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    For Sale Custom Montana 404 Jeffery

    I posted this rifle in a new post. Thank you for your interest. I think lefties are more versatile , you could adjust If you want a rifle in the 500’s, I’ll be listing my 505 Gibbs soon. I don’t use a muzzle brake, but some do. Some of my hearing loss comes from being near a brake when it went off.
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    404 Jeffery Custom Montana Rifle

    Factory chambered 404 Jeffery made by Montana Rifle Company. Customized Model 1999 controlled feed mauser action. If you saw the post recently resurrected about this rifle up for sale by Andrew Short and customized on his specs.(Andrew feel free to correct me if I am incorrect). Very nice rifle...
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    For Sale Custom Montana 404 Jeffery

    I bought the 404 from Andrew a couple of years ago. I haven’t used it and doubt I’ll go to Africa again. I’ll post it in the next day or so. It’s in great shape, same as when I purchased it. I don’t post much, but have been on AH for several years and bought a couple of guns as well so I have...
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    WW Greener 12 Bore Shotgun For Sale

    12 bore boxlock ejector gun. I believe it to be a Facile Princeps 50 Guinea model from early 20th century Per Graham Greener. Approximately 60% engraved with dogs and partridge. Blue has largely faded , but action engraving is very good. Barrels appear to have been re-blacked. LOP is 14 15/16 to...
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    4 Bore Muzzleloader For Sale

    Thanks for the comments. The lock is indeed on the left, a fact that I forgot to state. Thanks for noticing that. I shoot right handed and I wondered if it would work for me, it didn’t cause me any problems. Maybe I was distracted by the recoil Actually the recoil isn’t bad with 200 grains...
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    4 Bore Muzzleloader For Sale

    Custom made 4 bore Muzzleloader for sale. I’ve had this rifle for about 5 years and just can’t remember the maker’s name. Jim ? From the western US? Fully rifled 31 1/2 inch barrel. Bore size 1.015”. Weight is 19.4 lbs and LOP is 14 5/8” I have loaded it with 250 grains ff black powder, but the...
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    House Cleaning Bullet Sale

    A typist I am not! 416 is what I want.
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    Hello New From Tucson

    Welcome Bert, From Alaska this time of year, but in between Nogales and Patagonia in the fall and so called winter ;) down there . Ron
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    House Cleaning Bullet Sale

    If #1 , the 426 A frames are still available, I’ll take them. thanks, Ron I’ll await your pm
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    For Sale RCBS 416 Rigby Die Set

    I’ll take the dies! I may have your address, but send me a pm please. thanks, Ron
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    New Member from Alaska

    Welcome Laura ! Good to know you made it home safely. You had a very rough week, but this diverse group will give you plenty to think about. Ron
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    In memoriam - RIP cal pappas

    I am sad to say that Cal’s passing is indeed confirmed. I spoke with his friend and physician last evening and this morning. He will be missed. I am glad to have known him and to have shared Alaska and African adventures with him.
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    Bullets For Sale Swift, Barnes, Woodleigh & Hornady

    I’ll take both boxes of the 577 Woodleigh rnsn bullets and the 458 A frames. will send you a pm thanks, Ron
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    Cataract Surgery advice & info needed

    Good morning all andHappy Easter! I had both lenses replaced in November 2020. The procedure was simple at least from my side. My ophthalmologist asked me if I wanted the chevy or cadillac lenses. The cadillac (Alcon) lenses adjust for close to far distances and cost me $1000 more per eye. I too...
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    375H&H, 9.3x74R & 375 Flanged Brass

    Payment sent. Thanks
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    375H&H, 9.3x74R & 375 Flanged Brass

    I’ll take the 375 flanged brass. Sending you my info. thanks, Ron
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    RCBS & Hornady Reloading Dies New Or Unused

    I’’l take the 375 h&h dies. All I need is the address to send payment. thanks, Ron
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    For Sale .416 Speer Bullets

    I’ll take them! pm to follow
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    For Sale Redding 470 NE Dies

    I’ll take them! please let me know how to pay you etc. thanks, Ron
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    I’m itching for a new rifle or shotgun

    Maybe a 577 double or 505 Gibbs custom bolt action?
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    The Ross Arrives!

    Here are some photos of my 280 Ross. I think I said I wouldn’t drill it for a scope, but that just shows how long it’s been since I really looked at it. I don’t know what the 2 holes on the left side of the receiver were for. I suppose some kind of scope mount. Also a few photos of original...
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    The Ross Arrives!

    Lead bullets would have to be pretty hard cast even with lower velocity. There are other methods like bumping up bullets of slightly lower diameter. I’ve never done that, but someone here has. I’ll try to post a few photos of my Ross, but will have to study instructions first. Mine is near...
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    The Ross Arrives!

    Great post. I have one of these also. Before the brass became available I went through the process of forming and modifying 375 ruger brass, tedious, but it did work i.e. the gun fired and ejected it. I got side tracked after that, but I did find 2 boxes of original ammo. I think the ammo is...
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    7X57R Sellier & Bellot 173 Grains New Ammunition For Sale

    I’ll take them unless someone jumped in before me. Please DM me your info and I’ll get the payment of. Thanks, Ron
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    Cogswell & Harrison 404J

    Received the 404 Jeffery Cogswell and Harrison rifle yesterday, very nice and well packaged. Smooth transaction, even with COVID getting involved. NTO was communicative and responsive. A good guy to deal with. thank you Chris.
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    Pay It Forward-Free

    Still Alive, the brass is on its way. Ron
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    Pay It Forward-Free

    Ok, they’re yours. Just need mailing particulars, Ron
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    Pay It Forward-Free

    So moving right along. I have 4 boxes of new Remington 300 Winchester magnum brass. I’ll pay the shipping USPS priority mail so that should cover all 50 states. Hope someone can use it and has the powder to fill them. They are unprimed.
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    Pay It Forward-Free

    PM sent to berettaco
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    Pay It Forward-Free

    Thanks and I’ll be putting something up soon To pay it forward. Ron
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    Pay It Forward-Free

    Berettaco, if the oiler is still available, I have a Merkel case that would love to have it. Ron
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    Oak and Leather Case DIY

    Von Gruff, that is some really fine work you’ve done! I’ve also been fiddling with repairing old gun cases/trunks. Lots of patience required. I wish my work was up to your standards, and I concur that the cartridge block looks great.
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    Sir Samuel Baker Books

    Love those old books! The words written so long ago are like finding treasure. Merry Christmas to one and all! Ron
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    Cogswell & Harrison 404J

    I’ll take it as I said in my pm to you. thank you Chris
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    .416 Flanged, .44 Spl, & .38 Spl Brass For Sale

    I’ll take the 416 flanged and the 44 special brass. I assume you will ship them in one box. Thanks, Ron (horsedoc49) please let me know your payment preferences and address, etc
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    500/465 Nitro Reloading Lot For Sale

    I sent you a private message with my contact info. Ron
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    500/465 Nitro Reloading Lot For Sale

    I’ll take this lot. Please pm me payment info. thanks, Ron
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    For Sale Custom Montana 404 Jeffery

    L Hello Andrew, I sent you a private message. Ron
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    For Sale Rodda Tiger Rifle - Finest Known

    Rookhawk, I picked up the rifle today. WOW! It is in wonderful condition, just as described. Or maybe even better. Packed very well so no travel damage. I have some brass coming and then I’ll load some cartridges. If anyone has any pet loads I’d love to hear what they are. It was a nice smooth...
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    For Sale Rodda Tiger Rifle - Finest Known

    I’ll buy this rifle if still available, thanks, Ron pm sent
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    Non Exportable Elephant Hunt South Africa

    Gerrit, I sent you an email. Thanks, Ron