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  1. dory

    Future of international hunting

    Ditto here in New Zealand . As i have just passed 60 with a life time of treating my body like shit , it is very encouraging seeing so many young people , both sexes taking up hunting and the outdoors as a passtime and a way to full the freezer . The gunshops that are soully into firearms and...
  2. dory

    10 Day Buffalo Hunting Safari In Tanzania

    To keep ordinary peasants like you and me away old chap .
  3. dory

    Your avatar and user name

    I have always loved your Avatar , I have never worked out if you are enjoying yourself or totally terrified of the cats . Your face reveals little like a pro poker player . Cheers Dory .
  4. dory

    Blackbuck & Axis Deer Hunt In Buenos Aires Argentina With MG Hunting

    You get to stay married for a couple more years !:LOL::LOL:
  5. New Zealand Hunt Red Stag

    New Zealand Hunt Red Stag

  6. dory

    Only one country?

    i still love hunting in my own country New Zealand the most . Our national parks and forests are outstanding for hunting . Even if our stupid gouvernment is trying to take our rifles off us and our conservation dept is trying to poison every bloody living thing that lives in them with massive...
  7. dory

    NAMIBIA: Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris July 26 - August 4th 2019

    Christ it looks dry but the animal looks in good condition . Hows the drought affecting the hunting and the animals ??
  8. dory

    House Committee Hearing on "CECIL Act" Attacks Hunters and Undermines Conservation Efforts

    Youve been home for a while , haven't you got a hunt to go on or something ??? The good wife will be getting sick of you being around the house wearing your smelly hunting clothes by now no dought .!!!! LOL !!:A Coffee:
  9. dory

    Sable Hunting Dedicated South African Land Owners & Trophy Quality

    I think you should stay home with your wife for a while . You have had much to much fun for one bloke lately !
  10. dory

    New Zealand to Ban Certain Rifles

    Well said Mr Gruff !
  11. dory

    Understanding Extremism in Northern Mozambique

    Kill them ?? Not in my country . Our govt would call them undrprivilaged or some dribble , give them homes and all the social benefits they want . Then say its not there fault when they cause shit . Kill them , No ,wipe them and there supporters out , only way .
  12. dory

    NAMIBIA: Johnnyblues V.S. Mr. Spots Round Two

    And you thought twice ??? Duuuh . Awesome .
  13. dory

    NAMIBIA: Johnnyblues V.S. Mr. Spots Round Two

    There awesome Johnny ! When i finally get to the States for the first time i wont need to visit a zoo . I will come round to your man cave instead .
  14. dory

    The Namibian MET has prohibited the importation of Large Predators

    Good stuff Namibia !!! Im amazed at the amount of exotic animals some outfitters advertise on some farms in South Africa. Be like hunting at the Zoo .
  15. dory

    NAMIBIA: Johnnyblues V.S. Mr. Spots Round Two

    Johnny is that cats tail normal ??? Man it looks long compared to the cat .
  16. dory

    NAMIBIA: Johnnyblues V.S. Mr. Spots Round Two

    Most excellent result mr JB . Awsome cat buddy !!!! Wish i was there for the celebrations ,. IM not jealous, I'm not jealous .??????? YES I AM .,:whistle::whistle:
  17. dory

    NAMIBIA: Johnnyblues V.S. Mr. Spots Round Two

    Ha ha ha ha !!!1 Sleep , fuc that were going in ??? GOOD MORNING VIETNAM !!!
  18. dory

    NAMIBIA: Johnnyblues V.S. Mr. Spots Round Two

    Shit , if thats not adrenalin overload what is . Its 10 am in the morning here in NZ Johnny , but i aint goin nowhere till you find the cat !!!
  19. dory

    NAMIBIA: Johnnyblues V.S. Mr. Spots Round Two

    Strange looking cat ?? I thought they had spots and lots of sharp teeth ?
  20. dory

    Spot The Snow Leopard

    If was on the menu i would be toast ! took me 20 minutes to find him .
  21. dory

    NAMIBIA: Johnnyblues V.S. Mr. Spots Round Two

    Ive often put myself in your position Johnny , sitting and waiting for a cat for hours . I still don't know how i will react when he finally shows up ? You recon its mentally challenging after the first night , shit , think id be a physical wreck in no time . Shit im nervous for you sitting here...
  22. dory

    NAMIBIA: Johnnyblues V.S. Mr. Spots Round Two

    Good luck Johnny ! Go get him boy . May the god of steady hands , low heart beat and straight bullets be with you . Must be one somewhere up there . Cheers Dory .
  23. dory

    on a lighter note...

    Plus 2
  24. dory

    NAMIBIA: Johnnyblues V.S. Mr. Spots Round Two

    Where are you hunting Phillip ? We are supposed to be heading back to Namibia next year all going to plan . But if this drought continues it might stuff the plans up a bit . Id be hunting an hour or so north of Omaruru .
  25. dory

    SOUTH AFRICA: Seven Days With Tally-Ho Hunting Safaris

    Good read Postoak , Always thought Tally ho sounded like a good SA hunting destination . I dont know how you gentlemen and gentlewomen from the other side of the flat earth do it . That is hopping off the plane , drive for ours , throw your gear on the bed and head out hunting , all on the same...
  26. dory

    NAMIBIA: Johnnyblues V.S. Mr. Spots Round Two

    Now youve been there a couple of days Johnny , what are the conditions like ? Is it dryer than your last time there or is it not to bad . Hows the drought going in other words ?? Cheers Dory .
  27. dory

    New Zealand to Ban Certain Rifles

    On the TV news tonight they said there has been 2000 firearms handed in since the ban . They seem quite happy ? I coundnt stop laughing , only 100 000 Plus to go , i can see this becomeing a total buracratic fuc up . OH DEAR !!!!! LOL
  28. dory

    Nature conservation projects marred by human rights violations

    Wee Well said Hank . Indigenous people are up in arms all over the world . I no longer wonder why . Its a worldwide problem i fell . The minority telling the majority how to live .
  29. dory

    Animal Rights Lies Hurting African Wildlife Management

    And whats wrong with marrying your dog ??? They dont mind when you snore in front of TV , drink to much , come home late , dont spend all your money on new clothes , and will jump into frozen water for you and never complain , all for a good scratch and a bowl of good tucker !! Find me a wife...
  30. dory

    NAMIBIA: Johnnyblues V.S. Mr. Spots Round Two

    Thought you said you were only taking a knife this time ? Make it a fare fight .???:P Viking: Good luck Johnny , hot barrels this time !! Dont come home till you get one . Cheers Dory
  31. dory

    Cabelas Bargain Cave is going away

    My hunting shop has more hoodies than hunting gear these days ! Im almost 60 now and own mmy first Hoodie LOL .
  32. dory

    Trophy Vaal Rhebuck & Cull Hunt Package

    Bugger !
  33. dory

    Sable & Waterbuck Or Nyala Hunting Package 2019

    Mmmmm ! me thinking .
  34. dory

    Zambezi Valley Buffalo Hunting Special

    impressive !!!
  35. dory

    SOUTH AFRICA: The Curse Is Lifted: 2018 Group Hunt

    Really enjoyed the read Charlie . Glad you had a great hunt and are over your health issue . Cheers Dory .
  36. dory

    We Hunt For Life

    She is a very attractive well spoken woman ! I have emailed her before and this is what she is like in real life . So easy to listen to and and sums up 500 hundred pages of why we hunt and conservation in 5 minutes . Very Very well done in my opinion !!
  37. dory

    Comment by 'dory' in media 'New Zealand Road Trip'

    your knives are becoming quite famous ! You'll get to Africa yet !!
  38. dory

    PNW Poaching Ring - 200 charges filed against 17 people

    You are correct . We have no limits on wild animals in NZ . You can shoot any sex any age anytime of the year , that goes for all wild animals . Thar , red deer , chamois , elk, pigs , rusa , sambar , white tail deer , fellow , and sika deer are allowed to be hunted all year . They all classed...
  39. dory

    Huntable non-indigenous, introduced species in RSA or Namibia?

    I thought waterbuck used to live in the wetter parts of Namibia in the North ?
  40. dory

    If you couldn't continue to Safari...

    When the time is right , i might spend more time doing this . As long as my arm muscles stay in shape .
  41. dory

    The Royal Wedding

    Easy on guys !!! I actually met young Harry when he was on the Island a couple of years ago . Top bloke , not his fault hes rithch as shit and part of the clan . The bugger even turned up at the local pub for a few pints with the boys , awesome bloke . Half the bloody elite special forces...
  42. dory

    Being told you could not shoot an animal or were targeting only one animal

    This is why i chose to hunt free range namibia ! Anything goes and not even the PH new what was around the next corner . Any and every good animal we saw was shootable , it was up to me . Love it !
  43. dory

    NAMIBIA: Namibia May 2018 - Sorry Its Long

    Sounds like you had a ball over there . No wonder you want to go back . Looking forward to more of your photos . Dont worry to much about the stuff ups , thats whats makes us better ! I really wanted a jackel when i was there and clean missed three in a row . See even us Kiwis can stuff up ...
  44. dory

    NAMIBIA: Namibia 2018

    Good luck and enjoy !! You will love Namibia .
  45. dory

    How do you wait out the last few weeks

    Is the wife in the back seat or in the boot ??? :E Frightened:
  46. dory

    SOUTH AFRICA: Safari Of A Lifetime... Make That The First Safari Of A Lifetime

    \My wife came with me to Namibia and she dosnt hunt . Loved every minute of it and like me cant wait to go back . Tell your wife the shpping in Africa is amazing . Shoe shops everywhere in the cities with dirt cheap bargains on the lastest labels . And the wine and food are cheap as chips and...
  47. dory

    Farm Attacks RSA and Kenya

    This a world wide problem which will only get worse . The western world is to friggin soft and PC !!!
  48. dory

    For Sale Double Rifle, SxS Shotgun Pair, O/U Shotgun, Barrett .50BMG & More

    Geeeeeeze !!! know how you blokes over there feel !!! Shame i live in New Zealand or the 470 would have a new home .