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    Buffalo Cow Pictures

    Buffalo cow and young
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    Sleepless in Pennsylvania

    Leaving on Friday for Vic Falls. Buffalo on the menu plus possibly tuskless cow. I'm into the mad scramble now.
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    How often is the Black Mamba encountered?

    In four trips to the Okavango delta I have seen two puff adders, both from the truck. I wouldn't worry about it. Don't forget, as you walk through the bush you will be third in line, behind the tracker and the PH, the odds of a snake letting two men walk past while waiting to strike the third...
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    7x57 Owners....educate me

    I have a Dakota 7X57. I have never taken it to Africa but use it for whitetails here. It is one of those magic caliber that just works better than you expect it to. I would not have any qualms about using it for any game up to, and including kudu. You can handload it hotter than the factory...
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    AH Get Together In Vegas During Safari Club International (SCI) Convention 2013

    unfortunately I am in Wednesday and out Friday. If any of you happen to see a short fat guy with a name tag reading Terry Reese, say Hi.
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    would you shoot?

    This was the the first day of my hunt and the the zero of my 30-06 was off, checked it the evening before when we arrived in camp, so I took my back up rifle the 30-30 which I knew was on. Usually the deer come in closer than that,in 10 years of hunting there I have only had a couple of shots...
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    would you shoot?

    You are in a ground blind 300 yds away from a nice sized South Carolina Whitetail. You have a scoped Marlin XLR 30-30 in your hands loaded with leverevolution ammo. you have a solid rest. Do you take the shot? If so what is your point of aim? I didn't shoot. Just curious what others would do.
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    450/400 to light?

    I took a buffalo with it's ballistic twin, 404Jeffery firing a 400 gr bullet at 2180fps. It worked just fine. I wouldn't have any qualms about the 450/400
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    Why The 30-06 Has Been rendered OBSOLETE

    It is obsolete only if you believe that efficiently killing game up to eland size with a minimum of fuss, muzzle blast and recoil is obsolete.
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    30-06 - The calibre to love or hate?

    The 30-06 is the most boring caliber ever created. Shoot an animal with it and only one thing happens: the animal dies.
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    Lefties on TV, why so many?

    Not all left handed shooters are left handed. If you are left eye dominant you should shoot lefty in order to shoot with both eyes open. My son is a good example of this. I actually am left eye dominant but have never been able to make the switch. I learned to shoot in the boy scouts where they...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: South Africa Disappointment With Steyn Safaris

    Sounds like a nightmare. For contrast, I have hunted 4 times in Botswana, twice including ranch hunts, and have had a wonderful time. I suggest that you chalk this up to experience, do some due diligence, and give Africa another try. The problem is with the outfitter, not with hunting in Africa...
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    What about the 300 H&H ???

    7X57 plus 375 or 300 H&H plus 375 ? you can't go wrong with either. Normally I say take the one that you shoot the best, but if you are comfortable with the 375 that you will be fine with the 300. Everyone is comfortable with a 7X57. Take the combination that floats your boat.
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    Newbie Question

    Check with your outfitter regarding how long of a shot you can expect. In my 4 hunts in Botswana, the okavango delta and the kalahari desert, most of my shots were less than 100 yds and only one was over 200. Shoot from a standing position as much as you can before going. I suggest that you...
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    I have hunted Botswana 4 times, all 4 in the Okavango Delta, twice in ranches near Ghanzi, the area that you are considering. Botswana is safe, stable and friendly. It is an ideal place for a first timer, or old pro. I would suggest that you ask your outfitter to organize a 2 or 3 day stay in a...
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    Remington 798 in .458?????

    I bought a remington 798 in 458 WM. It took a considerable amount of work by a competent gun smith to get it to feed properly. Now it does and all I need is to replace the poor folding sight with a better one. The rifle is a good canvas to work on, but it will take some work to get the "picture"...
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    Taking grandfather on his dream hunt to Africa, advice needed please!

    #1 a 30-06 is plenty of gun for a kudu, both my sons took kudu with 30-06s loaded with180 gr trophy bonded bear claws. As to where to hunt, the options are almost limitless but I would suggest that you consider Clive Eaton's ranch near Ghanzi in Botswana. Couple it with a couple of days in the...
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    458 Winchester Magnum

    Check out the Remington before you buy. It is rough but can be a good rifle, mine needed some significant work by a gunsmith before it would feed properly.
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    Greetings from Botswana!

    welcome to the site, are you near Clive Eaton's ranch?
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    .404 JEFFERY - A Professional Hunter point of view

    First impressions last as long as your first shot. The 404j is easier to shoot well than any of the other 40 caliber and over choices. For that reason it is my choice for dangerous game.
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    7MM Mauser

    my rifle of choice for whitetails is a Dakota 7X57. I've never taken it to Africa but have been sorely tempted to. I'll b looking forward to your report.
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    30-06 recoil vs 300win mag.

    IMO the 300 WM only becomes superior to the 30-06 at ranges exceeding 300 yds. Up to that point the only area in which the 300 beats the 30-06 is in noise and recoil. Having used both on plains game in Africa I am of the firm opinion that the vast majority of hunters would be better off...
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    243 Winchester for smaller plains game?

    Like virtually any cartridge, a shot through the heart with the 243 will kill most game, personally I would use a 7mm08 or 7X57 as my lower limit for plains game. The recoil is negligible yet it hits with much more authority than the 243. use a good 140 grain bullet and have at it. An awful lot...
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    most of my rifles wear schmidt & Benders although I have used kahles and the occasional leupold. I believe that the last place to economize is on your scope. A cheap rifle with a trigger job will easily shoot minute of critter but if you can't see it, it doesn't matter what rifle you have. A top...
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    What Have You Killed with the 7x57

    several whitetail deer. Dakota, factory Remington corelokt 140 gr. I wouldn't hesitate to use it on plainsgame up to, and including, Kudu.
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    On your first African hunting safari how many animals did you take?

    1998, Botswana, the Okavango delta Buffalo, red Lechewe, Tsessebe, Kudu, Warthog, Impala Going to Zim in May, 5th Safari
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    Botswana compared to South Africa

    In Botswana non ranch hunting is virtually only elephant, which is fairly expensive. Botswana ranch hunts, which feature plains game, are competitively priced with those in SA. One advantage in going to Botswana is that you can include a side trip in the Okavango Delta, which is spectacular.
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    Family Hunting Trip

    Tracker_21 Good luck on your journey, you are making a good first step by checking in here. I suggest that you give some thought to the type of hunt that you want: bush or ranch, tented or chalet, bush, mopane woodland,desert or riverine, isolated or near "civilization" etc, also how much can...
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    404 Jeffery vs 375 Holland & Holland

    I have, and have used, both the 375 and the 404J. For dangerous game I would go with the 404, hands down. For plains game you really don't need anything bigger than the 375. Dead is dead and the 375 kills plains game period. If I were you, I would take both the 375 and the 404. I would use...
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    Choice between 2 rifles for Africa

    Take them both that way you will have a back up in the event that you have a problem with one. As to which one to use: use the one that you shoot best.
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    AfricaSky or Afton Guest Houses - Which one?

    I have never stayed at Africansky, but have stayed at Afton twice and would book there again if I needed to overnight in Joberg
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    WANTED: Hunting Package Wanted

    I suggest that you give additional consideration to what you are looking for in an African hunting experience. The two options that you have laid out will result in radically different experiences. Tented hunt in the bush, chalet accommodations on a high fenced ranch, hunt as soon as you leave...
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    RIFLE CHOICE??????

    go with the 450 bolt and use the money saved for a leopard and a sable.
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    Remington Core Lokt?

    I have not used core lokts on African game, but I have used it in 140gr 7x57 frequently on whitetail deer. It has performed exceptionally well, in fact it is my cartridge of choice for whitetails. I have no doubt that it would perform equally well on whitetail sized African game. I imagine...
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    What caliber to practice with?

    The best strategy is to extensively practice with the rifle that you are going to use. That isn't always practical, certainly in this case it isn't, the best strategy then is to shoot a similar rifle enough times that you are not afraid of the recoil, and then practice extensively with a 22LR...
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    Cape Buffalo Cartridge?

    Joseph I am far from an expert, but I have taken two Buffalo, one with a 375 H&H and one with a 404 Jeffery, and been accompanied by friends who took another two, both with 375 H&Hs. The larger caliber will have a noticeably greater impact on the Buffalo but it won't necessarily kill it any...
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    About Leupold V-I

    I don't think that you can go wrong with a leupold. There are better ones than a V-1, but if that's what fits your budget you should be happy with it. My personal favorite scopes are Schmidt & Bender, but they are very expensive.
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    CHOICE in .375 - Guidance please!

    price aside, I would pick the Winchester model 70. The reason is that I have found them to fit me well and, in general, need no adjusting save maybe a trigger adjustment. I have heard that the new Mod 70's do not need a trigger job. Next in line would be the CZ's. If price were a...
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    Alone or with a friend

    I have hunted 1x1 and 2x1. I have enjoyed both, however, I would only hunt dangerous game 1x1 no matter who accompanied me. For plains game, I would hunt 2x1 if I were going with a family member or I were going with a very close friend whose enjoyment of the hunt was as important to me as mine...
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    The Hardest Hunting Question There Ever Was / Is

    First, as others have say, I would not send my daughters to Africa, I would take them. Second, I would sit down with them and define the experience that they, and you want. Hard core hunting or sightseeing plus hunting. Do you want to land at your entry point, jump on a bush plane, fly to...
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    Ok all you africa experts answer this

    Check and recheck that you have everything. Don't forget a journal to record each day's events, in fact you can begin keeping it now. take some long walks in the shoes that you are going to wear. Take the 22lr and practice. You will sharpen up your shooting and get rid of any incipient...
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    Plains Game Rifle Selection

    375H&H plus a 416 will certainly handle anything that you will encounter. I would suggest that you bring some solids for the 375 as the softs can leave a rather big hole in smaller plainsgame. The solids, on the other hand, will zip right through leaving a small hole. Of course you have to...
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    Plains Game Rifle Selection

    unless you expect to take a shot longer than 250 yds I would stick with the 30-06 and 180 gr bullets. I have used both the 30-06 and the 300 WM on plainsgame in the Okavango Delta, IMHO at ranges less than 300 yds the only difference between the 30-06 and the 300 WM is noise and recoil.
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    Help for the Novice

    The critical piece of missing information is "what do you intend to hunt?". Plainsgame: 30-06 plus the 375 H&H, Plainsgame plus buffalo: either the 375 or 416 plus the 30-06, or 416 plus the 375 depending on the species of plainsgame that you are going to hunt. Elephant: go big: 450 plus either...
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    Questions on Chobe touring

    It's been about 6 years, but my party did stay in Vic Falls, you have to stay at the Vic Falls Hotel, and did a day trip to Chobe. Did a boat trip than game drive through the reserve. The whole thing was set up by the hotel, definitely worth the price.
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    Hello from a newbie from PA

    If you consider buffalo taken by clients, not culled, I would guess that more have been taken with a 375H&H than with any other caliber. It will do the job. My personal experience is negligible: two buffalo 1 with a 375 H&H and 1 with a 404 Jeffery. A sample of this size is statistically...
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    What to shoot first?

    I am a firm believer in taking what the gods of the hunt send you. The shot that you pass on may be the only chance that you have on that animal. The only exception is if your PH says don't shoot, I can get you a better one. I still regret passing on a steinbuck because I might have chased...
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    What are your Thoughts

    I have never heard of a missed shot charge, and would not hunt with an outfitter who assessed one. Frankly I would be concerned that this is a guy who is going to nickel and dime me to death in order to jack up his revenue. If I shot and wounded, and couldn't recover the animal, I would expect...
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    I Would Appreciate Some Advice on a Hunting Trip to Africa...

    My suggestion is to consider Botswana. If I were you I wold contact Clive Eaton at Clive offers hunts on his ranch near Ghanzi. The property is huge, the trophies are very high quality, the accommodations are first rate and you won't find better hosts than Clive and...
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    Kudu Rifle

    On my 4 African hunts, I've been involved in taking 6 kudu. I took two with a 375 H&H, 300 gr TBBC's. My two sons each took one with 30-06s, 180 gr TBBCs, and two friends each took one with 300RSAUMs, 180 gr. They all worked just fine. I would not hesitate to take a kudu with any 30 caliber...