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  1. Bullthrower338

    Recommendations on 20 gauge over under

    Browning white lightning lightweight is growing on me. Been shooting a lot of skeet with it lately. Nice little gun that may end up as my grouse gun this year.
  2. Bullthrower338

    Raven Rocks Christmas In July Sale - Incredible Deals // Making Room For What's Coming In August

    Wade, if you get in a bind I’ve got more than I’ll ever need and part with some to help you out if they aren’t planning on getting any.
  3. Bullthrower338

    RIP—A tribute to a great man

    Condolences @RR 314 truly a miserable day when you lose your father! Prayers for you and your family
  4. Bullthrower338

    Arsenal add on

    Not to derail the thread but…Who built that rifle?
  5. Bullthrower338

    Hornady CX Bullets

    I’ve been using the 185 GMX in 338 RCM with great results, bought a bunch of the 185 CX bullets a while back but haven’t loaded any. I’m expecting the same performance which is excellent imo.
  6. Bullthrower338


    Great report Mark, happy birthday my friend!
  7. Bullthrower338

    Australias feral cats are evolving at a rapid rate

    Manny, I’m in, when we going? Pussy Posse ‘24 A couple bottles of that shit rum and some vegimite, we would be unstoppable!
  8. Bullthrower338

    on a lighter note...

    PTSD flashback Columbus, GA!
  9. Bullthrower338

    I'm finally retired - Another Chapter Closes

    Congratulations Brother!
  10. Bullthrower338

    What Brass Are You Hunting For?

    You guys came through on the impossible to get 338-378 Wby at an awesome price! Keep up the good work! 9.3x64 and 22 Hornet would be sweet!
  11. Bullthrower338

    In memoriam - Mark Hampton of GSCO & SCI RIP

    @tarbe and I had a nice visit with him at the Joburg airport, seemed like a great guy and a great writer. RIP Mark.
  12. Bullthrower338

    .256 Remington Magnum Ammo

    Hi Wyatt, Ruger Hawkeye, Blackhawk frame with a rotating breach block. Marlin also chambered a lever gun in the 256, model 62 Levermatic. Thompson Center also chambered it in a contender barrel.
  13. Bullthrower338

    .256 Remington Magnum Ammo

    PM coming
  14. Bullthrower338


    I’ve done a lot of things on my bucket list, except sheep and I’ve almost given up on getting a tag! Instead of taking a couple hunts that I really wanted to do, I spent the money taking my dad on three trips he dreamed of doing, he died before I got to take him to New Zealand. I do not regret...
  15. Bullthrower338

    Semi-Autos and Public Ranges

    So, I just wanted to check a couple loads out and went over to the gravel pit by the house. This is what I found! Unbelievable! I left with this after an hour! Wonder why people don’t like shooters on their land
  16. Bullthrower338

    Ruger 35 Whelen Range Report

    I can’t believe @Bob Nelson 35Whelen has not come along yet! Candy Man, Candy Man, Candy Man!
  17. Bullthrower338

    Dave Talley--Rest In Peace

    God bless him for all he has done! RIP Dave!
  18. Bullthrower338

    We are taking my Dad on his FIRST African Safari!!!

    Glad you were there Bob, he had the time of his life. It truly is one of my favorite memories!
  19. Bullthrower338

    SXS shot gun am I wanting something that doesnt exist

    Call August Crocker Fine Guns in Austin, TX
  20. Bullthrower338

    Semi-Autos and Public Ranges

    Well Phil, you are a better man than me, he would have had a hard time removing that AR after I inserted in mag deep in his ass! I don’t use a public range much these days and when I do it is for clays or pistol shooting. But when I have brought an AR to a range it always has a brass catcher...
  21. Bullthrower338

    Swaro EL Range 8x42 Binos Like New

    Let me know if the deal falls through, that’s what you get for paying attention to work instead of AH!
  22. Bullthrower338

    Daniel Defense Being Sued

    Ding. Ding Ding, the answer is this!
  23. Bullthrower338

    Got my first elk hunt this year - Help me pick a cartridge

    338, but does that surprise anyone?
  24. Bullthrower338

    Benelli Lupo BE.S.T Walnut 300 Win Mag With Leupold VX5 HD CDS 3-15x44

    Interesting looking rifle, I’d like to shoot one, congrats on the sale
  25. Bullthrower338

    Benelli Lupo BE.S.T Walnut 300 Win Mag With Leupold VX5 HD CDS 3-15x44

    How could this be remotely anywhere near topic? I doubt anyone has ever been armed with a M4 and black magic shells against a charging lion below 25 meters! Let alone a guy from Chattanooga, TN! WTF!
  26. Bullthrower338

    Pay It Forward-Free

    Can’t argue with a man buying 338’s!
  27. Bullthrower338

    Pay It Forward-Free

    Seems like a great excuse to buy a 7x57 to me @jduckhunter
  28. Bullthrower338

    Memorial Day

    To fallen comrades! Always remember!
  29. Bullthrower338

    Prayers for Mike

    Praying for a fast recovery brother!
  30. Bullthrower338

    Show your Sharps!

    Exactly, I believe the ‘75 never actually made it to production, if it did it was a very short lived one as there are not many originals accounted for from what I have read. I do love the clean lines of them though.
  31. Bullthrower338

    My .243 story so far...

    My oldest son’s first elk at 10 years old taken with a 243 Model 7 Remington. Don’t remember what bullet was used, either a partition or an interlock Hornady. She only went a short distance. Less gun than I prefer for shooting elk but it did the job perfectly with a pass through. Very nice...
  32. Bullthrower338

    Show your Sharps!

    C. sharps 1875 action, Axtell sights, Badger Barrel. Work done by John King up here in Montana. Chambered in 40-65 Winchester. I didn’t have this rifle built but I fell in lust with it and bought it from a fine gentleman in Wyoming a few months ago. I also have a C. Sharps built 45/70 1874...
  33. Bullthrower338

    Open Box Swarovski Z5 3.5-18x44 P BT Plex As New

    English composition anyone? Perhaps a spelling bee to settle this quarrel?
  34. Bullthrower338

    Some not so common Handguns

    I’ve found a lot of information about the model, what I’d love to know is the story the gun could tell. It is a neat little gun but not in any shape to be any interest to anyone besides as a curio
  35. Bullthrower338

    Best balls

    And I thought this thread was going to be a competition! I’m with Red Leg!
  36. Bullthrower338

    Some not so common Handguns

    Sorry for the bad picture but it is what I had on my phone. This is Clark Custom 6” Long slide built by Jim Clark Sr. Very accurate 1911. This was built back I believe in the 60’s when Jim welded the slides together. It is the only one I have personally seen. Came with a set of wooden...
  37. Bullthrower338

    Some not so common Handguns

    Bought this at an auction, primarily because it would look cool amongst all the gun paraphernalia in a curio cabinet and partly because it was a pistol that a friends great grandfather had given him as a gift when he was a young boy. He had no attachment to it but I wanted to be able to pass it...
  38. Bullthrower338

    Some not so common Handguns

    Ruger Hawkeye Single Shot, 256 Win Mag only made 1963-64. Around 3075 or so produced, many got molested when the owners changed to a different cartridge.
  39. Bullthrower338

    Northern Lights in South Georgia. Get outside now!!

    Lolo, Montana, my brother took these, I couldn’t see them from my bar stool in Alder.
  40. Bullthrower338

    1963 Browning Superposed 2bbls Set

    Who did you have do the receiver?
  41. Bullthrower338

    9.3x64 Brenneke

    I used to get mine from Huntington but that shipped has sailed. Get up with @Glenn Slaven and see if he can persuade Quality cartridge to run a batch, I’d be a buyer of 500 or so to make up a run
  42. Bullthrower338

    Handloading Mystery

    Your expander wasn’t deep enough, adjust it further into the case mouth
  43. Bullthrower338

    SPAIN: Return To Spain

    Congratulations on a fine Roe Buck, glad you had another great trip!
  44. Bullthrower338

    For Sale Blaser R8 Professional Safari, Steel Stock Receiver

    I just really want to know how Toby keeps his counters so clean and ammo/reloading component free? Mine always had a couple cookie pans full of brass and random gun stuff everywhere, well ever since I have been single again anyway!
  45. Bullthrower338

    470 Capstick Ammo, Reloading Components & Stuff For Sale

    I’ll take the A-Square brass PM on the way
  46. Bullthrower338

    The Greatest Hunter I Ever Knew Has Passed

    Sorry Toby, he lives on through you my friend. Just thankful you had him as long as you did. His pain is over now. If there is anything I can do, please do not hesitate to call.