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  1. Anbessa Gedai

    Best way to get skins and skulls back from Namibia

    You're off to a good start with Trophaendienste, I used them in 2022, and they did a great job.
  2. Anbessa Gedai

    An Altitude Reality Check On Kilimanjaro: The Mountain Of Greatness

    I've summited Kili' twice. First at age 35, and again at age 54. Both times taking the Marangu Route on a short timeline. . . five days on the mountain, three and a half days up, and a day and a half down. Both times I was living full time at ~8,000 feet in Addis Ababa and physically active...
  3. Anbessa Gedai

    1914 H&H Sling Swivel problem

    "SD", Let me say first . . . I am NO expert on early British rifles. Having said that, I would have thought H & H in 1914 was not sizing anything to a metric standard. I would also think you are wise not to modify the rifle, but just source a swivel assy that fits the barrel band attach point...
  4. Anbessa Gedai

    Avoid KLM when traveling with rifles

    THANKS for the heads-up. That's all I need to know! I hope all readers of the forum take note and select their own carriers wisely.
  5. Anbessa Gedai

    Best Taxidermy for leopards in Houston and Dallas Area?

    "JHT", :LOL: Well, among other things . . . I find the placement of the feet uhh . . utterly AMAZING!
  6. Anbessa Gedai

    Best Taxidermy for leopards in Houston and Dallas Area?

    "HF", As I said in my post #15 above, my father was a taxidermist, so I've always been very particular about any mounts for myself and have always found taxidermy in general a fascinating subject. I have trophies of my own mounted over the years by . . . lemme think . . . seven different...
  7. Anbessa Gedai

    Best Taxidermy for leopards in Houston and Dallas Area?

    "HH", I recognize your mount immediately. An absolutely AMAZING mount! Worthy of even more photos I say . . . here are three photos I took of your mount at the 2019 SCI Convention . . .
  8. Anbessa Gedai

    Best Taxidermy for leopards in Houston and Dallas Area?

    "HF", My response suggesting a taxidermist in Montana admittedly falls outside the parameters of your thread's subject line, so a little latitude is respectfully requested . . . In my opinion, and it's just that . . . I'm not trying to impose it on anyone, but offer it up as something to...
  9. Anbessa Gedai

    What is the purpose of carrying a knife out in a safari..

    I wouldn't have been able to honor this long-standing tradition using my Land Cruiser key . . .
  10. Anbessa Gedai

    Black owned hunting safari businesses?

    That would be Colonel Negussie Eshete. During the Haile Selassie era he completed the US Army Jump School at Fort Benning. He retired with the rank of Colonel in the Ethiopian Army and started his own safari company "Rocky Valley Safaris" (not to be confused with another Ethiopian company...
  11. Anbessa Gedai


    Africa DOES have "bott flies", known as Putzi flies. I experienced these while living in Zimbabwe. They usually lay their eggs on wet clothing. Laundry is usually dried on an outdoor clothesline but should ALWAYS then be hot ironed which kills the eggs. This includes items we wouldn't...
  12. Anbessa Gedai

    Black owned hunting safari businesses?

    Lon, Yes . . EXACTLY. And in addition, said Minister (or relative thereof) knows nothing about hunting, wildlife, conducting a safari, wildlife management or conservation. It is a tribute to the skills and fortitude of the many operators that conduct first-rate safaris despite the handicaps...
  13. Anbessa Gedai

    Media Alert Botswana

    WoW . . a big thumbs up! SALUTE to the government leaders of Botswana for doing what's right for their people, wildlife, and environment . . not to mention their elephants!
  14. Anbessa Gedai

    Probable new No. 1 EA bohor reedbuck with KOS Safaris Uganda

    WoW congratulations on not only a great trophy but also one with such an amazing horn configuration. It is somewhat reminiscent of the configuration frequently found on the Sudan Bohor reedbuck.
  15. Anbessa Gedai

    Crocodile Hunt With ith DERIAN KOEKEMOER SAFARIS

    Derian, Your post says you have proper crocodile hunts in the Lowveld of South Africa. Are these crocodiles purchased or obtained from a crocodile farm or elsewhere and then released in your hunting area? Or are they wild, and naturally occurring in their native habitat? In what habitat do...
  16. Anbessa Gedai

    Big Elephant Reportedly Taken in Tanzania

    The below linked story dated 11 March reports a "super tusker" has recently been hunted in Tanzania. This story and the Joint Statement on the same site make for interesting reading. It...
  17. Anbessa Gedai

    Help With New Trophy Room Please

    There are always numerous vendors at the annual SCI convention (next one in Nashville, TN) that sell quite unique tables . . .
  18. Anbessa Gedai

    A Christmas Pilgrimage To The Gravesite Of Colonel Edward James "Jim" Corbett

    Recalling that the rifle was purchased and presented to Corbett by the government at the time, I expect the incorrect initials are the result of what the government would have called a "clerical error". Though I (perhaps naively) would have expected better of that era, perhaps they were...
  19. Anbessa Gedai

    European Bison Prepared By Taxidermist

    Elio, My father was a highly respected taxidermist in northern Wisconsin, later a wildlife artist specializing in sculpture in bronze and as a result, I've always been particularly irritated by mediocre taxidermy . . . but not this time . . . your mount looks exceptional!! And an exceptional...
  20. Anbessa Gedai

    Best Bait For Lion?

    As others have said, Hippo and Zebra . .
  21. Anbessa Gedai

    Comment by 'Anbessa Gedai' in media 'Monster Warthog'

    Oh my gosh . . a monster one-tusker! I'd love to see this pig from a front on angle.
  22. Anbessa Gedai

    Comment by 'Anbessa Gedai' in media 'Monster Warthog'

    WoW . . what an AWESOME trophy!
  23. Anbessa Gedai

    Comment by 'Anbessa Gedai' in media 'Monster Warthog'

    Yes! . . . long but unusually thin . . . it is amazing he never broke a tusk!
  24. Anbessa Gedai

    Comment by 'Anbessa Gedai' in media 'Monster Warthog'

    WoW . . . GREAT trophy. What were the tusk lengths?
  25. Anbessa Gedai

    Thinking of Flying BA?

    Though it doesn't pertain specifically to a hunter's travel, I thought the below linked article provides interesting information for anyone trying to determine which airline they will use for international travel...
  26. Anbessa Gedai

    For Sale Cape Buffalo Bull Shoulder Cape

    Assuming it has been kept dry, free of any re-hydration, mold, and insect damage . . . YES. It should still tan up quite OK. I've had a number of capes that were salted and dried for anywhere from 8 to 11 years and tanned up beautifully.
  27. Anbessa Gedai

    What is a non exportable buffalo?

    "S-3", "Burt the Turtle" has provided a great post. Please allow me to chime in as well . . The key word is "non-exportable" and does not mean that it cannot be brought home to the USA or Mexico . . . but means that it cannot be EXPORTED from the country where it was hunted. In order for a...
  28. Anbessa Gedai

    Advice to only hunt for a couple of meals in Tanzania?

    Your interests would be better served by a stay on a ranch in South Africa . . .
  29. Anbessa Gedai

    Video Of Giant Forest Hog In Central African Republic C.A.R With Lefol Safaris

    They are the largest of all the wild pigs. The 'experts' say a big boar can weigh as much as six hundred pounds. But I think that refers to the East Africa variety which I believe on average run larger than the West African variety. I did not have a scale to weigh mine hunted in the Jibat...
  30. Anbessa Gedai

    A Forgotten Relic Of Corbett - The Talla Des Tiger Resurfaces

    On a related subject, if you've not already seen it, here's a link to my post regarding my visit to Col. Corbett's grave about a year ago . . .
  31. Anbessa Gedai

    Need assistance finding ammo and reloading components for 38-55 Win

    Ridge Runner, Your AH profile doesn't list a location, but I'll assume it is not somewhere in Canada. Let me offer the following . . . I have a Winchester lever action in 38-55 that I hunted with as a young boy in northern Wisconsin, and after many years it has come back to me via my Dad...
  32. Anbessa Gedai

    TANZANIA: Experience With Pano Hunting Safaris?

    A friend of mine met him briefly at the Dar es Salaam Yacht Club about 3 weeks ago (I have no more details than that).
  33. Anbessa Gedai

    FrankenLandy anyone?

    Yes Sir . . . the legendary 1HZ . . . the most reliable safari vehicle engine in history. Routine servicing and it'll go two hundred thousand miles without batting an eye, and often double that :oops:
  34. Anbessa Gedai

    How Dung Paper Is Helping Elephant Conservation In Kenya

    In addition to the sources already mentioned, two books in are absolutely essential reading. "What I Tell You Three Times is True" and "Ivory Crisis" written by Ian Parker, an "on the ground" expert on the Kenyan (and other countries) elephant population (mis) management and I submit THE expert...
  35. Anbessa Gedai

    Comment by 'Anbessa Gedai' in media 'Warthog Namibia Hunting'

    NIICE! . . . and a particularly nice trophy for a female. They are somewhat rare, but once in a while a female is taken that will actually make the SCI record book minimum.
  36. Anbessa Gedai

    For Sale Roland Ward Trousers

    Two identical pair Roland Ward khaki trousers. NEW, never worn, never washed. Still exhibit the factory pressing & creases. Size: ~28 X 34 Waist size: 28” (yes, 28”) They are labeled size 30, but definitely are smaller Length: Overall 43.5” They are factory hemmed, but long. I wear reliably...
  37. Vaal Rhebuck Hunt KwaZulu-Natal South Africa

    Vaal Rhebuck Hunt KwaZulu-Natal South Africa

  38. Vaal Rhebuck Hunt KwaZulu-Natal South Africa

    Vaal Rhebuck Hunt KwaZulu-Natal South Africa

  39. Anbessa Gedai

    Grey Rhebok Pictures

    This one taken in the Underberg area . . . chased the same buck around for three days . . . he was well earned!
  40. Anbessa Gedai

    Mammals of the Pleistocene Era, which would you like to hunt and what cartridge would you use?

    Hands down . . Wooly Mammoth . . . After that it would be hard to beat an Irish Elk . . .
  41. Anbessa Gedai

    For Those Who Were Not Planning Safari In The 1980's, Like I Was

    The 'Good Old Days' . . . . (y)
  42. Anbessa Gedai

    Wanted Mannlicher-Schoenauer In 458

    Sourdough, The rifle I'm holding in the attached photo is I believe what you're looking for. I hunted with Jofie Lamprecht for leopard in Namibia in 2016. After bagging the leopard, I accompanied Jofie and another hunter for white rhino. The client used this rifle which is chambered in the...
  43. Anbessa Gedai

    What I've always known- I'm a legend !

    "I don't often comment on posted photos . . but when I do . . " Hell some photos just demand comment! Beautiful scene, beautiful photo composition, Great trophy.
  44. Anbessa Gedai

    Satellite phone questions

    Not true (re WhatsApp will only text). The WhatsApp "app" downloadable on any smart phone, provides voice call, video calls, and transmission of texts, photos, and videos. Both phones must have the app. It's free, and easy to download, and easy to use. Both phones must have a connection to...
  45. Anbessa Gedai

    Horn Treatment to Restore Luster

    I recognize that many taxidermists, particularly the self-made/self-taught professionals (you know who you are ) have developed/invented their own (secret) methods which enhance their work and set themselves apart from the run of the mill, so for those members of the forum that are professional...
  46. Anbessa Gedai

    on a lighter note...

    I'll bet the rifle manufacturers had a different use in mind . . .
  47. Anbessa Gedai

    Favorite game to eat on your safari

    Number ONE: Gerenuk A very close second: (and not infrequently edges out #1): Dik-Dik
  48. Anbessa Gedai

    A Rockin warthog

    VERY NICE mount . . . and of a species that many taxidermists get . . . uhh . . . "less than right". The front face and the rear face of a warthog's tusks are different and as the photo was loading, I was already keen to see if the tusks were correct and they are. I've seen numerous mounts even...
  49. Anbessa Gedai

    Trophies from UK to USA

    'Max', I have no direct experience with your exact situation, but from personal experience with import from other countries I believe you have basically two tasks: (1) satisfying the US govt import requirements (which can involve three agencies; the US Fish & Wildlife Service, the Dept of...
  50. Anbessa Gedai

    Favorite checked bag?

    I've not the time right now to dig up citations, but I understand the Patagonia company is strongly anti-hunting. I'm not saying they don't make a good product, but I cannot patronize a company that is anti-hunting when there are perfectly good alternatives that actively support our sport...