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  1. Anbessa Gedai

    Shipment of Hunting Trophies by Sea

    During a discussion with a shipping agent/freight forwarder in Namibia this past week, he reported that he had just learned that sea/surface shipping lines have announced that they will no longer handle shipments of hunting trophies. Much like several major international air carriers have...
  2. Anbessa Gedai


    My first African trophy was a Lesser Kudu bull hunted in the Awash Desert in eastern Ethiopia in 1986. Unfortunately I entrusted a number of trophies to the government owned "Taxidermy Cooperative" for safe-keeping and the Lesser Kudu cape skin was rendered un-mountable by insect damage. I...
  3. Anbessa Gedai

    No shortage of Hyenas In Ethiopia

    No shortage of Hyenas in Ethiopia! Ethiopia is hyena heaven. Addis Ababa holds the distinction of being one of the very few, and perhaps the only capital city in the world to have hyenas roaming the streets at night scavenging the discarded skulls of freshly "home-slaughtered" sheep and goats...
  4. Anbessa Gedai

    Zimbabwe PH contacts?

    With all the communications difficulties and chaos in Zimbabwe in recent years I've fallen out of touch with some old hunting mates in Zimbabwe . . . and can't seem to be able to track them down. /1/ BEN KOTZE - formerly of Karoi and /2/ JOHAN CARINUS, formerly of Mhangura - Doma Emails...