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    Why are Weatherby guns in 375+ calibers not liked on a Safari?

    Hello. My friend did return from a SA Safari and told me that the PH in the camp told him that they did not like Weatherby guns for dangerous game. They do not work good. Really? Is that so? I have two MkV in 300 and one in 340, they work great. Has these something to do with the recoil level...
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    6.5*54 MS anyone who use it?

    Hello. I have a Stutzen Mannlicher in 6.5*54 MS. A great caliber in my mind. Have used it on game from Roedeer, Gams, wildboar and more. But, does it have a place on a Safari? Will it be underpowered on a Kudu?
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    Plains game, where, who?

    Hello and good day all. I am new here and seek some help. Have been, to South Africa, on one plains game Safari. That was, not a good trip at all. It is my fault, did not do the checking of references and the outfitter good enough. Now I know. What I am seeking is a Safari done with...
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    Hello from Norway

    Hello all. First time member, have been hiding int he bush for a time, but now it is about time to be a member and find out/learn more about where and who to go with on my next Safari.