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  1. Spey

    1st Cape Buffalo Hunt South Africa recommendations

    Nice buff. I am hunting with Ken Moody in less than a month! Met him and Virginia in Columbus early last year and felt comfortable with them right away.
  2. Spey

    What TV hunting personality?

    Larry Csonka. Watched some of his North to Alaska shows years ago. Loved watching him as a full back- back in the days when you made a touchdown and just dropped the ball in the end zone cause that was what you were paid to do, not act like a clown.
  3. Spey

    Red Meat... Best Hunting Vehicle

    I am thinking back to the 1980's when I first wanted to have a career in a southern African country as a small airplane pilot that many of the established trails or roads were rutted to a certain wheelbase, either Toyota or Land Rover but I do not recall. Maybe both? American trucks would...
  4. Spey

    Double Rifle for Your First Safari?

    No, I get it. I don't think I am weird but who knows? I don't think either of us are weird, maybe more of a romantic type especially if you have read as many of the classics on African hunting as I have over a life-time - and if I take my Heym 88 in 470 NE and don't get a buff I at least hope I...
  5. Spey

    ZIMBABWE: Almost 12 Days In The Omay, The Nyakasanga Special With Dalton &York Safaris

    My first post and I want to say thank you for the insightful report. Been lurking for a long time now and learning from many of you. My first Buffalo hunt is scheduled for one year from now. A lifelong dream... 61 now.