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  1. rborn73

    HUNTING Mountain Lion

    Very nice!
  2. rborn73

    Prayers for Mike

    Five Toes :cool:
  3. rborn73

    SOUTH AFRICA: First Hunt In South Africa With Wild Wildebeest Lodge

    Well done, congrats on your hunt. I'll be going to WWL next month, thanks for the review.
  4. rborn73

    Prayers for Mike

    I like this name!
  5. rborn73

    Prayers for Mike

    You have a great attitude. Heal fast!
  6. rborn73

    Heym 450NE TX Hog & some CEB Regulation pics

    Well done and nice rifle.
  7. rborn73

    Nilgai hunt

    I shot mine on the Kenedy Ranch in South Texas. It was one heck of a great hunt. Good hunting on your trip! If your outfitter falls through, look up Cpt Josh Hartwick with Feathers and Sheds Unlimited; highly recommended.
  8. rborn73

    Would you like a Cigar?

    Lately, my go to cigar has been a Camacho Connecticut Gordo.