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  1. James Adamson

    Great couple of days sport

    Had a great couple of days sport after being on shift for 3 weeks. The dog was delighted to be out getting some action too.
  2. James Adamson

    Goose with an 8 bore

    I had the privilege of shooting a goose with a Tolley double 8 the other morning. A good friend of mine has a fantastic collection of big bore shotguns, mostly Tolleys. I only bagged a single goose but it's always great getting out with an old fowling piece.
  3. James Adamson

    Boys new gun

    I bought a s/h bettinsoli over and under for my eldest to use now that he is big enough. We went out for a nightflight the other night and we didn't have to wait long before a small bunch of geese came in. He didn't need telling twice, up the gun went and his first shot brought down a pinkfoot...
  4. James Adamson

    Opening day

    Had a fantastic morning flight and night flight on opening day of the fowling season. Bagged 3 geese this morning and the dog did great but the night flight was made even better as I was joined by my eldest and his cousin and they both managed to bag their first geese. Very proud of them both...
  5. James Adamson

    Cause of case head separation

    After 3 firings I noticed the signs of case head separation. A bright shiny ring just above the case head, couldn't feel anything with a bent paper clip so I opened one up and could just make out the faintest ring on the inside too. What causes head separation other than excessive head space? I...
  6. James Adamson

    Cleaner brass

    Just been cleaning up some more brass in my new rotary tumbler. I wish I had changed to this system before now. 1 hour in stainless steel pins, hot water, a squirt of washing up liquid and half a teaspoon of citric acid and hey presto beautiful shiny clean brass inside and out. It's cheaper than...
  7. James Adamson

    End of the fowling season for me

    Friday was the last day of the wildfowling season for me here in Shetland so it was good to end up with a few birds to pluck.
  8. James Adamson

    Choice of caliber

    I have my firearms license coming up for renewal in April and I am thinking about applying for another caliber. After our trip to Namibia last year, all I can think about is planning the next trip and what to bring. I have been thinking about a applying for a .338 win mag. I think a .338 win mag...
  9. James Adamson

    First season for my labrador

    Just thought I would share some photos of Tildas first season so far. She has been such a pleasure to train through the summer and a pleasure to have with me wildfowling so far this winter. She really has done well considering I got her a year ago and she was 7 months old when I got her. (hope...
  10. James Adamson

    Hello from Shetland

    Hi. My name is James. I am from Shetland, a tiny island in the North Sea. After being in Namibia for a month last July/August with friends I am more fascinated with Africa than ever before and cannot wait to return. No easy task coming from Shetland. Here at home I enjoy shooting as much as I...