOUTH AFRICA: Safari Of A Lifetime... Make That The First Safari Of A Lifetime

    I am just back from a 10 day hunting trip in the Limpopo, with Kuche Safaris. I could not have been any happier with the entire experience. My brother Kevin accompanied me on the trip, and he too had a blast. We booked with Koos at Kuche after much research, much reading, a lot of time on AH...
  3. Jeffrey Masters

    Hunting around the full moon and travel agents

    We are trying to nail down some dates for our 2018 hunt in Limpopo. Optimum time for us, considering our work schedules would be the first week in May I have heard that it is advisable to hunt during a new moon and not during a full moon. Does anyone have any experiences that would help make my...
  4. Jeffrey Masters

    Best weeks to hunt Limpopo in the Spring?

    Planning a trip to South Africa next year. We have chosen our guide, and are now trying to decide on dates. My work requires me to be home no later than the 10th of May. Any suggestions on dates to look at? The guide suggested last week in May, but since that isn't possible, would last of...
  5. Jeffrey Masters

    SOUTH AFRICA: Can Anyone Tell Me About Hunting With Kuche Safaris & Molopo Kalahari Safaris?

    My brother and I are planning a plains game hunt to South Africa, or Namibia, for spring or fall of 2018. We have both spent countless hours online, researching different Outfitters, and we just spent a weekend in Harrisburg, talking to every African outfitter there. There were a few that stood...