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  1. speedbump

    Looking for ideas

    Harald Pack, near Witvlei, over northwest of Gobabis plus a side trip to Siggie Wilkins' place. Excellent people. What part of the country does Agarob cover ?
  2. speedbump

    Looking for ideas

    SD, I'm envious of your planned trip, and wish I was back there now myself. There is some info in another thread that might help you too. Although I didn't go up north, I did a self-drive and camping trip in the southern deserts after my hunt in '08. You might consider hitting the Waterberg...
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    Namibian Speeder

    Karl, you're right. I stand corrected, sir. Wish I was there now.........
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    Change my 458 Lott for a 460 Weatherby Magnum

    Greetings Oscar. You could also try loading .458 lead 'plugs' in readily available and inexpensive .375 H&H brass and fireforming for your practice sessions.
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    7mm WSM for plains game

    Since a Ballistic Tip is similar in ogive dimension to an Accubond, you might start out with a 160gr Accubond. That bullet out of a 7WSM should do well. The others mentioned are go-to bullets as well.
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    Biggest Lion in Africa

    I don't think the opinion of a canned hunt being repulsive and pathetic is in the minority here. Some differ, but it seems the vast majority that frequent this site are for fair chase hunts. Being able to pay up front for a specific animal makes one wonder about the ethics of those involved in...
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    Best Tasting African Animal

    Jerome, he was a very sociable host ... UNLIKE his stinger tailed neighbor ! I saw many there. I only saw one swarm - on the B2 near Karibib, but the rest were scattered. This fella came out every time I sat down to eat and just wandered over to visit.
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    Best Tasting African Animal

    From my experience, eating antelope every day for two weeks: 1. Eland 2. Gemsbok 3. Red hartebeeste 4. Kudu There are lots of others I'd like to try. All the venison there tastes fantastic, no strong taste like poorly prepared deer. Most were pretty similar, but the eland was truly...
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    Good Camera for Hunting & Photo Safari

    sdh, A good 35mm plus a digital, PLUS a pocket camera. Wish I'd had one in Namibia - had a black rhino broadside at 120 yards and my camera was in the truck 2 miles away!:eek: The 35mm was in the rifle case LOST in a different country, so all was not well. Take some black and white for the...
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    Namibian Speeder

    WINDHOEK resident Thomas Alfred Alexander yesterday paid a lenient fine of N$2 500 after being caught doing a record 229 kilometres an hour on the N1 road outside Keetmanshoop. There is a speed limit of 120 km/h on Namibia's national roads. According to Keetmanshoop traffic officer...
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    Weatherby Vanguard Synthetic (300 Wea Magnum)

    Oscar, an old friend of mine, who is VERY picky about rifles, bought one on sale at Wal Mart on a whim. Although quite plain in appearance, it was and is a superior shooter right out of the box. He used it on a nice Canadian moose last fall with absolutely no complaints. You might lose a little...
  12. speedbump

    Binocular recommendations?

    I bought a pair of Steiner 8x22s for a Namibian trip and was VERY well pleased. They're rubber armored, MilSpec waterproof, clear, crisp, and easy to focus. They fit nicely into the breast pocket of a safari shirt by the standard strap too, so they're easy to keep out of the dust while on the...
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    Do you have tips for not losing luggage?

    Avoid O'Hare like the plague........:stirring:
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    Best Broadhead???

    RAGE !!! The 2-blade 100s are brutal on deer. +2" cuts going in & out. Several I've picked up on the far side of a deer, washed them off in a creek, and put back in the quiver. They're not the best for busting through large shoulder bones, but I put down a nice doe like that last month. Run...
  15. speedbump

    Estimate This Big Tusker

    Add a couple of curves to the tusk and bit of fur, and you'd have a friggin' mastodon ! What a beautiful old bull. If he could talk, he'd have tales to tell...... My guess is 99 pounds.
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    Rescued Baby Cheetah

    Very nice Jerome ! I wish I'd gotten by there last year, but never saw a cheetah anywhere.:(
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    Here's a wide horned one from Namibia. Waterbuck was not on my list. Hopefully some of the experts here can provide an estimate for you:
  18. speedbump

    Best Calibre

    Dox, pretty much any rifle suitable for elk or mulies will do. It depends on which species you're after. Eland is different than springbok. Find one that FITS him, in a caliber that he'll shoot alot prior to leaving. With his size, a 30-06 would do for most species, a 300 allows a bit more. 338...
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    Gun case

    Storm Case Scoped Rifle Gun Case +1 on the Pelican case. I had one for many years carrying a work rifle, and it took a SEVERE impact in a crash. There was about 1/2 meter of crush into the trunk which impacted directly on the handle of the case. The armorer pulled the action from the stock...
  20. speedbump

    Master of Dawn - Hunting Lion by Call in Central Africa

    Very much appreciated Erik, let's hope you're able to hunt like this for a long time to come....
  21. Scorpion Namibia

    Scorpion Namibia

  22. Wildflower Deadvlei Namibia

    Wildflower Deadvlei Namibia

  23. Springbok at Sossusvlei Namibia

    Springbok at Sossusvlei Namibia

  24. Springbok at Sossusvlei Namibia

    Springbok at Sossusvlei Namibia

  25. Springbok at Sossusvlei Namibia

    Springbok at Sossusvlei Namibia

  26. Gemsbok at Sossusvlei Namibia

    Gemsbok at Sossusvlei Namibia

  27. Gemsbok at Sossusvlei Namibia

    Gemsbok at Sossusvlei Namibia

  28. Gemsbok at Sossusvlei Namibia

    Gemsbok at Sossusvlei Namibia

  29. Red Hartebeest Namibia

    Red Hartebeest Namibia

  30. speedbump

    Any Hunting Trophy Picture Tips Or Advice

    You are quite welcome, sir. More luck than skill, really. Another 'bracketing' issue also deals directly with light: if you're using a 35mm non-auto camera, try bracketing exposure times around the median estimate. You'll usually catch a nice pic between the three ;). One VITAL thing I...
  31. speedbump

    Leaving soon - Zimbabwe and South Africa!!!!

    If you need a gunbearer, my passport is current ! ;) Enjoy !!!!
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    Any Hunting Trophy Picture Tips Or Advice

    Excellent advice so far. I especially agree with the points of PRACTICING before leaving on the trip, and bracketing. Taking the opportunity to practice pics while going on conditioning hikes in the months before leaving is a must. It a multi-plus approach - you get to work the kinks out of...
  33. speedbump

    ETHIOPIA: Africa The Way It Used To Be

    Awesome stuff Mark ! Many thanks.:)
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    Ammo in 30-06 for Eland

    Gillie, that combination will do nicely for any non-dangerous soft-skinned animal on the planet. Some will go down faster than others, but in the end - that combination is a benchmark for a reason. I, too, look forward to seeing your eland pics ! Right now I'm building an Oberndorf Mauser stock...
  35. speedbump

    Ammo in 30-06 for Eland

    I'm no eland expert, but for a critter that size (elk PLUS) with a 30-06, a 180-200 grain premium bullet is enough when properly placed. I'm a believer in heavy-for-caliber bullets at reasonable velocities = good penetration/ perfomance. Math is fine too:geek:, but results, over time, in the...
  36. speedbump

    Care Of Your Mounted Trophy

    John, many thanks for the excellent and detailed post. I think I'll print it off for reference. I'll also add a 'Thanks' to your profile & I encourage others to do the same.
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    Namibia, Trophy Hunting for Black Rhinos in the Cards

    There were several on one concession I hunted last year. Amazing animals. The one I saw @ 100 meters had an astonishingly nice horn. Oh, to have an extra 100K lying around.........:cool:
  38. speedbump

    Driving Yourself in Africa

    Jerome, you're quite welcome. That 2nd week of the trip was very memorable, as was the hunt. It allowed a much broader perspective of the country and continent. I was loathe to go from airport to camp ... and directly back to the airport without truly experiencing more of the place and people...
  39. speedbump

    Driving Yourself in Africa

    Excellent points so far. The 2nd week of my trip to Namibia last year was spent camping and hiking in the Kalahari & Namib. That entails A LOT of driving from point-to-point, as Namibia is roughly the size and shape of California and Nevada combined ... with very few paved roads. I'll toss in a...
  40. speedbump

    New Gun Rules for South Africa?

    That's the one I have, or a clone thereof. Since you're pressed for time, if you can't locate one let me know & I'll send mine up straightaway as a loaner......
  41. speedbump

    New Gun Rules for South Africa?

    enysse, I used a hinged metal ammo can when I went last year. I suppose the plastic ammo/ storage cans would work just as well if they were lockable. I found a small, lockable device at a military surplus store to secure it, then cut out foam padding to fill in the gaps. It worked fine & made it...
  42. speedbump

    What Areas Have You Hunted in Namibia?

    Witvlei, well east of Windhoek, not too far from Gobabis. Another concession NW of there too. Only 5 days hunting: took 2 kudu, 1 red hartebeeste, 1 gemsbok, & a few jackals thrown in since it was a cattle area & the PH had a 'shoot on sight' imperative. Other species seen: warthog by the...
  43. speedbump

    What's your favourite plaingame to hunt

    Probably gemsbok. Eyes like a pronghorn, ears like a muledeer, able to run like a horse for MILES ! Most of all, they're TOUGH and will not likely lose sight of you once they know you're around. Difficult to judge in some instances, and very adaptable to terrain. I had more frustration on them...
  44. speedbump

    What caliber should I bring for Plains game hunt

    Any of your Mannlichers should do for warthog &/or impala as the ranges will probably be close. The 9.3 has plenty of authority, but which do you shoot most accurately ? Either the 7-08 or 280 Ackley will do well across the board, but the Ackley would likely be useless if your ammo is misplaced...
  45. speedbump

    Hunting Ethics

    ABS, I joined the Guild after returning from Africa last year. The principles apply there for sure, but probably more so in one's home area. We all have had our own takes on ethical hunting, often passed down through generations, but it is good to see it codified and agreed upon by a nucleus of...