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  1. Bruce

    Ammunition Availability????

    South Africa, no problem. Even i sell them in my gun shop in Cape Town.. other countries not sure
  2. Bruce

    Looking for: What do you think?

    SWIFT A Frame softs by far!!! Then I use FEDERAL solids.. never tried SWIFT solids before.
  3. Bruce

    Photos/ideas of what to do with extra hides/leather

    ll certainly post fotos of the truck once finished.. busy putting gearbox and engine back now. Have not made anything else from leather skins..YET
  4. Bruce

    Photos/ideas of what to do with extra hides/leather

    My son and I are busy re- building a 1973 FORD F150. The entire cab will be fitted out with elephant , buffalo and kudu leather.. seats, door panels, roof, sun visors and of course the steering wheel ( from elephant trunk leather) My trophy room's entire floor is covered with flat skins from...
  5. Bruce

    Looking for a double rifle in South Africa

    check out GUNAFRICA website, on page 2 or 3 there is a Verney Carron 500NE in EXCELLENT condition for R180 000,00
  6. Bruce

    Courteney Boot Question

    I have a pair of the HIPPO brand Courtney boots and wish I had never spent all that money to buy them!! Way over rated and priced!! The rubber soles are hard and after a days tracking elephant, my feet want to retire for good... they also NOISY as hell when you need to be quiet. I never hunt...
  7. Bruce

    The Gaur Which Ended A Shikar Career

    VERY sad but compelling story.. very well told! Thanks for sharing. Your report on the 458 is outstanding. I truly admire my 458 Win Mag, but obviously in modern day, we get to use the best ammo available. I have had NO regrets/ issues with many buff and 3x ellies hunted with my 458.
  8. Bruce

    In memoriam - RIP simple man - Charlie Daniels

    During my very first vacation to the USA in 1980, we went into a local music bar/ restaurant where they did square dancing etc. Lo and Behold, Charlie Daniels Band was playing!!!! FANTASTIC evening and still in my memory. RIP awesome musician.....
  9. Bruce

    270 grain Barnes LRX (375 H&H) for Buffalo??

    I would not use 270g on Buffalo.. Absolute minimum is 300g and then I also only use Swift A Frame if hunting with 375H&H Magnum. Few buff Hunts end up with a charge...
  10. Bruce

    Any book recommendations

    I have most of the above mentioned books and others... All excellent reads. Of the newer characters, I highly recommend Kevin Thomas' books. He has retired and now lives in England.. Enjoy whatever you are reading!!!!
  11. Bruce

    Iron sights .375HH

    I use swing off mounts on my 458 Win Mag...i have a white foresight fitted and love shooting close range with the iron sights. I practice to 80m on the rang
  12. Bruce

    Crocodile Stomach Stones

    I kept the stones from my croc hunted in Tanzania... Legend has it that you COULD be lucky and find a diamond or other precious stone amongst them.. Unfortunately, mine did not.
  13. Bruce

    Is The .375 H&H Strong Enough

    375 H&H Magnum.. Yes, it is enough gun. With the use of the BEST PREMIUM bullets, even better!! I have shot many buffalo, but only one ellie, with my 375's..when I decided to do more elephant hunting I upgraded to a 458 Win Mag again with PREMIUM ammo and have had huge success. My son shot his...
  14. Bruce

    Want To Buy CZ 550 In 7x57

    Congrats.. Very nice rifle. I have been waiting a long while for the right CZ ZKK 600 to come up in 30-06 came into my shop yesterday, pristine condition. Added to my current CZ stable, pending license approval.
  15. Bruce

    Question: Kilombero v. Selous

    Absolutely... The northern blocks in Selous tend to be less productive.
  16. Bruce

    Hunting Zambia vs Tanzania

    I have hunted both. Depending on where you hunt Zambia, it can be just as wild as Tanzania. Personally, I would choose Zambia, Luangwa valley.. Munyamadzi Corridor.
  17. Bruce

    Hi from South Africa

    Welcome to another RSA hunter... I'm based in Cape Town.
  18. Bruce

    Magazine capacity of a 375

    CZ 602... NO BRAINER!!
  19. Bruce

    What Watch do you wear when you hunt?

    One that doesn't go "BEEP BEEP BEEP" when you're stalking and 25m from your ellie bull..
  20. Bruce

    What is the Perfect Plains Game rifle? and what is too much?

    For straight meat hunting, 30-06 gets my vote. I love my 300 WM as well, but far too much meat damage on shoulder shots. Now also using 6,5 Creedmore with 140g Remington Corelokt for most PG.. Eland only with 375 H&H Magnum
  21. Bruce

    How effective is the 25-06 with either of these bullets?

    My older son uses local ammo, 120g soft points and very successful on kudu, gemsbok and smaller antelope.
  22. Producing distilled spirits

    Producing distilled spirits

  23. Producing distilled spirits

    Producing distilled spirits

  24. Producing distilled spirits

    Producing distilled spirits

  25. Bruce

    Recognition ties?

    Nice bush cap with emblem embossed on it..?
  26. Bruce

    What makes a safari special?

    Nostalgia... My first hunt, age 6 yrs, with my Dad and his brother, Uncle Willie in the Gwanda area of S-W Rhodesia. My dad teaching me, telling stories of his bush Hunts and experiences, rifle handling safety. The bush war crept in far too quickly and that all ended.. For a long while! I have...
  27. Bruce

    Namibia Hunting Update

    We make a plan...
  28. Bruce

    Remington core lokt

    I use only Rem Corelokt in my 6,5 Creedmoor. 140grain. Always performed perfectly.. Shoot accurately out of the box.. I don't reload etc
  29. Bruce

    Another useless survey- which three rifles for you?

    I would go with #3. Gotta have a 375 in the bush.. DG and PG no sweat. The trusty 30-06 for PG and then the 357 carried as back up for emergency situations DG hunting .. NICE collection you have by the way!!!
  30. Bruce

    Upland Game Pants for Hunting Africa

    Rum??? Old Brown Sherry...
  31. Bruce

    Bushbuck Shoulder Taxidermy Mount

    VERY nice... Good trophy that one!!
  32. Bruce

    Is Solid bullets the way to go in a .375 ?

    Solids in 375 for elephant and smaller game.. Duiker, dik dik etc.. Rest, always premium softs up front. Eg.. I only hunt buff with 2x Swift A Frames on top, followed by premium solids.. Be this 375 or 458 Win Mag.
  33. Bruce

    Bought an original FN in 404 Jeffery

    Super rifle.. Very good find and purchase.. Wish I could get some Sent here to RSA...
  34. Bruce

    For Sale .450 Rigby CZ 550

  35. Bruce

    Hi from sunny South Africa

    Nor Cape Town today... Rain and overcast!!
  36. Bruce

    You guys are a bad WIN 375

    Congrats.. A beautiful buy. I'm sure the insides are as perfect as the outside!! WELL DONE.. never leave a " gift horse" on the gunshop rack!!!
  37. Bruce

    Zambezi calling

    At his request, my father's ashes were spread at Mana Pools, where he hunted the Valley waaay before Kariba was built!! I grew up there, more fishing than hunting as a kid, but have hunted there on my own steam as I matured... Nothing like the Valley... Especially in OCTOBER!!!
  38. Bruce

    Safari starts today

    As far as news goes lately, it is unlikely that trophy hunting will open this year... BUT govt confusion reigns and they change the rules every day....
  39. Bruce

    Hi from sunny South Africa

    Welcome to another RSA hunter.. We are growing on this site!!
  40. Bruce

    Best Looking Safari Shirt?

    :D Lovely shirt... But the leather patch is on the wrong side!!!:ROFLMAO:
  41. Bruce

    Hello from South Africa, another hunter at heart!

    Welcome to another RSA hunter.. Good to have you on board, Zach.
  42. Bruce

    Big and Tall Clothing Options

    Greens are better.. Tan or light browns reflect and are very visible to animals... Dark blue is trending now, but I have not tried it.. I just go with the green.
  43. Bruce

    Can hair be removed from a tanned skin?

    So... HAIRY belts it is..
  44. Bruce

    Do rifles have souls?

    Not sure about SOULS, but... Years ago I got a BSA SPORTSMAN. 22 Long rifle from my late uncle. He hunted and fished with my own late father.. I considered this uncle my second father. At some stage in my career I was being transferred to Chile to head up South American operations.. I couldn't...
  45. Bruce

    What are the most common calibres in Africa?

    Major centre's will stock all the ammo mentioned in posts above.. Even 9,3x62..
  46. Bruce

    Hello from Arizona

    Welcome to AH.. You will get all the info you need from here. Some awesome Hunts and trophies that you have taken!! My brother just moved to Tucson in January, so hopefully I'll get to visit him some time and MAYBE get a shot in some where...
  47. Bruce

    Hello from Botswana and South Africa

    Cape Town.. Lock down and otherwise...
  48. Bruce

    Hello from Botswana and South Africa

    Welcome.. Do you live in RSA or Botswana?