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  1. DaveL

    Red dot options for CZ 550 in .458 Lott

    Another question here guys... I have a Burris Fast Fire 3 that I want to mount on my CZ 550 in .458 Lott. The CZ's do not have picatinny's so make the mounting of reflex sights, particularly Trijicons and Fast Fire's, a bit difficult. Has anyone gone this route and can offer me some advice...
  2. DaveL

    How are the new Sabatti's in .470 and .500?

    Hi Chaps I had a look at some lovely looking Sabatti's in 470 and 500 at the shows recently. They were going for $5800-$6000. I've heard mixed reports on these Italian guns so would like some more opinions from our valued members? As a practising PH, it looks like that cost is in my price range...
  3. DaveL

    Bullet performance in Niassa

    Hi Guys I've just done a safari in Niassa where my client took 2 wonderful old buff (with his 500 double) and a very nice leopard. He shot the cat with a 300 grain RWS cone point in .375. The shot whistled through as you might expect, and I recovered what was left of the bullet in the tree...
  4. DaveL

    Judging Leopard Spoor

    A few days ago I was walking with my wife in the safari area that I hunt when we heard the vervet monkeys going crazy. My immediate reaction was that there was a predator on the prowl, and seeing that we were on the fringe of some riverine, I guessed it would most likely be leopard. We crept no...