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  1. JNHall

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunting with Zirk's African Hunting Safaris - March 2013

    Sunrise. First I want to show a photo of the accommodations. Throughout the trip we stayed in 4 different lodges. The second lodge was an old house filled with antique furniture and taxidermy. The wood floors creaked and echoed with boot steps, and the chandeliers looked like they should...
  2. JNHall

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunting with Zirk's African Hunting Safaris - March 2013

    My turn! So day two started off with a hearty breakfast. The one thing we requested prior to this hunt was that breakfasts were hearty. When we were hunting in Limpopo in 2011, breakfasts were typically rusks, some fruit yogurt... maybe some toast. We were used to big breakfasts and bold...
  3. JNHall

    July 12

    I hunted near Pongola earlier this year. I took a nice nyala and a SCI Gold reedbuck. Much different than other parts of RSA with the humidity and bugs, so bring your gear and skin sprays. I didn't see any gemsbok there but tons of nyala and those bushbuck hid very well! Best of luck!
  4. White Blesbok

    White Blesbok

  5. Blesbok


  6. Reedbuck


  7. Black Wildebeest

    Black Wildebeest

  8. Springbok


  9. Nyala


  10. Nyala


  11. Springbok


  12. Trophies


  13. Common Blesbok

    Common Blesbok

  14. Eland


  15. Gemsbok


  16. JNHall

    The Birth Of Wild Africa Decals

    I love these. I've been keeping an eye on your progress and I'm glad to see them come to fruition. Showing my brother and Dad the images, too.
  17. Lion


  18. JNHall


  19. JNHall

    Our second South African hunting week away!

    Here's the latest picture of the lion Zirk wants Dad to go for There are a few others to choose from, one with a little more black in the mane but less hair. This one seems to be the 'favorite' and I imagine it will be the target.
  20. JNHall

    Black horns on mounted trophies... Is this a normal?

    The horns for all my mounts (impala shoulder and euro, euro blue wildebeest, euro kudu) came back black and cracked as well. I figured it was normal but I really wasn't super thrilled. I ended up polishing my kudu horns because I really wanted that granite-like figure and polish. Now I...
  21. JNHall

    colored springbok

    Man those are some great trophies... and damn fine steaks too!
  22. JNHall

    Our second South African hunting week away!

    Thanks for all the support, guys. We've got one last skype chat scheduled with our PH this week where he'll be showing a few pictures of the big bad lion. I'll make sure to update the photos on this thread!
  23. JNHall

    Our second South African hunting week away!

    Hey Guys, In one week from today, we will be boarding a plane from Phoenix, Arizona to embark on our second hunting safari to South Africa. I wanted to post a pre-hunt because this trip has been intensely anticipated for many important reasons. Our first trip was June of 2011. I'd...
  24. JNHall

    How often is the Black Mamba encountered?

    Excellent point. Now keeping your PH awake in a blind to help spot trouble is another story :lookaround:
  25. JNHall

    Comment by 'JNHall' in media 'Eland Selous'

    That's an amazing Eland...
  26. JNHall

    How often is the Black Mamba encountered?

    Thanks EDD. I'm actually going on a 12 day plains game hunt in South Africa (Free State / KZN) in the next three weeks. While I hope I don't encounter much danger, I'll try to put together a cliffhanger of a hunt report!
  27. Impala


  28. Blue Wildebeest

    Blue Wildebeest

  29. Kudu in the skinning shed

    Kudu in the skinning shed

  30. JNHall

    McNab challenge - With a Bow!!

    I heard something about the fly being made with feathers from the game bird? Is that a thing too?
  31. JNHall

    How often is the Black Mamba encountered?

    I'd be thrilled to encounter a black mamba, from a safe distance mind you. I think it'd make for a a great fireside embellishment story. "So there I was, having crawled 300 yards through the broken unforgiving brush. Sun at our faces and sweat clouding our vision. We made ourselves scarce...
  32. JNHall

    How Many Gemsbok?

    I thought five, and what I thought was six could be mistaken for a boulder, on the right above the AH logo. These are the situations where I wait for my PH to point out the monster and all the others disappear :) EDIT: I saw the sixth... ;)
  33. JNHall

    The Bob Puckett Safari Hunting Special 2013 at Huntershill Safaris

    Wow Bob that's a really great deal. What a comprehensive package of animals! I don't think you'll find a spread like that anywhere. Little bit of everything...
  34. JNHall

    Anything interesting to do with a kudu, wildebeest or gemsbok skin?

    My dad is hunting buff # 2 in a month. I think we need to have a talk with our taxidermist to make this happen. From buff # 1 he has a shoulder mount, rifle case, wallet, belt, ladies pocketbook, and hoof book-ends.
  35. JNHall

    What are the chances of Lost Luggage

    I too hope you get some good tips here. I'm taking my second trip to South Africa in a month and we're "travelling light" with personal belongings, i.e. clothes ect. We still have a lot of hunting equipment flying with us so it's a bit nerve wracking. You can be friendly and helpful and...
  36. JNHall

    The Eagle Has Landed, The Eagle Has Landed!!!!

    Looks great Bob! That's quite a trophy wall. I particularly love the wildebeests with their tails pegged to the wall!
  37. JNHall

    A Quiz

    Hope I can remember this one around the campfire!
  38. JNHall

    The Hunter and Society's 'Conservation' Ethos

    Truly a great read. It's often difficult to know where to start when you have to (or choose to) defend your desire and right to hunt to someone with an emotional bias towards animal life. I think some key ideals in the TRUE GREEN fundamentals are excellent talking points. Thanks! :clapping:
  39. JNHall

    Ok how many you guys take the same animals on your second trip to SA

    We have a totally different list on round two. In 2011 we were in Limpopo and this year we're going to be in Free State and KZN. We've got a big list in round two, everything from eland to red duiker. However, warthogs are so fun to shoot I'm sure I'll try to put a bead on another one. Same...
  40. JNHall

    Euro Mounts from SA

    I have 3 euros from Capricorn Taxidermists in RSA and they are excellent. My hunting team also has about a dozen shoulder mounts that are of the highest quality. Happy to provide pictures.
  41. JNHall

    Kudu Forensics

    I also took a photo of the skull before the taxidermist picked it up. They attached a tag saying "replace cape, maggot wound". Ah, memories!
  42. JNHall

    Kudu Forensics

    Hope this works. New to this :confused:
  43. Maggot wound on Kudu

    Maggot wound on Kudu

  44. JNHall

    Kudu Forensics

    The Kudu I took had quite a wound, too.
  45. JNHall

    SOUTH AFRICA: Africa Sky Safaris Any Experience

    Not only was the hunt and the hunters great, but Riaan, the head honcho at African Sky, was very accommodating and helpful with every little question we had prior to arriving. We spent a couple of hours with him in his home at the end of the hunt, he took us to lunch and shared stories. Would...
  46. JNHall

    Hi Everyone

    Great introduction, hope to hear from you often Marshy!
  47. JNHall

    RSA in 11 days

    Thanks Bob!
  48. JNHall

    First Time

    Thank you! We are hunting with African Sky Safaris, and are hunting Kudu, Warthog, Blue Wildebeest and Impala. My Dad is adding a Sable to his list, and after a few helpful emails to help update their website... the outfitters were kind enough to add an extra Impala to say 'thanks'. Very...
  49. JNHall

    Eat what you harvest

    Good catch, haven't hunted South Africa yet, but I'll be there in 11 days. I figured I'd forget all about updating my member info within a few days, so for future reference I just filled in that spot. I should put a count-down I suppose!
  50. JNHall

    Eat what you harvest

    Guys I can't help but feel like a true newbie by asking this, but is it possible to have a cut of meat from your kill taken back and prepared for you and your hunters? Being my first time, I'm not sure what to expect as far as field preparations and the protocol for transporting the animal. I...