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    Importation or Transiting Procedures Through Countries with Weapons & Ammunition

    Hey good day! has there been an option to ship a rifle from the united states over to africa rather then bringing it on the plane i have traveled multiple times to SA and Zim and figured there may be that slight option thank ya ET
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    Rhino Dart Hunt With DAVE FREEBURN SAFARIS

    I have recently come back from experiencing this adventure with Dave! It truly is an amazing oppurtunity! I cant think of a more incredible time in my hunting career!! Get ahold of Dave dont hesitate.
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    Free Range Lion hunt!

    I have recently come back from another great Zim hunt and always itch to go back! there was talk about being able to hunt free range lion and import them back to the states is there any way to confirm this? my goal would be to hunt namibia or zim in 2020 with the ability to import the hide...
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    Anyone have experience with a Sabatti BIG 5 EDL

    I purchased one of the Sabatti 500NE that had been remanufactured with the CAB serial number. I was fully aware of some of the issues, the seller was extremely open about the whole ordeal and assured me the gun had been rebuilt to perfect standard, I would be the original owner. The seller has...