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  1. Lenny13

    Texas Can’t Quit The Aoudad

    Thanks for sharing.
  2. Lenny13

    Texas free range Aoudad hunt!!! Finally!!!!

    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Lenny13

    Hunting, 4th Time Around

    What an experience! Thank you for taking the time to share.
  4. Lenny13

    Finally, Arrival from the East Cape

    Thanks Ryan. Nyala, bushpig and other various PG would be on the trip as well as a trip to Addo. Appreciate the report.
  5. Lenny13

    Finally, Arrival from the East Cape

    Thanks for sharing! Did you get either of your kudu from KMG and any chance you'll be writing a hunting report on your experience? A trip to the east cape is definitely on my five year plan.
  6. Lenny13

    Any recommendations for hunting outfitters in Namibia?

    Hi Deputy Dog, I had a great experience with Kalahari Safari for plains game. Janneman and his family will take care of you. Feel free to message me with any questions. I have no doubt you'll find a Namibian outfitter will all the resources on here. The website for kalahari safari is...
  7. Lenny13

    One year from now, what will things look like

    Welp, I got 9. Quarantine it is...
  8. Lenny13

    My Leopard taxidermy home!

    Wow, congratulations!
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    Sharing my daughter's success

    Well done! Best of luck on your upcoming trip.
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    HI, I was trying to find previous hunt reports on Zambia and came across your post from a year...

    HI, I was trying to find previous hunt reports on Zambia and came across your post from a year ago. Did you ever end up going and if so, what outfitter did you end up going with? We have a group of 3-5 guys looking at going to Zambia for buff and plainsgame. Any insight that you could offer...
  11. Lenny13

    NAMIBIA: Into The Caprivi... Kowas Hunting Safaris

    That is the beautiful thing about buffalo hunting, you decide what a trophy is. Thanks again for sharing.
  12. Lenny13

    NAMIBIA: Into The Caprivi... Kowas Hunting Safaris

    This is great. Thank you for taking the time to put all of this together. I am seriously thinking about trying to go on a buffalo hunt in the next five years and the caprivi is at the top of the list. When January comes around I will have to stop by Kowas booth at the DSC and get some more...
  13. Lenny13

    My son drew a New Mexico Oryx tag - now what?

    Congrats! What an experience. So glad that the AH members were able to help out. I personally have learned a lot being on here and reading the insights of other members.
  14. Lenny13

    ZAMBIA: Balla-Balla Safaris & Zambia Shine Again

    Wow, what a trip. The lechwe in Zambia is definitely on my bucket list. Thank you for sharing!
  15. Lenny13

    NAMIBIA: Has Anyone Hunted With Getaway Kalahari Safari?

    Hi BobT, I hunted with Getaway Kalahari Safari this past August and had a fantastic time. Janneman and Aldalene go above and beyond to try to personalize your experience. This was not an easy hunt by any means. You will have to earn your trophy, which makes the experience that much better in...
  16. Lenny13

    WIN a FREE Sable Bull Hunt with Observer from Liam Urry Safaris for 2019/2020

    Congratulations! Now I have no excuse to go to Africa anytime soon. You've made my wife very happy. Thanks to Liam Urry for the opportunity!
  17. Lenny13 Big Game Knife Giveaway with Random Drawing

    Enter me. Thank you for the opportunity.
  18. Lenny13

    Free Hunt for One Hunter & One Observer from Arc Africa Hunting Safaris for 2015

    Snow geese hunting in Lubbock, TX Getting sized up Sunbathing How would you like to have these guys as pets?
  19. Lenny13

    Free Hunt for One Hunter & One Observer from Arc Africa Hunting Safaris for 2015

    This was from Safari to S.A. in the summer of 2012. I took this picture with my iphone at Pilanesberg. He was missing a tail. Not sure what happened, but if this doesn't say Africa I don't know what does.
  20. Lenny13

    NEW ZEALAND: My New Zealand Hunt

    This is incredible! Thank you for sharing. It looks like beautiful country and a couple of fantastic trophies!
  21. Lenny13

    Cat But Not An African Cat…

    Nice big cat!
  22. Lenny13

    The Darwin Thinking Baboon

    You guys are awesome. I love the creativity. One day I look forward to sending something your way to see what you can do with it!
  23. Lenny13


    One day I look forward to being able to jump all over deals like this!
  24. Lenny13

    Leopard In The Branches Taxidermy

    This is incredible!
  25. Lenny13

    Lion Taxidermy Pictures

    That's incredible! Nothing beats a well done big cat.
  26. Lenny13

    ZIMBABWE: Zimbabwe Leopard

    What a cat! I love stories like that!
  27. Lenny13

    Leopard & Baboons Scene

    This is fantastic! I love when people get creative with their animals!
  28. Lenny13

    Kalahari hunting 2014 with Henry griffiths safaris

    These pictures are awesome! Thanks for posting throughout your hunting season!
  29. Lenny13

    Glad to be here

    Appreciate the warm welcome. Here are a couple more pictures. They are of my bushbuck and my small, but hopefully growing trophy room. I have been to the Limpopo region of RSA near the town of Thabizimbi...The outfitter there is named Riaan Raas.. We started going with a family friend who had...
  30. Lenny13

    Glad to be here

    Hi, I'm coming to you from Dallas, TX. This is a site I have used in the past for anything from shot placement to where people suggest going for specific types of game. I love hunting and have been fortunate enough to go to S.A. twice since 2010. Now I am just saving my pennies to go back...