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  1. USMA84DAB

    Winchester Model 70 458 Mag Cabelas 50th Anniversary Pre64 style Safari Rifle

    I assume you want some money for this?
  2. USMA84DAB

    Customized Ruger M77II 375 Ruger

    "Don't do it, Luke! Use the Force!"
  3. USMA84DAB

    375 Ruger brass

    They are refusing to make cases available for reloading. All of their production is going into loaded ammo only, to gain more profit. Allegedly, shortages of materials and workers due to covid was why they couldn't keep up with demand - after three years, I believe those excuses to be...
  4. USMA84DAB

    Trijicon Credo HX 1-6X24 Green Dot, BDC reticle

    I will take it.
  5. USMA84DAB

    Suppressor on new Ruger .375

    Buy your lifetime supply of cases for the .375 Ruger NOW by buying all of the Hornady Dangerous Game ammo you can find. Hornady has not made cases for reloading in three years.
  6. USMA84DAB

    416 Ruger VS 416 Rem Mag

    No decision to be made - Hornady already decided for you by refusing to make any .416 Ruger ammo or cases for 2+ years. They have pretty much killed the cartridge.
  7. USMA84DAB

    Did Lake City ever make 7x57 ammo or brass?

    I bet he trimmed and sized down .30-06 cases from Lake City.
  8. USMA84DAB

    375 ruger or 416 ruger?

    I have owned four .375 Rugers at the same time, and still have a pair of them. I have adequate brass to deal with Hornady's betrayal of the hunter's who bought the new rifle/cartridge and they then refuse to make cases for .375 Ruger. I have hunted with the Ruger Alaskan for three years (deer)...
  9. USMA84DAB

    For Sale NIB Leupold VX5 HD 1-5x24 FireDot

    This is a great scope - took it on my plains game safari mounted on my Ruger Alaskan in .375 Ruger. It survived a roll-over wreck on the highway of the PH's bakkie, and held zero. The firedot is GREAT! It also is not a brick for weight. Whoever gets this will be quite pleased with it's performance!
  10. USMA84DAB

    For Sale New In Box Leupold VX-III 1.75-6, 32mm

    Boy, that looks like a useful scope! I am broke though. : ( Bet it doesn't last long!
  11. USMA84DAB

    .495 A Square

    It is barreled, I have 500 pieces of brass. I am 1/2" from having the action inletted AFTER paying Wenig $300 to inlet a blank! I do not have a climate controlled shop, so that slows things down a great deal. Need to weld up the duck pond - have the plug. Plains game safari in 2021 kinda slowed...
  12. USMA84DAB

    416 Ruger Hogue Stock

    My experience with the Hogue stocks has been great. They flex a little when you fire and this absorbs some of the recoil. The "stickiness" of the overmold helps you grip and also attentuates recoil. At one point I had a laminate stocked .375 Ruger and the recoil ws noticeably stiffer than the...
  13. USMA84DAB

    For Sale .358 Barnes TTSX 200gr Bullets

    OK - I will try and earn some extra money this month on side hustles to get you paid, but let's plan on the beginning of FEB as the official date to send the check to you. These will do splendidly for my .358WIN!!!!!!!!!
  14. USMA84DAB

    For Sale .358 Barnes TTSX 200gr Bullets

    Just don't have the $ for these ones - tapped out. : (
  15. USMA84DAB

    For Sale Interarms Mark X - 375 H&H - $1300

    I appreciate the candor of your post.
  16. USMA84DAB

    For Sale Speer Hot-Cor .358 , 250gr Bullets

    Excellent! Perfect use for it! Appreciate you sharing that!
  17. USMA84DAB

    For Sale Speer Hot-Cor .358 , 250gr Bullets

    Yes they do! My Whelen AI is salivating already!
  18. USMA84DAB

    For Sale Speer Hot-Cor .358 , 250gr Bullets

    I will take them, Sir!
  19. USMA84DAB

    Scope Zero Dependability?

    My VX5HD 1-5x24 went through the plane ride to RSA, then a 10 day hunt, then was bounced down a highway when the PH rolled the Bakkie coming out of the hunting area, then the trip back to the states - it never lost zero.
  20. USMA84DAB

    My Favorite Christmas present

    What a great gift! You, my friend, have scored nicely!
  21. USMA84DAB

    375 Ruger

    Buffalo Bore loads the ammo also. In 2021, theirs was $125 for a box of 20 rounds of Barnes 270gr TSX.
  22. USMA84DAB

    375 Ruger

    Because Hornady will only make ammo - no brass for reloading - you will have to find someone willing to part with cases - tough to do - or pay $65 and up for 20 rounds via This is the shortcoming on "better, new cartridges". Hornady is too busy bringing out the latest one (1, 2...
  23. USMA84DAB

    Leupold VX3 3.5-10x40 Twilight Hunter

    Great score! Currently out of stock on their site, and it lists for $700 MSRP, PLUS shipping!
  24. USMA84DAB

    Trijicon Accu Point 1-6 x 24

    Aero Precision AR-10 in .308WIN for close to medium range work.
  25. USMA84DAB

    Scope for.375 h&h

    Figures - they tried to take my single .375 Ruger last time!
  26. USMA84DAB

    Trijicon Accu Point 1-6 x 24

    Glad I could help a brother out, Ruraldoc!
  27. USMA84DAB

    Scope for.375 h&h

    Spelling correct - I hate that shit! FireDOTS, not fireDOGS!
  28. USMA84DAB

    Scope for.375 h&h

    I have two .375 Ruger Alaskans - yes, a brace! One sports the VX5 3-15x44. One sports the VX5 1-5x24. Both have firedogs and the etched elevation cap for my choreographed load. Boddington posited the idea of two identical guns so equipped - either would do anything needed in Africa at least...
  29. USMA84DAB

    Trijicon Accu Point 1-6 x 24

    I will take it, Sir!
  30. USMA84DAB

    Trijicon Accu Point 1-6 x 24

    OH - you are killing me! Great scope!
  31. USMA84DAB

    Latest Desert Dog optics videos

    I have a VX6HD 1-6x24 back at Leupold right now - the fire dot quit. They have had it about three weeks, and have told me it will be another month before they get to it. I had a Client's VX2 2-7x33 break a reticle wire - when sent back, they replaced it in a few weeks.
  32. USMA84DAB

    Leupold VX-3 HD 1.5 x 5 CDL not holding zero?

    I had a Client's VX2 2-7x33 pop it's cross hair when we tried to crack the eye focus ring loose. They sent him a new VX-Freedom, no questions asked. My VX6 1-6x24 just had the firedog "burn out" - the scope is back in OR getting fixed now, no questions asked. Those are the only two I have run...
  33. USMA84DAB

    Ruger M77 Hawkeye Alaskan In .375 Ruger For Sale

    Sold pending funds.
  34. USMA84DAB

    Leupold VX-3 1.5-5x20 For Sale

    Sold pending funds.
  35. USMA84DAB

    Leupold VX-3 1.5-5x20 For Sale

    RHoward & Mully - I am sorry - I forgot to add in the detail of the reticle. It IS the highly desirable HEAVY DUPLEX! The pics show the little ding to the cap. I dunno - maybe I should just keep this for myself...
  36. USMA84DAB

    Ruger M77 Hawkeye Alaskan In .375 Ruger For Sale

    This is an early production rifle with Ruger's black cerrocoating over the stainless steel. No hearing destroyer (muzzle brake). New price on the Ruger site is currently $1,619. I must trim the herd of three .375 Rugers down to a brace of .375 Rugers. This will help cover my Black Friday buy of...
  37. USMA84DAB

    Leupold VX-3 1.5-5x20 For Sale

    Very light ring marks from prior mounting. You have to look hard to see them. The elevation cap has a ding that is about 1/8" on the edge. Has Butler Creek flip caps. 1" tube. Does not have the CDS-ZL. Good, solid scope that I must sell to get out of trouble with Household6 for buying a VX5HD...
  38. USMA84DAB

    My Take on Dangerous Game Scopes

    Mr. Glass - Thank you for the excellent review of your journey. I have one significant disagreement logically. It may be that my thinking is boxed in. I also, with one whole safari, have a tenuous footing position, to say the least, while disagreeing with your greater experience base. I...
  39. USMA84DAB

    Leupold VX-II 2-7x33 Shotgun scope

    Very sweet scope - have one for my 7mm-08 VZ24 project. Lightweight, good magnification. Leupold designs their scopes to withstand .50 BMG recoil, so you should be fine in that department.
  40. USMA84DAB

    The .375 Ruger is 13 y/o now. A look back at people's early opinions

    And still Hornady has not made any cases for reloading. Ruger, Savage, and Mossberg make rifles in .375 Ruger. I am considering rebuilding a '38 Turk Mauser into .375 Ruger just to have a Mauser chambered in it, now owning 2 of the Ruger rifles chambered in .375 Ruger. The 20" barrel is light...
  41. USMA84DAB

    For Sale Ziess 3x Scope

    Seems like a nice trim package that would carry easy! I might snag it, but FoxHunter already took my money! LOL!!!! Someone will get a deal!
  42. USMA84DAB

    Ruger Hawkeye 375 Ruger For Sale

    Thanks, GilletteHunter! This will make a twin/backup to my Alaskan! Hope Jerome gets the thief off the board so the genuine Foxhunter and I can finish the deal up.
  43. USMA84DAB

    Ruger Hawkeye 375 Ruger For Sale

    Foxhunter - Someone is trying to jump in and scam me for the money using a new membership - ".Foxhunter" - with no messages showing as posted - trying to get me to send the payment via Zelle/Venmo - they started a new Private message string and have failed to see the message I sent you last...
  44. USMA84DAB

    Ruger Hawkeye 375 Ruger For Sale

    I will take the rifle, Sir!
  45. USMA84DAB

    Ruger Hawkeye African .375 Ruger as Dangerous Game rifle?

    Another vote for "No Problems" - probably 750 rounds through my Alaskan - zebra, oryx, impala, warthog, kudu, wildebeest, blesbok, giraffe, whitetail. The zebra and giraffe received 2nd shots as fast as I could cycle the bolt. I trained before departure to RSA with firing the rifle as quickly as...
  46. USMA84DAB

    For Sale ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 3-14x

    Heading to USPS now...
  47. USMA84DAB

    For Sale ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 3-14x

    I will take it, Sir
  48. USMA84DAB

    Wanted 375 Ruger Brass

    Last week I e-mail Hornady about the 2+ year drought of .375 Ruger brass. Their answer was to get on the waiting lists of distributors. You will have to buy Hornady DG ammo to get brass for now. AmmoSeek is your friend for this.
  49. USMA84DAB

    Hornady 6mm/.243" 100gr BTSP Interlock Bullets For Sale

    I have four sealed boxes of 100 bullets each. $75 shipped CONUS after your payment clears.