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    Thank you for the input! I’ll call them.

    Thank you for the input! I’ll call them.
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    Taxidermy Recommendations - within 3 hours of Minneapolis/St. Paul

    Check with Mike Kahlert at Great Bear Taxidermy in Osakis MN. He does African animals. I had a crate shipped to him.
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    Wanted Blaser Shooting Sticks

    I bought the 4 stable sticks in England. They now live in my truck and can be easily used on weekends. I bought the aluminum version. They were less than $200. Very functional.
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    Which countries offer the most affordable Sheep/goat hunts?

    Who are you hunting with in Spain? I’m considering trying for a hunt there in September.
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    Suppressor wait times!

    How does one know what a deal is now? With suppressors at a low cost in other countries, it seems we are paying 2-4x their price. I’ve heard it said that the product design now is much better. Hard to know. What metrics are you using to help find deals? What reliable sources? I’ll welcome any...
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    My “Tiny Ten”

    I’m only at 3 of the tiny 10: steinbok, damara Dik-dik and common Dukier. (I’ve also got Chinese water deer, Muntjac and roe: small but wrong continent) I completely agree with the allure of hunting the tiny antelopes.
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    Safari Season 2024 Has Started - Where We Going?

    Who are you hunting with? That will be nice to have two weeks to hunt whatever you feel like. That makes for some of the best hunting. No pressure. All exploring.
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    Suppressor wait times!

    I just had one approved (trust) that was purchased in February. I have 2 more from the same time frame that should be done soon. One is as a .458 primal that I plan to put on a 9.3x62. I suspect that it might become my favorite.
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    What is the purpose of carrying a knife out in a safari..

    This conversation reminds me of how useful a simple Swiss Army knife is. I sharpened the mini blade and normal blade on mine. It has a saw as well. I gutted and quartered an elk with it, because I wanted to see if it would work. It did, wonderfully. I prefer to carry a small folding knife, the...
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    Planned Adventures

    Japan in August to be a tourist and climb Mt fuji. Spain in September to drop my son off at a language school. Leaving from Spain to Namibia for 2 weeks of hunting whatever is left on quota. My dad and older sister will be with me. Late October, yearly return home for a family hunt in Montana...
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    Transitioning To A Blaser R8 - A Two Months / 500 Rounds Review

    Haha! It is so complicated that I prefer my kids and new hunters to use an R8… Actually, in regular use it is delightfully simple. It is fun to watch kids learn how to use one. It is surprisingly quick to figure out.
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    Small gifts for PH and tracker

    I’ve brought 3m safety glasses. They are wrap around style and can be clear, slightly tinted or darker. They work great for a dusty ride on the back of a truck. Uncommon forms of nicotine: try bringing nicotine gum, or nic pouches like zyn or something similar. You are bound to find multiple...
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    Africa With Kids

    great to read this! That will be a life-long special family memory.
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    First Safari - I’ll hunt plains game - What caliber?

    +1 on the .30-06. While the recoil of the 6.5cm is less than a .30-06, I think you will find the difference to be not too significant.
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    First Aid Kit for hunters

    @Just Gina my first aid kit also includes Nescafé instant coffee pouches. Seriously. I also bring some nuun tabs (electrolytes) for helping someone come back from dehydration. I generally carry a combo of what was posted above. Athletic tape, electrical tape and paracord seem to get used a...
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    What Watch do you wear when you hunt?

    @0002S I like the espresso at 5:30! I’m wearing an Omega Seamaster 300 now, fantastic watch. My son wore it to prom, which is a different sort of hunting.
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    My dad is 79 and will be joining me in africa this September. We hunted the Arctic last fall for birds. We went to Africa together in 2018 with my son (then 12). My dad and I have had the blessing of hunting together in the fall in Montana (where I grew up) since the 1980’s. He still moves...
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    Mountain rifles

    I’d consider your whole mountain kit first and decide if you can reduce some weight in the total kit. I completely agree that some rifles can be too light. And thin barrels like to walk when they warm up. Being judicious about what goes in your backpack can get the same results as a lighter...
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    Preferred calibers for Rhino and Hippo?

    For Hippo, I used a .375 H&H and my daughter a 9.3x62. The first was a head shot on land at 25 yards. The second hippo was more of a rodeo, the water deflected a 9.3 bullet just enough that resulted in finding it the next day and multiple shots to finish. A head shot in the water requires ample...
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    Recommendations for the Best Thermal Vision Scope for Night Hunting?

    I am also a pulsar fan. I also agree that a scope and a handheld are a must. I bought 2 handhelds because night hunting is more fun with a partner.
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    Swaro EL Range 8x42 Binos Like New

    I use the El range. These are superb. Seems like a good deal too.
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    Rifle Cases & Custom Cut Foam

    Following with interest! I’d like to have more than one foam setup so I can swap them depending on the hunt.
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    Contact info for Jamy Traut Safaris

    You will have an excellent hunt with Traut and his crew. Some more background info on communication: some areas they hunt have very limited cell service. The funny part about that is we, as hunters, want the remote experience with no cell service and no people. The only negative is delayed...
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    Ballistics question for the experts.

    The 350s probably cross the zero line around 60 yards, depending on velocity. If you have a modicum of curiosity about ballistics, then for a cheap few dollars you can get a ballistics app like Ballistics AE. It is easy to input data and get some helpful results. I’ve been pondering a...
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    Round Chambered…or Not?

    Anyone who has regularly hunted the mountains in snow has experienced the joy of a good fall, and if lucky, the excitement of watching the buck you are dragging pass you like toboggan laden with kids.
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    Round Chambered…or Not?

    R8: round in the chamber. That is the beauty of an R8, and part of the reason I’m ok with the extra cost of that platform. I don’t like to hunt with a round in the chamber with a 3 position safety. I load when close to a shot. I also have a habit of verbally announcing when I load or unload...
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    For Sale Two Casio G-Shock Watches $50

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    What did you do with your Cape buffalo skin?

    Grocery bags! I just made two out of giraffe hide. Buffalo would be excellent. Open top, two handles, simple. And you can leave them in your vehicle. Tool bag. Perfect material for that. Small square for closet rug. Look at little spaces in your house where a 3x3 rug will be perfect.
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    Hats on safari My favorite current hat is a brown Optimo Mundo. It is crushable. 100% beaver felt. I’ll likely bring it to Africa this September. And I’ll have a standard baseball style hat, which is what I mostly wear when hunting. Texas, Montana, etc, you all have some nice...
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    Flat point copper solids for hunting mule deer?

    +1 on a behind the shoulder shot. For inside of 100 yards, something in the 6.5mm category with a heavy for caliber barnes will be excellent. I primarily use a 7mag, but shots inside of 100 are violent, a barnes bullet will help reduce that. I’ve been surprised by the holes a .30-30 will make...
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    How do you guys handle ear protection whilst on safari?

    I do the same as @Wade J VanGinkel I have plugs on a string that are looped around the button on the top of my baseball hat. The plugs stay tucked under the hat or behind my ears until deployment. 90% of the time it is easy to get them in prior to shooting. Very seldom do I need to shoot so...
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    .223 for Steinbok, Duiker, Klipspringer?

    Thank you! I shot a dik-dik last summer. I don’t think I’ll go after one again this year, they are about the most expensive animal in Africa, if measured by weight! Steinbok and duiker are readily found, for sure I’ll chase either of them when seen. It is like hunting rabbits. You don’t know...
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    .223 for Steinbok, Duiker, Klipspringer?

    With potentially 30 species of antelope roaming the area, a .223 would not be an ideal, or even a good choice. Even in a focused tiny 10 hunt, there is always a good chance for something else. You can’t take what the bush offers unless you are adequately prepared. We have had to do some...
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    That is a big shark! Looks over 100 lbs. I’m also awaiting your report!
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    Best Quad Sticks

    I bought a set of aluminum 4 stable sticks in England in early 2023 after using them for an excellent hunt. They went to Africa last summer and Montana in the Fall. They are a good value. They were easy to pack when take apart. I’ve used bogpod tripods and homemade tripod sticks. They each...
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    Safari Season 2024 Has Started - Where We Going?

    I started 2024 with a hunt in England in early January: Muntjac, Chinese Water deer, Fallow and Red deer, and pheasants. September I’ll be in Namibia with Jamy Traut Safaris. My big sister is coming along with my dad. Sister has never hunted. My dad and I have an estimate of 90% that she will...
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    Giraffe question from newbie

    A .375 works well in my experience. Id imagine a 9.3x62 is about equal. So, a heavier bullet in the whelen should do it. For sure it will work with a neck shot.
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    SPAIN: Return To Spain

    Thank you fort the report! It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I’ll be in Spain in September dropping off my son for a study abroad program. I went to Spain as a college student. My adviser at college told me that “I might fall off the radar for a while” when I got to Spain. He was right as...
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    Blaser R8 multi-barrel cases

    I suspect what you do will turn out really nice. Those electric turkey carving knives are really useful for this job. Might as well buy one since you are going to do more than one foam set for the Blaser parts in your future.
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    Is the 7mm prc suitable for plains game?

    I’ve hunted PG with a 7 rem mag. It worked well up to eland. +1 for nosler ABLR bullets. I elk and deer hunt with 180 grain berger VLDs.
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    Age for kids?

    My son was 12 for his first safari, 15 for DG hunting. He was interested in going and wanted to learn. It was a precious experience that I cherish. I’ve been around some of his friends that would not have been ready at age 15, so the upbringing, experience and the individuals dedication make a...
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    John Deere 440 Dozer/Crawler For Sale

    Is that a cheese wheel? If so, how much does it weigh? And if it is a cheese wheel, is that personal use, or do you need a license for that?
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    Rolex- the stupidest, lamest company

    Then he switched to Omega. And I don’t think he stopped pursuing women.
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    Article on heavier vs lighter for caliber bullet penetration

    Very good point. I used a neck shot to fill my 2023 MT deer tag, as it was an animal I would be eating. (7 mag with a berger 180 grain VLD). To avoid lead and meat damage I used a high neck shot. My double standard here is that the Berger’s shoot so well… But, I prefer Barnes for Africa for the...
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    Talk me into Blaser R8

    I have no issue top loading in any of the r8 calibers. Well, the .22lr is kinda complicated to top load. The thumb is the primary actor in top loading.
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    Article on heavier vs lighter for caliber bullet penetration

    My concern with a lighter, super fast bullet is the amount of bloodshot meat that occurs. Shedding petals also leaves the shed petals somewhere in the animal to be found later by the meat grinder. I try to avoid lead bullets now due to not wanting to eat lead. So, that leaves me with a...
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    What Watch do you wear when you hunt?

    You might need to get a black sharpie marker to paint camo stripes on that.
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    Blaser R8 in 458 Lott

    While I am tempted to try a larger caliber, the .375 H&H on an R8 ultimate stock with a swaro z8 has worked very well for me. I hesitate to change that combo, it weighs about 9 1/2 lbs. I perceive that the vertical grip helps absorb recoil. So, for newer hunters reading this, I suspect most...
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    Blaser Branded Pelican 1700 Case For Sale

    That is a nice case. For the buyer it will simplify the need to cut out foam. This case size easily fits in the trunk of a car, so every weekend trip can include some shooting practice!